A Possible Cover for “The Poet” and a question…

So I found a decent possible cover for The Poet, the second book in Faces In the Crowd. It isn’t an exact representation of  what I had in mind, but it is a good pic. What do you think?


Although the man in this pic is a bit older, visually, than I had envisioned Connie looking, it has a similar feel to what I had in mind.

As far as The Price of Lust goes, I am still without a possible cover. I can’t seem to find a provocative/suggestive cover of a black-haired woman in a bathrobe/night robe on a balcony (or one that suggests that she is on a balcony). I guess this is just too much to ask as far as photos, especially those that I can use freely for cover art. In many ways, I want to cover suggestively erotic, but not exactly openly so. Does this make sense?


A Plan of Attack

OK, so I think I have an idea what I want to do. Much like I have been doing with The Morrow Family Saga, I will be taking on The Vampire Wars by doing the first book in each series…except the books about the villains (the reason I originally entitled the overall saga Saints and Sinners). I will cover all the Heroes and heroines of the saga first, then fill in on the “reciprocal”  side, the enemies of each hero/heroine. I realize that the longest serieses out of the saga will be The House Kolbedides and The House Kalkolides, Since these two houses actually span the complete saga and cover several generations and millennia.

Still, look for book one of House Kolbedides, Voodoo, the Sisterhood, Doravenour, McCall, Truva, Grady, and Angel over the year as well as continuing books in the Angel of Death series. Remember, also, that just because a character is assumed dead in the series, it doesn’t mean they are.

Meanwhile, I am also going to begin working on more of The Morrow Family Saga as well as Tales From The Renge. I still haven’t decided what to do with Daniel Hargis and his saga yet, so I may write the stories ahead and publish the majority next year except a Halloween tale.

Winter Break

Classes are officially over until January 4. Whatever am I going to do with myself? I have gone, over the past two terms, from a 2.5 to a 3.0+ GPA. I am apprehensive about next term, since I will be in Business math and Biology (tried to get out of both an extra semester, but couldn’t) and am not sure exactly how well I will do. I am not so much worried about biology as I am business math. Sure, I am OK with the general concept of math, but algebra was never my cup of tea…not that algebra will actually be a part of the class.

At least I get a week or so off to rest. Let the boredom set in. Oh, well. I guess I can get the first books in each series within The Morrow Family Saga done and published. I am almost done with Ohio, so the next book in line is Once Around the Ride. Luckily, after the sadness in Once, we will be greeted by the joy of Second Wind which will be followed by the sadness and turmoil of Life Loves a Tragedy and then I can return to the ’60’s and do the book for 1961 and follow with the second books until I get to the 2000’s. And so on. I want to catch each series up to where I have the 1950’s and do one book from each series until the series reaches 2009. Once I reach 2009, a new series begins. I mean, I could do 2010 if you want me to and catch that final series up to where 1950’s is currently (1954) which would put the last series at 2014. I will be shifting gears with 2010 on, possibly actually switching from Matt to Egypt and continuing the saga through another generation.

What are your thoughts on this? After all, you have grown used to the characters so far and some of you may remember Long Cold Winter and Whispers In Spring (Summer Time is soon to be added as well) and know who Egypt is and the role she played in both of those books. How do you feel about the last portion of the saga (2010-present+) being put in Egypt’s POV?


I am not looking forward to returning to Once Around the Ride or Life Loves a Tragedy. Or even the nine books following Life. They all deal with pain. Once deals with the death of Matt’s mother and the impact it has on him and those in his family. It also explains the anger he exhibits toward his mother in Long Cold Winter. Life Loves a Tragedy begins a second time of loss for Matt. It is about the beginning of the end of his relationship with his greatest love, Juanita (also talked about in Long Cold Winter).

Once Around the Ride begins the 1980s series of The Morrow Family SagaLife Loves a Tragedy begins the 2000s series. Like all good procrastinators, I will continue on Ohio (the first book in 1970s series) and on These Eyes. Not sure I want to start crying every chapter while writing the other two books.

Tales From The Renge Series List

I have decided to broaden the list of books in the TFR series. this has become a total of six series in the complete sage that will stretch from the very beginning of the story line, to explain the backstory, to the very end. I have decided that the end will be one of those “happily ever after” type of stories that end on a positive note…at the very height of success. Below is the complete planned list:


Tales From The Renge: Tales of Antiquity

  1. Princes of the Assassinidii
  2. Masters of the White Ring
  3. Rise of the Black Ring
  4. Fighting the Darkness
  5. Fall of the Necromancers
  6. Shattered Lands


