Starting On A New Story

I’m not actually beginning on writing s new story. Instead, I will be posting the chapters of The Price of Lust, my very first novella, in hopes of gaining a little interest in it. It is still the book I am most proud of, since it is the first book I wrote from a split perspective. I split the perspective between first and third. In this particular novella, the first person is from the view of a woman…not an easy task for a man to do.

I am thinking that I may even post the occasional short story from the first book I published (and got the worst review for) to mix it up a bit. Beyond that, I will be trying to finish the story on my erotica blog while taking business classes…and resting up so I can begin a new chapter in The Morrow Family Saga.

Later, maybe in a couple of months, I will be releasing the next two books in the Angel of Death. This will clear the way for me to begin on the next book in that series.In October, I plan on releasing The Devil. In December, I will be releasing Twenty-Five Days Of Christmas, the sequel to A Month of Thanksgiving.

My main goal, at this time, is to make enough to secure the release of The Price of Lust so I can release it and continue on Faces In The Crowd. Of course, it would be nice if I could make enough to free Seven as well. I can wait on my poetry anthology, which I am posting poetry from on my poetry blog.