Let’s Hit Pause

I just realized something. I may not keep the current order of my chapters. No, I’m not going to switch them, I may add one of more in between them.

I want at least 20 chapters in part one. I am falling short. Then, again, I have only been doing the tip of the iceberg – so to speak – on the story by going year by year. I may broaden the story out by adding chapters to expand each year and flesh out the story.

There is so much potential for the story that has not been explored and I want to push myself to get close to 60 chapters, overall, in this book. I also have so much to explore as far as giving this character a fuller life.

this means that chapter 2 may become chapter 4…and so on. At least until I expand the first half so that it has more meat. more substance. After all, I am writing this as if the character is writing his memoirs. It is his memories he is recounting.


I have a serious question. What would you infer from the following:

  1. sudden lapses in judgment
  2. sudden lapses in memory
  3. being tired all the time
  4. pain that is a constant 9.5 (the kind of pain that doesn’t allow one to feel illness pain until it is almost too late)
  5. constant migraines with few moments of ease
  6. still feeling hungry after eating a full meal
  7. an increasing stutter (which has never been a norm)
  8. stomach problems that never seem to go away
  9. a growing sense that something is definitely wrong with you

In the past few years, I have had an increase on many of these, especially memory and judgment lapses. I have also become increasingly tired. My pain, on a daily basis, is at a 9.5 and I nearly always have a migraine. I have recently had a problem with feeling hungry even though I have just gotten done eating, I have begun to stutter more than in the past (I didn’t stutter when I was younger), and it takes very little to make me feel nauseated anymore. The pain has always been there. At least since I was in my teens. And so have the migraines.

All the rest recently started with the sudden appearance of a tremor, only noticeable in my hands periodically, and a gall bladder emergency that led to surgery. many of the symptoms that accompanied the gall bladder problem remain. the tremor has gotten worse, but remains unpredictable and uncontrollable when it hits.  The tiredness, being something I have had since the end of my second marriage, is bearable, but has me concerned.

I have had memory lapses in the past, but none were as dangerous as the one I had before Kelly died. We had been out of coffee for several days and decided to go to town to get a can. During a memory lapse, I drove on the wrong side of the road without realizing it. Now, I find that I am having them more often. Along with the lapses in judgment. I am even finding it hard to form thoughts and put words to ideas..unless it is on paper. I am growing concerned. What have I not been told about my health in the past?

Dreams, Part 3

I have always been plagued by dreams. Not the dreams that everyone else has, but the type that tell something, that warn about something.  At eight, I had a particularly nasty one of a blood red murderous Santa figure. He was killing innocent people, good people. While I reserve what I have come to understand about this particular dream for myself, I will tell you I now understand it without mistake. The same where the bodiless goat head is concerned.

I am slowly growing aware of the meanings of all my dreams. I am swiftly learning how to decipher them. What I am learning is alarming me. Things I thought were only possibilities are now realities.

As I have stated before, my more recent dreams have health with those around me. At first, they dealt with Kelly. Now, they deal with me. Back then, they dealt with society in general. Or religion in general.

All I know is Now, I want no more. But I guess it isn’t up to me what I am shown or what I have seen. It is, however, up to me to finish what has been started before it is too late.


My classes:

It seems that my time at Kaplan has come to an end thanks to a “Student Advisor” who is horrid at doing the right thing. I asked for a LOA (Leave of Absence) for a single term, which is totally doable.  Instead, the Advisor submitted a withdrawal request, which was granted. His excuse was complete Bullshit because my wife is also currently on leave, but due to financial reasons. Suffice it to say, I may be seeking a new University to attend once I am done with a few projects.

There is something good coming from all this, though. The first is that I am getting a refund of what is left of my funding for the term I would have taken. This will enable me to get a few things done.


My Windows  Office:

So, my Windows Office expired…forcing me to take an unwanted break from the scripts for Soldiers Of Leaves and Mano: Nightmares At Twilight. This causes one thing. I am bored out of my gourd. And I hate boredom.

Lucky for me, Kelly will be helping me renew my Office tomorrow and the boredom will end. We hope.


