The Coming Week

Well, I’m not going to be able to make good on my promise. There will be no conclusion to the story tonight. I have to stop and decide how best to end this story. Should I save humanity? Should I wipe it out?

Current events have been invaluable in the writing of this story, though. They have also validated my theme and plot line as well. And the more I observe, the more convinced I am that humanity-or at least Americans-would never be able to survive a world threatening event. We’re too selfish. Too full of ourselves, whether it is our religion, our guns, our politics, or our misinterpretation of our ‘rights’ under the law.

Films like Resident Evil and World War Z and TV shows like The Walking Dead give us way too much credit where pandemics are concerned. Even manmade.

After all, we aren’t bright enough to realize that mask mandates are not about “rights and freedoms” so much as it is about our responsibilities toward our fellow Americans not to spread viruses. YOur rights end when your actions cause me harm…and likewise. We all have the responsibility to do no harm.

A little inconvenience saves a lot of time. And pain. And possibly one’s life.

And movies like Independence Day and shows like V overestimate our ability to pull together, or even to figure out whether aliens are good or bad. We can’t even recognize evil within our own, let alone some being from billions of light years away. Nor could we pull together long enough to defeat an invader.


Once complete, the resulting book will drop Charnel House Earth and become simply The Death Of Humanity. From here, I will return to my other projects…and maybe begin another serialized WIP for all y’all to read.

Again, sorry for not finishing the story this afternoon, but I felt I needed to have the end figured out before charging into it. And…..not being quite sure how I want it to end for humanity here…..I need to take a step back tonight and ponder.


My schedule at work changed again. Thus, I will be attempting to finish Charnel House Earth on Sunday after I submit the fourth Morrow Family Saga book to an audio producer to be made into an audio book. In the mean time, please accept my apologies for not posting more chapters lately and look eagerly to the near future when the finished novella will be released as a book (hopefully at Halloween).

Before I Begin…

I mentioned in my last update that I was thinking about cutting the prologue from the short story. After I mentioned it, I decided it was a good idea and went ahead. the result is that I now have two (or more) collections of short stories now started.  I also went in search of two stories I had begin….and realized that I had flushed them both down the proverbial/creative toilet.

No big loss. Neither were unfolding quite the way I had hoped at the time. Now, they will be parts of my growing project.

I hope to finish another three or four chapters (not sure how long I will draw out Ghost In The Ruins) today….after posting the next chapter. (sorry I am late with it, but we set another 8 – 10 posts and reinsulated the wire on the electric fence, so was out the door before I could do much….)

About the story…

Before I go on, I want to say that I may remove the prologue and place it into a story that will precede this one…as I am suddenly tempted to do just that. The story itself takes place several millennia after the prologue and it seems to be a sort of literary sore thumb just waiting to be whacked by some unseen hammer for not quite meshing with the rest of the story.  Besides. I have a whole ‘nother story zipping through my brain that includes the current prologue.

I wrote the beginning because I felt I needed a quick explanation for where the story has ended up. I am beginning to believe I was a bit premature with my inclusion (comes from starting a story under one title and ending up skipping through my list of titles to find a more apt one..) and now find myself facing a second storm brewing in my very creative mind.

I may even write a second “prequel” short that helps the reader a bit more with the ‘how’ of the story I am currently writing. (how all ended on earth, how humanity evolved into what they are in the current short, etc.) The reality being that this is meant as an ongoing series of short stories, not just one or two. Sort of a series of episodes.

In many ways, I am returning to my original craft…episodic fiction…though in longer stories. Thus, I prove once more that we always return home. Both in life and in our writing.

Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy

I am currently finishing up Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy. As I am on book 4 at the moment, but almost through, I will refrain from putting up any links until I have finished the series.

I had originally intended to stretch out Con’s apprenticeship with the Inquisition, but he – and the gods – had a different idea. So, the two books I had intended to follow him through his time in the inquisition will now drift a bit from his story and follow other players in the developing series. I will still return to him periodically, but he will not play a central role in the next two books.

