Lofty Expectations

My life is stranger than fiction. I lose a client and gain a client. The problem is that one client is not enough to pay the bills.

So, to gain some equilibrium, I am going to have to take a couple terms off from college to take HRM exams so I ca become certified. I was hoping that I could wait on this but since the last scare with the school’s financial dept.,  I am thinking that I will have to be working at something more substantial than a minimum wage level job in order to be able to hold any hope of actually making any headway.

I had hoped to gain enough work as a ghost and as an editor to keep things afloat, but my original client, the one who had been a mainstay. decided to go on a 50,000 page expedition (he wanted me to write 50,000 pages (?) because “content and number of pages are the key to sales”. While I believe that 50,000 actually meant number of words, he took it to mean 50,000 pages. I warned him that nobody would even WANT to download it, let alone read it…but he thought I was just raining on his parade.

I hope, upon hope, that he will come back…but who knows? In the meantime, I also hope to acquire more clients to meet with my needs. Still, certification would afford me a salaried job rather than a wage. And I am good at HRM.

At the same time, I have ideas going through my head. Not writing ideas, but business-related. Like flood control that doubles as sustainable energy+drinkable water. Or an idea on economic rejuvenation that takes the agricultural lifestyle of the area and turns it into a community based cooperative/collaborative effort to create both jobs and revenue for the area.

Unfortunately, these ideas are at a standstill while I await  answers.   As are the film projects I am trying to write proposals for.

Adding to this is new trouble from my mother. At the beginning of the year, I agreed to save money and buy her old car. When the college messed up on my financial aid, I ended up having to use the money I had already saved so that I could survive after missing out on last month’s stipend check.

Apparently, moms no longer understand how things that can go wrong sometimes DO go wrong. Oh,well. It’s just another Thursday.


A Nice Walk Through Ohio…Sort of

Ohio is coming along quite nicely. I got three chapters done last night despite my editor-cat’s attempts to keep me from doing so. I am currently sitting at “chapter`14”, so only have ten more chapters to go. I will be glad to get done with the year 1970.

It is snowing outside, so looks like it’ll be a white Christmas/Yule for me. Unless it does actually get back up to the 40’s, then it’ll be a muddy holiday season. Still, with as cold as it is today, I cannot see tomorrow reaching 39/40 at all. It is something around 17 but feels-if you go out-like it is  minus 17. Or it does to me. Then, again, I don’t like the cold…or extreme heat.

So, back to the story at hand, you have noticed that Ohio doesn’t actually take place in the state, but is named because the events of 1970-and the news of the year-revolved around the violent end to the protests that took place at Kent State in Ohio. It was the first time a President had allowed force to be used to end a peaceful protest where not a single person involved was armed and not many of those who actually died were a part of the protests. It was the first nail in the coffin where Nixon’s political integrity was concerned. Four years later (and also at the core of the book slated to cover 1974), Watergate would put an end to what had been thought to be a promising political career and a Presidency that had been rife with controversy and rumors.

Oops. I gave a spoiler. sorry. I know I promised never to do so, but Everything you will be reading in subsequent books in the 1970’s series will lead up to what happens in 1974. The last half will deal with the rise and fall of disco and the free sex and drugs that went along with it.

I love the music from that era, even the disco music. But, then, I love the old rock-n-roll. 1950’s, 1960’s 1970’s and 1980’s. the music of the 1990’s wasn’t bad, but I am an old school metal/blues metal head. BM was always lumped in with “Glam” but really wasn’t. Glam was glam, BM was BM. Some had to go “glam” in their looks (big hair and makeup) to make it in the biz.

I can tell you that the one thing that you will find, despite the changes in what was popular, Matt is never a sellout. He doesn’t do disco to remain popular. For some reason, though he tries it and succeeds with a couple songs, he sees what will happen and refuses to become too entrenched in any genre. Though he does change with the times, he doesn’t compromise his musical principles and he remains a popular figure both on his own and as a studio musician.

Think of him as KISS meets the Rolling Stones in a single person. Throw in a jazz master who has been in every music revolution and has adapted to the changes that every upheaval has brought and that is him.A musician’s musician.