Tales from the Renge: Conquerors of the Renge

  1. The Deruvites
  2. The Cyrtians
  3. The Ashtorites
  4. The Lilitu
  5. The Tyresians
  6. The Holsations
  7. The Fridyans
  8. The Trintians
  9. The Gomerites
  10. The Lothar
  11. The Omayidites
  12. The Kalians
  13. The Huitzilopochtlians
  14. The Isisians
  15. The Shivites
  16. The Morrigan
  17. The Lughites
  18. The Brigidians
  19. The Sassassinidians
  20. The Brigantians
  21. The Veryddians
  22. The Dolminians
  23. The Thurvidhyans
  24. The Narai


Tales From The Renge: Wars Of The Gods

  1. A New Darkness Arises
  2. As War Breaks Out
  3. Old Alliances Now Broken
  4. Lands At War
  5. The Fall Of The Renge
  6. The Last War
  7. Abandoned By The Gods
  8. Where Have All The Heroes Gone?
  9. Rise of the Nobilis


Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy

  1. A Savior Foretold
  2. Birth of The Chosen One
  3. Descent into Madness
  4. In the Service of the Inquisition
  5. Redemption At the Hands of the Cyrtian Order
  6. Blessed Journeys


Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy Fulfilled

  1. The Bard’s Tale
  2. The Roots of Rebellion
  3. Birth Of A Sorcerer Supreme
  4. Fall Of The Dark Ring
  5. Rebirth
  6. Defeat of the Nobilis

      7. An End to the Inquisition

  1. The Return of the Gods
  2. The Coronation of the Mage-King


Tales From The Renge: the Golden Age

  1. Renewal of Alliances
  2. Kingdoms United
  3. Yndarr, City of Wonders
  4. A Forever Peace


 The second series will focus upon the invasions spoken about at the beginning of the current book. Each book will detail the invasion of a group and its rise to power. The third series will detail the wars of the gods, the wars against the gods, and the exile of the gods. we are starting in the third set, book one. My old series of flash fiction will be transformed into the fourth set, while I have yet to begin on the last. I might add another book/series to give the origins of both the Black and the White Rings as well as the origins of the Forbidden Ring…but I am not sure at this point.

Sunday Ponderings

After reading the first book in Will Hahn’s series Judgment’s Tale, suddenly I have the desire to pick up and rewrite my Tales From The Renge serial into a series of novellas or novels.  Tales actually emerged as a short story in 1993 when I was still in college. It languished in obscurity until 2004, when I submitted it to keepitcoming.net as one of two serials for review.

Though it was never very popular as a serial, it was still my most favorite serial to write. I was 40+ episodes into the serial when the e-zine and print mag went under. Let me tell you, writing two serials is not as easy as one would think. It isn’t like writing a new chapter every day. It is coming up with a continuous story, keeping it seamless, and keeping it interesting enough to engage your readers. It is three pages, or less, of a story at a time-often less-to fill a small slot in an e-zine. I was a pioneer of the flash fiction industry and am proud of that accomplishment.

Now, a little over ten years later, it seems that the time has come to dust off the old story (as I did with Breed’s Command when I reintroduced the characters in Going Down in a Blaze of Glory, Lay Your Money Down, and Headed for Destruction.) and reintroduce new readers to the amazing story by turning it into something greater than what it now is. Even stranger is the fact that I am actually looking at this as a welcome change of pace! Odd.

Still, when I began writing, it was fantasy stories…not dystopian, not vampire, not historical fiction, and not science fiction. Those all came later. Well, maybe not sci-fi since The Rocktails Want War  was a pseudo science fiction piece, even if I hadn’t realized it when I wrote it for a fourth grade assignment (the very moment I fell in love with writing and books in general). Oh, don’t go looking for the Rocktails Want War because I have one of the few existing copies of the “book” (the collection of stories and poems written by my fourth grade class about the same little statues) that contain it. Eventually, I may release it, but for now it remains safely within my possession, unpublished…along with the little “menu” I made to go along with the story.

Which brings me back to Tales From The Renge. I had originally paused on the story in an attempt to start the backstory. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far before writer’s block hit. Now, I can begin the story I had begun easily enough. I have the creative wherewithal to start the story. After I Finish posting the current chapters of Price, I will begin on the first Tales From The Renge  book. A nice change of pace from what I have been writing. Sound good?


Update on “Laughing” and Other Subjects

Just began the process of publishing Laughing. Not extremely happy with the cover, but it is OK. By OK, I mean that It looks fine, but isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Still, it isn’t a bad cover.

I believe that the cover catches the essence of the story. At least I hope so. I will be releasing the next two books in the Angel of Death series. After I finish The Devil, I will be releasing it as well. Not to mention Jangalene. 

I am also currently working on the illustrations for my wife’s children’s book, which should prove interesting and fun. I also intend on releasing  Jay’s World (the comics I am currently posting on the Jay’s World Comix blog.