Soldiers of Leaves:

So you are probably wondering what Soldiers is. Well, Soldiers is my debut in filmmaking. At the moment, I am working on a rough script, which will be submitted to both Amazon Studios and Netflix Studios for consideration. The Customer Service guy at Netflix responded that he would definitely watch a movie of this caliber, so I know that Blamah Moore (the author) and myself have a crowd waiting on this project to be finished.

the cool thing is that I have a small crew waiting to work on this as well as a financier who is willing to back it. We may have to make the film itself before it is accepted, but that is cool with me. The idea is to get the film made, no matter what route we have to take. I am also looking at a couple of sponsors (their products are mentioned in the narrative) for the film.


Mano: Nightmare at Twilight

Mano was born from a story I wrote in high school. I am currently working on the script for the first episode, part one of the pilot, as I write this. It looks as if it is going to size up to become an amazing series. Like Soldiers, I plan on submitting the script to amazon and Netflix.


The Vampire Wars

I am pondering taking The Vampire Wars, at least the beginning, and making scripts for them as well…instead of books. This would actually shorten the overall saga down to 4 series instead of an endless one.

I am also pondering adapting Angel of Death into scripts as well, which would round out The Vampire Wars nicely.


The Morrow Family Saga

This brings us to The Morrow Family Saga. I am thinking of doing the same for this saga that I am doing  for Angel of Death. Of course, I am also pondering whether the world is ready for Tales from the Renge as a series or not.

I plan on adapting The Faust Syndrome as a film script and working on bringing it to life by Halloween of next year…not to mention a few other releases.


News of the World, Souljourner’s debut, and other productions

I have a few unscripted Youtube projects scheduled for my new time off. Among these are unscripted skits such as News of the World, a satirical fictional news program that has its humble beginnings as a hallway skit done by the now legendary (in our own minds, anyway) “Three J’s and an E”. I must admit, I was a bad influence when I went to church…always leading the younger boys to create hilarious skits in the hallways of the college we used as a church hall.

It was here that I dreamed up characters like The Radio-Pirate, The Wasted Surfer, Big Dick Johnson, King Creole, Baby Jay, The Pissable Toads, and many others that would become my strange personal menagerie of personas…that joined the Fortuneteller who emerged in 1993 while I was at NWMSU.

Recently, a new character emerged: Souljourner, the soul reaver(reaper) and sometimes book reviewer who haunts a nether realm with his friend (a skull on a staff) Headley. At the same time, I may actually debut a few other skits/ideas such as Katthouse, DeepThroat, and a few other concepts that don’t need to be anything more than performance art.  


Other Projects

With all the adaptations and ideas, I have begun fleshing out other than televised pieces and scripts/films. These have nothing to do with the literary world (other than being intro’d in a story or two) and everything to do with the real world.

I have an idea for a concept that combines flood control, sustainable energy production, and water treatment (processing the used water so that it can be used for drinking, bottling, and distribution). Though the idea needs further study, I have many who are interested in this as it would work well in several countries where flooding is a major threat and the power grids need stabilization.

Add to this a plan to bring together farmers and their communities to create jobs and generate revenue, and thus strengthening the economy of an area, and you have a possible way to prevent the next economic Depression. Amazingly, it is hard to find sponsors for such ideas because it threatens the hold the major corporations have on the world.


A small poll

I need some input here. I am thinking about creating some promo items and want to know what you, the reader,  would be most interested in.

The first idea is action figures depicting some of my characters from most of my books. Although I feel this could possibly draw a small crowd, I need to know whether or not there is interest.

The second idea is possibly having shirts and hoodies created with the book covers and/or characters on them or maybe other possible promo logos.

The third is posters.

The fourth is costumes.

I have other ideas, but these are the first four just to get things started.

The books/series’s I want to start with:

Angel of Death

The Faust Syndrome

A Month of Thanksgiving

Tales From the Renge

Later, I will explore the other stories and books. These are the ones I want to start with. Good idea? Bad Idea? Please give me a little verbal input. I would appreciate it.

The War On The Homefront

The irony of posting on Face Book is that no matter how true a post is, someone always takes exception to it. Take this little war that has brewed between my mother and I. I posted, back in February, a little post about how I felt. I told how my mother had basically taken away all of what I was to inherit and pretty much had broken every promise she made to me. I also included how I felt that she did not understand that I no longer made what she thought I was making, as far as pay, since I had dropped considerably in hours worked.

