A Possible Cover for “The Poet” and a question…

So I found a decent possible cover for The Poet, the second book in Faces In the Crowd. It isn’t an exact representation of  what I had in mind, but it is a good pic. What do you think?


Although the man in this pic is a bit older, visually, than I had envisioned Connie looking, it has a similar feel to what I had in mind.

As far as The Price of Lust goes, I am still without a possible cover. I can’t seem to find a provocative/suggestive cover of a black-haired woman in a bathrobe/night robe on a balcony (or one that suggests that she is on a balcony). I guess this is just too much to ask as far as photos, especially those that I can use freely for cover art. In many ways, I want to cover suggestively erotic, but not exactly openly so. Does this make sense?


A break in writing, mourning the sudden end of a promising partnership, and moving right along.

So I am taking a moment away from posting another couple of scenes for Faust. I need to address the sudden end to a project I had invested my whole heart into. It started six months ago with my stepping into the shoes of a publisher and publishing a book for a friend and client. Over those months, I toiled, while I was in classes, at attempting to get him a production option through the major studios (not realizing that they had already published their three-year schedules) and trying to secure a producer to help make the film project an actual movie.

I had a foot in the door with Amazon Studios. I had a producer and a directorial duo who were excited to to work on the project. Now, I am looking at a termination of the contract before I can even secure a studio’s commitment.

Update: The partnership is still intact, but the contract is to change so that he can bail should I not secure a studio by the end of the month. Tall order, but Either Netflix or Amazon Studios will definitely want this little gem.

Moving right along, I am going to try and have Faust complete around the same time as Soldiers. That way, I can make two deals at once.

Are You Ready?

I have been convinced by some of my Facebook friends to adapt  The Faust Syndrome as a screenplay. Are you ready?

Since my Word program is down at the moment, I will be doing scene-by-scene here. The script here sill not be the finished product, but will be like a first draft. Are you ready?

Are you ready to see a horror film unfold in script form?

Computers and their ability to eat programs

Well, I have a diagnosis of what is wrong with my computer and why my Microsoft Office does not work.  Not only is my Office program expired, but my computer seems to have been making small meals out of my Office program. It has already eaten  my Power Point program and my Excel program. Recently, it ate my Word program. Kelly, my wife, found programs/files left by the person I bought the computer from. Unneeded files. Trojan horse type files.

I love being married to someone who is more computer savvy than I am. Otherwise I would be a blithering mess. Still, this computer was only meant to be a temporary filler until I was able to buy a new one. Key phrase here is “new one”, meaning a brand new model. After all, this one is a refurbished used computer that had, at best, only a year or two left to its life.

Since my forced withdrawal from college, I will be receiving one more stipend before there will be no more. This stipend is going toward fixing the problem. Well, not quite the acquisition of a new computer, but a temporary fix for this one.


My classes:

It seems that my time at Kaplan has come to an end thanks to a “Student Advisor” who is horrid at doing the right thing. I asked for a LOA (Leave of Absence) for a single term, which is totally doable.  Instead, the Advisor submitted a withdrawal request, which was granted. His excuse was complete Bullshit because my wife is also currently on leave, but due to financial reasons. Suffice it to say, I may be seeking a new University to attend once I am done with a few projects.

There is something good coming from all this, though. The first is that I am getting a refund of what is left of my funding for the term I would have taken. This will enable me to get a few things done.


My Windows  Office:

So, my Windows Office expired…forcing me to take an unwanted break from the scripts for Soldiers Of Leaves and Mano: Nightmares At Twilight. This causes one thing. I am bored out of my gourd. And I hate boredom.

Lucky for me, Kelly will be helping me renew my Office tomorrow and the boredom will end. We hope.


Soldiers of Leaves:

So you are probably wondering what Soldiers is. Well, Soldiers is my debut in filmmaking. At the moment, I am working on a rough script, which will be submitted to both Amazon Studios and Netflix Studios for consideration. The Customer Service guy at Netflix responded that he would definitely watch a movie of this caliber, so I know that Blamah Moore (the author) and myself have a crowd waiting on this project to be finished.

the cool thing is that I have a small crew waiting to work on this as well as a financier who is willing to back it. We may have to make the film itself before it is accepted, but that is cool with me. The idea is to get the film made, no matter what route we have to take. I am also looking at a couple of sponsors (their products are mentioned in the narrative) for the film.


