Let The 1950s Begin…

…and I am not talking the Happy Days, Leave It To Beaver, Or I Love Lucy where everything was whitewashed and idyllic and the Cold War was nonexistent. I am talking “the Read Scare”, Cold War, “duck and cover”, and the era where fallout shelters were the norm. Where suspected communists were the latest in witch hunts and many innocent lives were destroyed through legislation just because the leaders were scared of their own shadows.

Yes, that span of time that followed WWII where Nazis were no longer the threat, but Communists were. Russia was seen as the mean mean greenie that we had to fight and their minions were all over the place, including right next door. It was a decade where anyone could lose it all just based on one simple thing: an accusation of being communist.

It was the decade that led to the free love and hippie movement that overran the sixties, the decadence of the seventies and the doldrums of the Reagan era. Not everything was so idyllic. History, it seems, has been hidden behind a facade of false peace and naivete.

Hand Me Down World starts the ball rolling with the very beginning of the Morrows’ saga with the political backdrop that threatened over half the country’s population with deportation for accusations backed by falsified proof. the leaders forgot one thing, though. In a witch hunt, the hunter soon becomes what they hunt.

This cruise through the 50s will help you, those of you who followed Matt’s story, understand the underlying convictions he has. These events, while not directly a part of his life, do have an impact on him. Just as will the events that happen in the next few decades.

I believe that I will do each beginning book, as I finish the book before it. That way, I can get you somewhat up to speed on Matt’s real story…not his alcohol-addled memories.