I am thinking that Rebellion will follow the governess Niobe and her confederates as they rebel against her brother Emperor Kyrzhad I. As for the book after…I’m not quite sure yet what to do. I suppose I will just let it take form as I go….

It’s Done

almost 95,000 words. The longest book I have ever written. The first book in the series that is strictly fiction….yes, I departed the ‘biographical’ part of the story before the end of book three. After all, you can’t be writing a biographical fiction piece on dates that haven’t happened yet.

1, 2, and most of three was based loosely on truth. with a touch of fiction. You just have to decide which is which. But I will never tell.

4 is the first fully fictional piece. After this, it will remain all fiction. Flights of fancy. Science fiction loaded with science theory. But very little fact.

I will be taking a short break from writing so I can finish reading a book I promised to review. I am also going to try and read another friend’s book and review it as well. depends on how my attention holds and how long I can keep the voices at bay.

As an author, I don’t know how long I can do so. My characters are rather bossy at times. And the muse is never quiet for long.


Key To The Highway, The Thorn Tree In The Garden, and Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out are now out as e-books. Key is available as paperback. This means that I am currently working on Defying Gravity. I am almost done with Gravity and will be releasing it as soon as I am done.

I have been releasing Blood Stains 2000-2011 on Amazon as well. At the present, there are 15. I will be completing 16 after I complete Gravity.

After, I will be focusing on the growing saga of the Renge. with three books in The Prophecy done, and one in Chronicles Of King Qarkis I, I need to give attention to Bes Meddyn and In The Service Of The Inquisition.

I will return to the Morrows at a later date as I have The Sons Of El and The Children Of Eden lined up in queue. Just as soon as I release the next two Angel Of Death books…and possibly the first in the Witch Doctor series. After all, I have all three done.


Well, I’m back again. I’m getting ready to release Key To The Highway and Thorn Tree In The Garden.  I might release Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out as well as I have the book done.

All I am waiting on is a cover for Key. I have covers for the rest. But the waiting is causing stress. Stress I do not need.

What does the news above mean? Well….it means that I will not be posting any more of Key To The Highway on here. Instead, I will be posting chapters from either Sons Of Eden or The Sons Of El instead. After all, these are the projects I am currently working on and want to gain momentum with. At the moment, I am applying for a grant to help with the research and development of these amazing ideas….but have begin a preliminary writing of both.

Warning. Both projects may offend some of the more religious readers as I will be addressing, in fiction, a more plausible timeline for certain events most do not want to accept as inaccurate or incorrect. Still, I find these projects rather intriguing and will be pursuing them. I will be using known timelines as discovered by archaeology as the underlying basis for the story line.

I may lose some of you, but it is a gamble I am willing to take. And as I love myth as much as the next person, I still see much of what is believed as myth. Not history. I trust archaeology and science to prove the truth, even though there is always a margin of error in anything human.

Aside from this, I have also begun to expand the Tales From The Renge saga. I started this with The Chronicles Of King Qarkis I, Book 1 and also released TFR: The Prophecy, Book 3. I am currently working on book 4 as well as Bes Meddyn.


Before I Forget…

Earlier, I mentioned that I have been ‘publishing’ new books. This includes audio books. Though most are not due out until after the first of the year, I do have a few out now. If you are looking for audio books to listen to, feel free to seek out mine. Personally, I recommend The Door On The Thirteenth Floor and The Devil as the producers did a superb job on them. Mexican Radio I & II are good, but not top notch.

The books to look for after the first will be The Faust Syndrome, Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy: A Savior Foretold, and Jesus Saves.  I have yet to hear the final on The Morrow Family Saga: Hand Me Down World or Angel Of Death: Dreams I’ll Never See. so I cannot give am opinion on them. The Price You Pay, A Month Of Thanksgiving, and Seven should be decent productions. Don’t get me wrong, all did a superb job, but I have my favorites.

Been Busy

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I…got a bit wrapped up in getting the story done. Now that I am on the second book in the series, I can now continue to post chapters of “Key”.  At the moment, I am having trouble getting a perfected cover done. I did the sketch…but am lacking the abilities to polish it and make it better.