Mano: Nightmare at Twilight

Mano was born from a story I wrote in high school. I am currently working on the script for the first episode, part one of the pilot, as I write this. It looks as if it is going to size up to become an amazing series. Like Soldiers, I plan on submitting the script to amazon and Netflix.


The Vampire Wars

I am pondering taking The Vampire Wars, at least the beginning, and making scripts for them as well…instead of books. This would actually shorten the overall saga down to 4 series instead of an endless one.

I am also pondering adapting Angel of Death into scripts as well, which would round out The Vampire Wars nicely.


The Morrow Family Saga

This brings us to The Morrow Family Saga. I am thinking of doing the same for this saga that I am doing  for Angel of Death. Of course, I am also pondering whether the world is ready for Tales from the Renge as a series or not.

I plan on adapting The Faust Syndrome as a film script and working on bringing it to life by Halloween of next year…not to mention a few other releases.


News of the World, Souljourner’s debut, and other productions

I have a few unscripted Youtube projects scheduled for my new time off. Among these are unscripted skits such as News of the World, a satirical fictional news program that has its humble beginnings as a hallway skit done by the now legendary (in our own minds, anyway) “Three J’s and an E”. I must admit, I was a bad influence when I went to church…always leading the younger boys to create hilarious skits in the hallways of the college we used as a church hall.

It was here that I dreamed up characters like The Radio-Pirate, The Wasted Surfer, Big Dick Johnson, King Creole, Baby Jay, The Pissable Toads, and many others that would become my strange personal menagerie of personas…that joined the Fortuneteller who emerged in 1993 while I was at NWMSU.

Recently, a new character emerged: Souljourner, the soul reaver(reaper) and sometimes book reviewer who haunts a nether realm with his friend (a skull on a staff) Headley. At the same time, I may actually debut a few other skits/ideas such as Katthouse, DeepThroat, and a few other concepts that don’t need to be anything more than performance art.  


Other Projects

With all the adaptations and ideas, I have begun fleshing out other than televised pieces and scripts/films. These have nothing to do with the literary world (other than being intro’d in a story or two) and everything to do with the real world.

I have an idea for a concept that combines flood control, sustainable energy production, and water treatment (processing the used water so that it can be used for drinking, bottling, and distribution). Though the idea needs further study, I have many who are interested in this as it would work well in several countries where flooding is a major threat and the power grids need stabilization.

Add to this a plan to bring together farmers and their communities to create jobs and generate revenue, and thus strengthening the economy of an area, and you have a possible way to prevent the next economic Depression. Amazingly, it is hard to find sponsors for such ideas because it threatens the hold the major corporations have on the world.


My Delinquency

I have been having problems, lately, with panic attacks. I have been struggling since Before I took leave from college. It was not so much an overload of work, but an overload of pressure from the financial department. From the first series of phone calls, the pressure began mounting. after the first straight week of constant calls, I became a nervous wreck and began losing interest in my work. By the end of the second straight week, I had begun getting hit by panic attacks.

Now, I am stuck with a problem I didn’t need.  And this is partly why I have not been posting much. But not the whole reason. In fact, the main reason I have not been posting is I have been adapting Blamah Moore’s book Soldiers of Leaves to screenplay format.

Along with this, I have been searching for a home for the overall filming project as well. This was not as much a problem as I initially thought, seeing how Hollywood’s biggest studios have already published their schedules for the next year or three (all filled with franchise films, reboots, and remakes), but actually—it was fairly easy. there is interest in the project from both Amazon Studios and Netflix Studios. Pretty cool, eh?

As I adapt Soldiers, I am also working on the first five scripts for a series that was born out of a story written back in 1992. Johnny Mano: Nightmares At Twilight should make for a wild sci-fi ride. I have also been working on the little youtube pieces that will debut a few of my more colorful characters through unscripted skits…maybe I can cause widespread panic the way the original War of the Worlds did. (not that I have any intent, but News from Home Just might do that.)

What I’m Up To

If anyone reads this, I need to make an announcement. Right now, I am holding a book release party for Soldiers of Leaves by Blamah Moore. I would love to see you all there. We are giving fun facts about Liberia as a way to celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day (the reason I chose to have the release party today and all weekend long.). Please feel free to join us at