In My Haste…

I had made a mistake. I erroneously put someone into a decade he never saw….so I had to go back and change things. Now, everything is good and right. The story is now accurate as far as the players who actually exist or existed at some point.

And as I hate to be inaccurate, the problematic timeline had to be re investigated so that I had it perfect. now, it is good. Somewhat.

Strangely enough, I have already laid out both sequels to the current WIP so they are ready to be started. Maybe, after this story plays itself out, I will get back to my sagas…although I have another terrifying idea working its way to the forefront of my brain, one that I can use a certain picture with.

After I finish Key To The Highway, I will make the cover. Then, I will need to find inspiration for the covers of the sequels as I write them.

Playing Catch-Up

So Now you have chapters 1-5…chapter 5 being the original ‘chapter 2’. Hopefully, I have woven an extraordinary tale of a boy so far. Much of the story is inspired by the occasional news items over the years of extraordinarily talented ‘babies’ (6 months to 1 year) that I have seen.

the rest is supposition and conjecture. The creation of a genius so unique that he is one of a kind. A magnet for success.

I am not yet to the point where he must live two lives…though I am getting close.  A third one will be implied, but not explained. Or fully revealed.

But then, there will be a lot that will be implied. Just not stated outright. After all, I am writing about an extraordinary musician and writer. Someone who has had all the luck with none of the headaches…and few of the temptations.


Let’s Hit Pause

I just realized something. I may not keep the current order of my chapters. No, I’m not going to switch them, I may add one of more in between them.

I want at least 20 chapters in part one. I am falling short. Then, again, I have only been doing the tip of the iceberg – so to speak – on the story by going year by year. I may broaden the story out by adding chapters to expand each year and flesh out the story.

There is so much potential for the story that has not been explored and I want to push myself to get close to 60 chapters, overall, in this book. I also have so much to explore as far as giving this character a fuller life.

this means that chapter 2 may become chapter 4…and so on. At least until I expand the first half so that it has more meat. more substance. After all, I am writing this as if the character is writing his memoirs. It is his memories he is recounting.

Book Updates

I have wonderful news! So far, The Devil and The Faust Syndrome have entered into production as audio books. My intent is to have The Door On The Thirteenth Floor also in audio book form as well….and have all three out on Halloween along with the e-book version of TDOTTF. I want to make this a very special Halloween season.

I submitted a show idea to the Discovery Channel as well and am hoping they pick it up. If they do, y’all will be in for one hell of a wild ride. The success would be a feather in my cap.

I am working on a pre-Roman, pre-Christian, paranormal historical fantasy that was suggested by an artist friend. It should be out around Christmas.

At some point, I will be back on here to give you the serial fiction you have grown to enjoy from me. Just not right now. I have so much going on and am so busy that I can barely see straight.


In my still fruitless search for my grandfather’s/grandmother’s stories which my father wrote down, I found old stories I had not finished….or even that I had not begun. Around the time I wrote the original short story that spawned The Faust Syndrome, I created a page/2-pages of summaries for story ideas I had. Some sound interesting and possibly could become either short stories or novels.

I also found the original starts for The Door On The Thirteenth Floor...from which, I may end up using the main character elsewhere. I have the original manuscripts (actual handwritten manuscripts from high school) that I am taking characters from for the Tales From The Renge saga. I wish I still had the first book in the series…but I don’t. Sadly, it vanished. As I have never outlined story ideas, and have only used brief summaries of any idea, I do not have anything to reconstruct it from.

But I found another story…a kind of fan fic piece. I may put it here at some point, I don’t know yet. Still, I may be putting some old stuff up as new stuff for you to view. I may even type out the original manuscripts whose characters are finding their way into TFR so you can see just how much I have grown as an author.

The Story Took On A Life Of Its Own

I must amend the statements made my last discussion on the current WIP. In the last post, I stated that the first episode was only supposed to cover years 7-11. Well, suddenly, it has grown. I am now at 1997. A terrible year.

Instead of going too far in depth, I have tried to stick with what is truly important to the story. Visions and Dreams. And the pain along the way.

…What Am I Doing?

Recently, a good friend of mine made mention that he would like to team up with me and write his memoirs. I accepted. I am now fully engaged in the writing thereof. I am also fully engaged in a media blitz in support of the forthcoming book.

To expand on the story. I am friends with several musicians. Some of them are legends in their own right.

Among these legends stands Mr.Carlo Casanova. For those of you who do not know who he is, I will explain. Carlo Casanova is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Psycho Sin, the founders of noise core.

But he is also so much more. He is also an ex-wrestler with quite a career. But this is just the shell of the story I am engaged in putting on paper.


Update On Me

NO worries, folks. I am fine. I’ve just been busy. In fact, it doesn’t look as if I am going to be any less busy!

I was recently contacted by Carlos Casanova, legendary noisecore/hardcore frontman of Psycho Sin about teaming up to do his memoirs from his time in the 1980s punk underground. I have even offered to help him with his memoirs from his wrestling years as well.

I just released another book in the Alpha Triad/Deltalink International cycle and have been working on books 4 and 5 in The Morrow Family Saga in hopes that I can finally finish the first series and release all on a wider market. I want to finish series 1-4 before the end of the year, but maybe that is just wishful thinking.

I am also getting ready to release a film that I wrote the script and co-produced. I just finished with the posters to be used to advertise it. As soon as I receive the mp4 file, I will begin the process of making it available for those who want to stream it.

The production team that did this last film is getting ready to do another which I am involved in writing and co-producing as well. and we have at least a dozen more lined up behind that. So, until I can pause and continue the tale I began here….I will leave updates.

We’ve Been Here Before….

Sorry about yesterday…the reblog was actually meant for my lyrics site. Since I am busy working on the next two books in The Morrow Family Saga, I have not had time to keep up with my blogs….or to finish the current WIP on here.

I have also been busy broadening my market. As soon as I can afford to, I will be printing paperbacks through  Barnes & Noble for all of my current library of finished works. At the same time, I may be pulling books from Amazon. Not sure yet. Just depends on what happens when the ‘new’ releases (B&N) come out.