Did I lose y’all? I mean, I introduced you to Sal who is Matt’s bandmate and also happens to be a homosexual. Now I intro’d you to Matt’s Uncle and his lover. Are we having a tough time processing the sudden (but not really) appearance of a couple?

I warned you back when I started writing¬†The Morrow Family Saga that I was not going with the sugar coated world. I was going to touch subjects that might actually make you uncomfortable. Well, I may not have reached too many in the 50’s, but I will begin hitting a few in the 60’s and 70’s (namely what took place during the “Summer of Love” and also during the sexual revolution of the late 60’s and 70’s that seemed to end with the death of the discos but continued underground and is even around today). I open on the 80’s with death and the revelations about different family members.

Natalia, Matt’s mother, is dying of AIDS during a decade where little is truly known about the syndrome. the 80’s were a time of uncertainty and few treatments. Now, we have a plethora of information dealing with recent (and not-so-recent) discoveries about how the virus works as well as new treatments used to keep it at bay. But then, they had just discovered and begun to study the virus.

Natalia, like many in the late seventies and early eighties, contract the virus through the porn industry and her inability to get away from the “free sex” mentality she has become used to. She is now in the latter stages of the illnesses that normally wouldn’t be fatal but which have become so due to her advanced state with HIV/AIDS. Her mother and father, fully aware of her lifestyle, still do not know that they will be seeing their baby girl for the last time even though Nattie’s siblings do.

Matt, too, is devastated because he realizes that this is one fight he cannot help her win and that he is about to lose the one person who matters most to him. Even though his first marriage has fallen apart, and a divorce is eminent, it doesn’t matter. He has already dealt with that and is now face-to-face with reality like never before. He is at a breaking point and everyone but him knows it.

If you don’t feel comfortable with things thought to be taboo, then by all means. Don’t read any more of the story. Otherwise, remember: this is history seen through a fictional family’s eyes. Reality tends to blend with fiction in this type of series. And also remember that I do not candy-coat things to make it acceptable to those who are of a religious nature. Long live the truth.


Tonight’s Chapter….

Before I am asked, the female lead actually has roots in reality. No, there was no killer (that I know of) that pulled a serial crime like this. But the personality, unpredictability, psychosis, sexuality, and other traits have roots in several people (all female) that I have been in contact with. In each person that helped create this one character, was the innate-almost at the ready-traits of this fictional victim-turned-predator.

Sadly, a lot comes from family sources. Others from women I have been involved romantically with. But they were merely the inspiration, not the character. I have been inside mental hospitals more times than I really care to remember, but never as a patient.

I had to visit my first wife in one before we divorced. The loss of our son, along with the pressures of her family, had caused a mental collapse. Our marriage would not survive her mental meltdown, and we would go our separate ways. It was in these last few days that I got to see-unfortunately-what mental vacancy and self distancing looked like first hand. My then-wife withdrew to some place beyond the reach of anyone, even the doctors, and left us all with an empty person.

Before all this, she had a temper that would cause her to black out and almost hurt the person she was angry at. Her five year old was good at sleep walking, which was creepy enough…without having anything in his hands. So was she. Good at sleepwalking, that is.

My second wife was where I got the hypnotic personality from. She is an excellent liar, and can convince anyone that she is a perfect angel. She is not. Just for the record.

She was the inspiration for the character’s ability to create her own past, lure men in with her wiles, and pretty much prowl for men while in a relationship. Although my character’s motivation is just to have companionship and sex, my ex-wife’s reasons were to find some poor sap who had more money than her current sucker. I know from experience. She had ten men (maybe more) on the hook while she was married to me. I suppose I should have caught on when she started accusing me of cheating on her with a friend of mine who lives in Italy…no way in God’s green earth it could have happened. I didn’t have the money to travel then, and still don’t. Can’t really cheat with someone when all you did was wish them a “Happy Birth Day” or a “Happy New Year” or “Merry Christmas”. But…My Ex was always a jealous one and always tried to cover her own tracks.

Anyway, The knife thing and the murderous intent was inspired by her daughter who almost killed her sister out of a jealous fit. If I had not gotten to the two of them, she would have plunged a chef’s knife (butcher knife) into her sister’s heart. I was also constantly being threatened by the girl as was her mother (who would threaten suicide if she didn’t get her way…or if things got too rough).

To say the least, I have known the face of Psychosis since an early age (my sister is insanely jealous, delusional, and vindictive wrapped up in a wrapper of outward friendliness that belies the murderous and hateful heart within) and have lived with mental illness in those around me all my life. In all these women, I took their darkest aspects and gave them to my villainess.