The Scoop

I know that I am dropping off in the early stages of a story (Ages), but I have a more complex story I want to begin. It is actually layered between three separate stories. The first is Tales Of The Alpha Triad: The Journals. This portion is in the words of the main character, John O’Dell. It moves  kind of fast and is less technical, though it does discuss some f the things that will be found in the other two stories.

The second story is Tales of the Alpha Triad: The Project Files. This is in the form of personal notations, internal memos, and project notes. These are more in depth and will often be more technical/scientific in nature as the perspectives are those of the scientists involved in the projects.  The final story is Tales of the Alpha Triad: The News Clippings. With these, I will try to give an outsider’s view of the results of the projects.

Of course, each of these will lead to one final story: Tales Of The Alpha Triad: Final Countdown. this will not be in any of the three forms, but will take place in many areas of the universe. It will include a different perspective of history than what we are taught. At the same time, it won’t happen on Earth alone.

All segments will deal with time travel, dimensional travel, medical breakthroughs not yet made (but very possible, since we do have the technology and medical/genetic know-how), as well as cloning and stasis. Again, the first three stories overlap and make a more complex one that may be hard to follow…so I hope you can keep up.


updates to updates

In recent news, I accepted a challenge. The challenge is to write a more accurate history for the Malawi schools. My mission is to create a more accurate national history text to teach students from. Seems benign enough. But this task is easier said than done.

I have modern history, from colonization to present day, but am going to have to dig deep in order to build a text with pre-colonization history. Of course, I could go through archeological sites and get info that way, but I want the people’s history. I know, I know. I am being difficult.

But the project came to me when I was discussing some of the reform ideas I have for education with an African friend named John. right away, he put me in touch with two fellow Malawi natives, Felix and Gucci. Gucci is the teacher. In fact, he is a volunteer teacher who runs his own nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to the education of his nation. Felix is a regional leader.

between the four of us, we are determined to see that some reforms are made. In fact, I am getting ready to send him a special reform that is written to create a green state or country. It creates job, industries, and energy possibilities for whoever takes the initiative in the reform proposal.

I would love to enact some of my reforms elsewhere as a test to show that the reforms work. Perhaps I will get to. But will I ever get America to wake up enough to notice the same? That is my dilemma.

As for the other updates…

I am Stil waiting for a response from a couple of media groups. I will not go to propaganda sites that promote hate, greed, or “alternative” truth. Lies are still lies, no matter what you call them.


Sorry I haven’t continued on the last WIP I began. I have been kept busy by cows. Feeding. Fixing fences. Moving them.

Now, those cows are gone. I won’t be away from the computer as much…I don’t think. Which brings me to the next subject.

I have been reformatting some of my blogs (this blog, Dark Portal Book Reviews, Radio-Pirate reviews [music], and Deep Thoughts) so that they can be turned into news print columns in either magazines or in newspapers. I had intended to be done with this mission before now, but the farm needed me…although I was ready to turn at least one cow into beef jerky.

I promise that I will return soon and try to finish my incomplete WIP (thought).

An update

Ok, so maybe my little ‘thought of the day’ confused you. It was literally a lead in for a strange little project I have been entertaining for a while. I tried to start it before, but it….lacked something. But now, I believe I have figured out exactly what was missing.

There is a line from the Bible that has stuck in my head for years, and it had me wondering. Even as a child. About everything I was taught.

There is nothing new under the sun. Taking this as the lead for what I had written earlier today, think. Hard. About all that you have been taught to accept.

If there is nothing new under the sun, then everything we are experiencing-technology, scientific discoveries, archeological discoveries that challenge our long held traditions-these have all happened before in some manner. In much the same way.  But how many times?

When did it all begin? has this happened a limited number of times? Or has it been an infinite loop? And what of religion? is it just a recycled reboot of something so ancient that the truth is no longer discernible from myth?

I know, I know. I am allowing my imagination run away with me. Or am I? I only request my readers to do one thing here: to keep an open mind and admit that we, as humans do not know it all. I do tend to challenge long held beliefs and traditions. Why? Because it is the only way to learn, It is the only way to discover the truth at the core of it all.

You see, I believe that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We know that the Earth is billions (trillions) of years old. We also know that recent history, that history we do know is still a bit incomplete. OK, more than a bit. We also know that there are fossil records now that date  humanity in the millions of years, age-wise. Of course, we also know that the Earth tends to erase records more than a few billion years old while making a new record for some possible future generation (if Earth is still in existence) to puzzle over after this age is over.

With all this said, I now reveal my project. I am going to begin writing a series of entries-a smattering of science faction, science fiction, and fantasia-to explore possibilities of my current line of thought. These entries will be in the forms of journal entries dated from different time periods (before known history, before this age) with differing POV (points of view). My purpose will be to piece together a theory, a workable one, of possible histories.

No, I am not going to explore evolution or creation. I am simply going to address this phrase that states: There’s nothing new under the sun.I will follow several timelines, possibly between 7,000 and 20,000 years in length, that will follow civilizations from beginning to end. When I wrap it up, I will also begin exploring another possible hidden piece of history. But I will leave the explanation of that for later.

Who woulda thunk it?

Never before had I ever had such trouble finding information in my life! I mean, who woulda thunk that finding the history of a local park was so hard! I have searched the web high and low for the info. I have sent emails to people I was told would know. I even sent to University of Iowa’s archives in search of the info. No answer.

Waubonsie State Park is a beautiful park filled with hiking trails and camping opportunities. I want to put it in the next book in the 1950s series of The Morrow Family Saga. The problem is that I have only one “I’m fairly certain” abut whether the trails existed in 1950. The park, itself, was created in the 1930s. But creation is not the same as everything being there by the 1950s. and two no-replies. Not a good omen when doing research for a book.

The problem is that Waubonsie has to be in one of the next two books. the end of the Iowa portion of the story is drawing near and I want the park to debut before Nattie loses her innocence and leaves Iowa.

Why Are People Afraid of Visionaries?

As I sit here pondering my next book, I can’t help but notice how much time I have put into trying to get other things done. I have been sending messages, seeking help on many non literary projects, and trying to get the ball rolling on change. But it seems that too many people, even those who advocate for change, are afraid of change.

It is almost as if they are afraid of the visionaries and innovators who step forward to answer the call. I have asked for help from educators and education associations. I have asked for help from as many sources, including state government agencies, that I could think of. No answer.

I have an education bill proposal I would like help on. It isn’t the only proposal I have been working on, but it is one of the more important ones. You see, to me, quality education is an important part of being able to function as an individual in the world. An educated individual, after all, will make an informed judgment on every level including when they go to vote. Knowing, as opposed to accepting what one is told, is the key.

But, here I sit. No one has answered my queries. No one seems the least bit interested. Are they afraid? Or are they having trouble believing that a average citizen would actually be educated enough to realize what needs to be done?

Yet another update

So I have been going over the scripts for RTZ. Once again, I have cut the pilot. Now I have 4 episodes, not three. Basically, I have cut the last scenes and made a new episode with them. Later, after I work a bit on adapting a client’s book to script, I will work on redoing the scene/act placement in the first episode, then go and work on #3 or #4 (whichever needs worked on). I have already finished #2, so am pretty sure that I can get the rest done.