Yet another update

So I have been going over the scripts for RTZ. Once again, I have cut the pilot. Now I have 4 episodes, not three. Basically, I have cut the last scenes and made a new episode with them. Later, after I work a bit on adapting a client’s book to script, I will work on redoing the scene/act placement in the first episode, then go and work on #3 or #4 (whichever needs worked on). I have already finished #2, so am pretty sure that I can get the rest done.


Update # ?

Ok, so I found that my Script was a bit long. OK, Waaaaay too long. Like hours TOO long. So I have split the original episode up into the first three episodes, making this already at 3 and going on 4.

That was the negative. The positive is that I can be more mindful on another script I am working on and not go over the 60 page max. Which reminds me, I need to go take a look and see.

The Current episodes are as follows:

  1. Pilot (A Return to Zero)
  2. The Beginning of the End
  3. And So It Begins

I need to do a little tweaking, like removing the “acts”, but everything is basically the same…including the screwy way Google Docs converts everything and messes with format. Still, I will be finishing out “Act 3” (just remember that it is now “episode 3”) as is. Afterward, I will be starting “episode 4”, so don’t get confused.

RTZ…Or Not to RTZ

OK, so I returned to the original title. Seems to be a better fit. Take Me Back seemed to fit better as the episode title….Since we are going back in time only to walk forward 80 years through the whole series.  We are now exploring the year 1920. Next up, after this episode, is 1921. Like The Morrow Family Saga, We are covering a huge period of history year by year, rather the daily grind. May actually do a historical fiction series as a daily thing if this takes off. Don’t know yet.

So How did we like the end of the last “scene”? OK, I admit. I am being a very naughty boy. But I have never shied away from sexual content. Ever. I even have a flair for including food in my stories (and plays) for a reason. Food and sex are the two ways to a man’s heart. At least that is what I have been told. Not that I would know. I am one of those men who also knows that food and sex also helps win other hearts…at times.

Update on RTZ

While the title is still up in the air, some things are not. For instance, I literally changed the “point of entry” date, the date they go back to in order to begin changing events. I have also changed a few other details as well. For instance, John is the nephew of a newspaper magnate, not just a poor dirt farmer, when he arrives in 1920. Though he is a farmer, he moves to the city after the death of his wife (or should I say William, his alter ego does, even though William is actually dead as well and so is Michael, the boy who Todd assumes the identity of  Both died with the mother. but, John and Todd assume their identities when they appear so that things can be done) to apprentice at the newspaper. Abercrombie Sparrow has other ideas…which I will explain in the script.

RTZ…Or should I call it “Take Me Back”?

I know that hanging the name of a project is not very nice. It is still called RTZ…kind of. The main series title is actually Take Me Back, but I have named the pilot episode Return To Zero (RTZ). The reason for this is manifold.

First, the original title was a temporary one until I could accurately name the series. It had never been meant as the permanent title. Of course, as the first episode, it heralds what is supposed to be the premise of the overall series.

Second, the name was supposed to give a clue to what would happen in the series as it progressed. It was not a plea to a heartbroken lover, or a success/failure ratio.

Third, “RTZ” signified that the story would be self-explanatory, giving the reader/viewer an idea that the beginning was a result of some event before it begins. And I hinted at this in the dialogue between Jennie, Bette, and John. I even hinted at it in the narrative and the scene directions.

The main title is a reference to something that is yet to come in the story. This episode merely leads up to the next episode through explaining the beginning of it all. It is a bit personal for me, since I am pouring my recent experiences into this episode, so bear with me.

Diary of a Madman

I am collecting together every piece, well almost every piece, of nonfiction. At the moment, I am looking at one book. If I have more than I can fit in a single book, I will expand for two. I am calling it/them Diary of a Madman. After all, I have heard it said that genius is only a few steps away from full blown madness…and my life has been one hell of a maddening ride.

Originally, I was going to use the title for a horror story, but I think this is a much better use of the title.  Every single observation. Every single letter that I never sent. Every single epiphany. Every piece of philosophical ponderance. Every single deep thought. Every awakening.

My only concern is…how well it will be received…?


I have always had problems with my stomach. I would (and still do) have times where no matter how much I ate, I still felt hungry. Other times, I barely ate anything at all and felt full. I also have a problem where it takes very little to nauseate me or make me sick. It was this last problem, along with another more serious problem, that led the doctors to discover that my gall bladder had ceased functioning.

The surgery for that took place in 2010, the year before I got divorced from my second wife. After surgery, the attending doctor looked at me and exclaimed “I don’t see how you are still alive!” he went on to explain that my gall bladder had completely died and had been releasing all kinds of toxins into my body in such quantities that would have killed most everyone else in the same situation. Of course, I counted myself lucky and went home to heal.

But the “heartburn”, times of excessive hunger, times of lack of appetite, and the sick spells did not end. Nor did the…other problem. It has since made me wonder what is really wrong with me. It has also made it extremely difficult to hold a job. And most people do not understand.

Lately, the excessive hunger seems most prevalent. I can eat a full meal and still feel hungry. But for me, a full meal is not a large one. It only consists of a meat item and one or two veggies. I try to balance my meals in my own limited way. I will also eat bread, but not very often. If I have toast, I will not fix anything with bread (or potatoes) until dinner. Lunch is usually meat and a veggie.

The doctors can find nothing wrong with me, even though I have voiced my concern. It took them until I was between the ages of 35 and 38 to find out that my gall bladder was dead…and the doctor informed me that they had no idea how long it had been so. He conceded that it very well could have failed when I was still a child or in my teens and had taken that long to manifest itself health wise.

Most days, I don’t feel well. I awaken in pain, so I do not know when something is truly wrong. I have been tested for Diabetes, which is a pre-existing familial illness, but do not have it. I am tested for many other things every time I have a physical or a partial physical, or when I have blood drawn, and everything comes out clean. And still, I watch as my overall health slowly fails.

Please understand that this has been going on for at least the last 20 years. Yes, I used to smoke, but have been smoke free since 2011. Yes, I used to drink, but have been sober since I was 25. I am now 42 going on 43.

I do know that my system was screwed up when I was put on Statins for a triglycerides problem. That was why my current physician prescribed bananas and tonic water, to combat the charliehorses and cramps caused by the damage done to my muscles. I no longer have a problem with the triglycerides, but I have the lasting effects of the medicines used to correct the problem.

But, then, I have slowly begun cleaning up my diet. I eat only organics when I can afford them. I eat very little processed  foods (hot dogs, bologna, etc) or snack foods. I limit my sugar to what I use in my coffee and do not use white sugar. Still, this is not helping.

My stomach is still causing me problems and I have no clue how to fix it. Being unable to take most meds that would be given for such problems, I am stuck. At the same time, I don’t have a clue what is really wrong. All I know is that I have a problem and it’s killing me.