Anyway, I am going to go back to watching the snow fall and writing on Ohio. After that, I will be doing most of my homework and possibly playing a few games. My next post will be the next chapter in the ongoing story of Matt Morrow and his family…

Sorry about the…pause

Sorry about the last couple days. Monday, the net went down and did not come back on until 4 AM yesterday. Yesterday, I had intended to post, but ended up using all day to do the homework I had intended to do Monday, 6 PM (incidentally, the net went down at 5 PM. that meant that I missed both of my seminars. I was not a happy camper. It took me until 9:49 last night to finish it all. College Comp is not hard, but I have never really been a math person…especially when the formulas that are expressed in the reading/video are not the same as what they use for the test or graded practice. (we’re doing consumer math)

Talk about nightmares. Anyway, I hope to have a better time this week with math.  Comp, lie I said, is not a problem. I am holding an A in Comp. This also means that I will be getting (I hope) back on track with posting and writing new chapters.

A Time to Pause

Before I go on, I feel I must explain a few things. Even though I write about dark or forbidden things, it does not mean I believe in either. My intent is to paint a picture of a kingdom in need of saving. I am setting the stage for the series Tales From The Renge: A Prophecy Fulfilled. Consider this set the middle children in a very long story.

Which reminds me. There are times I wish I could shut the inspiration off. What I mean is that I have a great idea on a possible series of expansion sets that would go great with the TFR series. After all, I mention kingdoms and lands in TFR that should peak the reader’s interest. Why not write about them as well?

In other news, I found a couple of fun things that were sent to me back in the early 2000’s. Tim Backenhouse was a dear friend from Australia who wrote to me from time to time before life got in the way. Anyway, Here is the first:


Although this is not necessarily true, sometimes it feels that this is all I give when working on a story…especially when I finally publish the book and it goes–absolutely nowhere.

And when I start feeling a bit defeated, I remember the following:


Good advice, no?

Anyway, look for chapter three soon. Since I have up to six done, I am in no hurry. At the moment, I need to go have a talk with the coffee gnome. He keeps drinking my coffee quicker than the coffee elf can fill my cup.

Why I Haven’t Been Working On Any More Books In The Morrow Family Saga

I suppose I should give an update where The Morrow Family Saga is concerned. As you know, I wanted to write my current town of residence into the story through the local rodeo and a nearby state park. Unfortunately, I have not received any word from the county historical society on the information I desired from them–namely the acts that were at the rodeo in 1953/54 and the town’s overall set up (where what business was located along the square and in town…etc.) during the time frame of the story.

As an author, I like to keep things authentic and accurate. Without accurate information, I cannot write a good, historically accurate story. I spent three weeks researching the plot to make sure it was as accurate as possible. I didn’t want a Happy Days style tale of innocence. I wanted the dark, political side of the “age of innocence”.

I wanted to set the scene for the events of the 1960’s; every piece of legislation , everything from the McCarran Act to J.Edgar Hoover’s witch hunt in DC, and beyond. By the “summer of love”, I want to have the scene set for the volatility of the 60’s. Vietnam. Korea.

With ten books per series, each series sets the stage for the one that follows. At the moment, though, I am hoping just to get through the first decade. Although I could work on the 1970’s, I really don’t want to jump ahead.



I found old fantasy maps I had drawn while in high school. They had originally been for Gaelheim Fenns  and various other stories I had written-many of which are now lost to time due to constant demands from my mother to clean up the organized chaos that was the top of my dresser as a teen. As a teen, I kept almost all the stories I was working on there where I could have them at the ready. I liked having everything where I could just grab and go.

Anyway, I was looking at the maps last night seeking city names as I finished writing Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy (Book One: A Savior Foretold) and came across one that held something of a surprise for me.At the top right of the map is a circle denoting a globe/orb. The name? Globe of Rynge.

That’s right, the map was the very beginning of the concept of the Renge. It appears that Rynge had been a hero/god of a story I had written or dreamed up but had never made a reality. As it turns out, many of my stories never made it out of the map stage. Those that did, vanished.

As a result, I am cannibalizing my maps to fill out the map of the Renge. while some of the cities will be Rengeland domains, one map will remain as the “Demon Abode” map. I may even add a few more cities to the ether-worldly  prison of the Demon-King and his hordes but for the most part, I will place most of the newfound cities within the Renge or surrounding “kingdoms”.