What had started my little airing of the truth was her sudden dumping of a bill, twice to three times higher than it should have been, on me to pay at a time where I really did not have the extra to put toward it. When I had tried to explain this to her in person, she went ballistic and demanded that we turn ALL the bills back over to her. So we did. A few days after we did so, I wrote the post and the war had begun.

Let’s back up a bit…like a day or two before. I wrote a post expressing my disgust at how, everyone seems to expect you to drop everything and do for them, but when you ask them to do things-like take a few hours out of their busy day to witness a marriage license for you- they suddenly find every excuse as to why they can’t show up. I even made the statement-not aimed toward my mother, but indirectly at the person I was actually talking about (a cousin I had asked to do the honor)-that I was not going to help family anymore. OK, so I said family. But I was talking about those who expected things to be done that were a PART of the family.

I can understand my mother’s desperation. For over twenty years, I have been the only child who would do for her. Now that I am married and wanting to move out of the area, she feels that I am abandoning her. Once I am gone, or so she believes, I will no longer take the time to help with anything. Well, that might happen, but not for the reasons she is placing on it. For instance, just because I put a little distance between myself and her does not mean that I would not be able to help her with things. It just means that I am not as close and cannot be spied upon or disapproved of as quickly. I can have peace and quiet while still being able to help her from a distance.

But what she is doing at the moment puts more distance between us in ways she cannot imagine than any amount of physical distance. Her slow, methodical removal of different things, the car being the most recent, continues to widen the gulf between her and I. It pushes me away, not pulls me closer. She has started treating me like a pariah due to me telling the truth about what is going on, what is wrong with the house, and how I feel about it all. This, from any angle, is wrong. Especially when she taught me NOT to lie.

I Had A Sudden Thought….

If evolution is how things happened, then mankind must be an evolutionary dead end and Mother Nature is just waiting for us to wipe ourselves out before trying a new avenue of higher being. Also, If we did evolve from something, I am beginning to believe it was not from apes, as popularly believed, but from pigs. Just look at how we treat one another. At least the great apes and most primates have a social structure that takes care of their own within the group, men and swine do not. they are all about the individual and seem to have the same manners.

Three For Three…

I am making a lot of progress on this story, despite the fact that I am suffering from a migraine. An amazing feat for me, since I usually can’t think straight when I have these. I am hoping that you are finding these chapters interesting. I am adding new surprises and also shifting some of the chapters around. I am thinking about bringing the climax of the story sooner. Like several chapters sooner. But not yet.

I will give you insight into my migraines. I have suffered them since I was a child. I have had to cope with them for over thirty years that I can remember. When I was married to my second wife, I was on valproic acid, migraine strength Tylenol, and Max-Alt for them. I stopped taking the Valproic when I realized that it made my migraines worse. Not being a big pill person, I sort of drifted away from taking the Max-Alt as well. I usually take migraine strength Tylenol, though, for ones as bad as the one I am dealing with tonight.

But if I can beat them without, I usually do. Tonight, though, I am wishing I had some Tylenol to take…and I do not have any at all. Oh, well. I should probably go ahead and go to bed. I may not get any sleep tonight, but it is worth a try. I will catch you on the flipside.

#270: An Amazing Day

Before I forget, I have put all three of my songs, love ’em or hate ’em, online. Yes, they are all available at CDBaby for $0.99. You figure that you go buy a popular artist’s music for $1 per song (some big artists’ CDs cost $22.95). so why not support an indie musician and buy his songs for $0.99?

Yes, it is only one cent difference, but you don’t actually have to trudge out to your car in the heat and run to the store to buy a $5 CD with three lousy songs. You can buy all three songs for just under $3, you can buy three songs without any shipping or handling costs…all within the comfort of your home. Cool, huh? I thought so.

Anyway, I have also uploaded all three to my ReverbNation page as well. You can go on and listen and decide whether or not you want to become a fan or not. And that is the coolest thing of all! (BTW, my ReverbNation site is attached to my musician’s FB page, so just find Jaysen True Blood On FB and you can hear all my songs there as well.)

To continue with the ReverbNation thing, After I posted my songs, I went from six fans to over two hundred! All in one day! That is more fans than I have on radioairplay.com, where I have 50! I wonder if I could double my fan base on both if I told them where else they can find my music. I think I will try that.

Now. If I can only grow my fan base here, on twitter, and on Face Book that quick as well. It’s worth a shot, don’t you think?