Did I lose y’all? I mean, I introduced you to Sal who is Matt’s bandmate and also happens to be a homosexual. Now I intro’d you to Matt’s Uncle and his lover. Are we having a tough time processing the sudden (but not really) appearance of a couple?

I warned you back when I started writing¬†The Morrow Family Saga that I was not going with the sugar coated world. I was going to touch subjects that might actually make you uncomfortable. Well, I may not have reached too many in the 50’s, but I will begin hitting a few in the 60’s and 70’s (namely what took place during the “Summer of Love” and also during the sexual revolution of the late 60’s and 70’s that seemed to end with the death of the discos but continued underground and is even around today). I open on the 80’s with death and the revelations about different family members.

Natalia, Matt’s mother, is dying of AIDS during a decade where little is truly known about the syndrome. the 80’s were a time of uncertainty and few treatments. Now, we have a plethora of information dealing with recent (and not-so-recent) discoveries about how the virus works as well as new treatments used to keep it at bay. But then, they had just discovered and begun to study the virus.

Natalia, like many in the late seventies and early eighties, contract the virus through the porn industry and her inability to get away from the “free sex” mentality she has become used to. She is now in the latter stages of the illnesses that normally wouldn’t be fatal but which have become so due to her advanced state with HIV/AIDS. Her mother and father, fully aware of her lifestyle, still do not know that they will be seeing their baby girl for the last time even though Nattie’s siblings do.

Matt, too, is devastated because he realizes that this is one fight he cannot help her win and that he is about to lose the one person who matters most to him. Even though his first marriage has fallen apart, and a divorce is eminent, it doesn’t matter. He has already dealt with that and is now face-to-face with reality like never before. He is at a breaking point and everyone but him knows it.

If you don’t feel comfortable with things thought to be taboo, then by all means. Don’t read any more of the story. Otherwise, remember: this is history seen through a fictional family’s eyes. Reality tends to blend with fiction in this type of series. And also remember that I do not candy-coat things to make it acceptable to those who are of a religious nature. Long live the truth.


Three More To Go…

I have three more chapters to go on Waiting For The Sun and I will be free to work on Bounty Hunter. for your enjoyment, I am going to post the synopsis of the complete series (Series I of Saints & Sinners).

“Angel Of Death”
“Dreams I’ll Never see”: Cris Juarez witnesses the end of the world as we know it as political differences finally cause civil war globally. She watches as the people she knows are killed without need by both sides, and by those who move in as the war moves on. She also watches as vampires move in and begin bleeding her town dry. Bitten and infected, she has to do what no four-year-old should ever have to do. she carries out a promise made to her father and ends their undead lives. Her life is spared by a werewolf who takes her to the mysterious McCall and his master weapons maker Truva.

“Waiting For The Sun”
picks up twenty years later, after Cris has been training to become a hunter. During her training, she learns that Her teachers are no mere hunters, but are what are known as The Grigori-the immortals charged with keeping balance in nature and the universe. During one of the hunts, they accidentally declare war on one of the most powerful Houses within the Vampire Nation. McCall vanishes, and Cris heads out and away from the bayou to begin hunting on her own.

“Bounty Hunter”
Cris’ legend as the “Angel Of Death” begins as she takes the war to the Vampire warlords. No one can match her blades or her cunning as she hunts for the missing McCall and the nearly mythical Sabbath Stones.

“Crystal Ship”
The legend continues to grow, as does the vampires’ fear of her. She is still hunting for the missing McCall, but has now heard of the mythical Crystal Ship, a ship that travels the rivers picking up human refugees. She goes to investigate it and finds it isn’t all that it was supposed to be. As she fights slavers and undead, she races to save those already trapped upon the evil ship.

“The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down”
While Cris is away, Savanna and Mobile fall to the Vampire Nation under mysterious circumstances. She crosses paths, for the first time with the hunter known as War Hammer, who is searching for another hunter called Battle Axe and takes on the hordes of ghouls and zombies that inhabit the wilds. She also discovers the awful truth about the mutates.

The Grigori are being hunted down by the Vampire Nation. This includes Cris, their newest member. Yet, every vampire Jason Kalkolides sends to capture her either ends up dead or is too cowardly to stand and fight. As an outlaw, she is now unwanted and a danger to any who might help her. But she has never needed help. So she continues to fight the ever mounting numbers and impossible odds alone.

“Mississippi Queen”
Cris teams up with the legendary hunter known as the Mississippi Queen, who promptly tries to kill her. Throughout their short alliance, Queen tries to assassinate Cris for the bounty the vampires have put upon her head. But Cris has a secret. One that proves deadly to Mississippi Queen.

“Steeler’s Wheel”
Cris stumbles onto a community that holds regular inquests to flush out ‘unwanteds’ they see as a threat to their new fanatical religion, spreading something similar to the Dark Ages but in a small local area. Her arrival heralds the end of the theocracy that has held the region in fear.

“Goin’ Down”
Cris decides to take on another hunting partner, but with disastrous results. This time, there isn’t any attempts made on her life, but the hunter proves to be all talk and no abilities as they are caught in a ghoul feeding frenzy and have to fight their way out.

“Cross Roads”
Cris hears the first rumors of life returning to the wastes, what had once been the Midwestern US. Not willing to venture forth into the wastes yet, she decides to see if any more rumors circulate. Sending a messenger out to scout it out, he returns and tells Cris the same thing the rumors are saying. Life has returned to the wastes.

“Bad Company”
Cris finally decides to find out if the rumors were true. 200 years after she left the Midwest, she returns to the wastes to find that she has been lured there by the greatest evil she has ever had to face, and a hunter gone rogue. Battling ghouls, zombies, and mutates, she struggles to lead a group of survivors through treacherous lands to safety.

“Run With The Pack”
The werewolf returns and Cris joins him on the hunt for McCall and Truva. The Vampire Nation tries to stop them at every turn, but they come close to succeeding in their mission.

“The Unknown Soldier”
Grady is still with Cris as the hunt for McCall continues. twenty years after they started, they are no closer to solving the disappearance of their friend until they meet the unknown soldier…who uncannily resembles their missing friend. And sounds like him too.

“Five To One”
Truva and Cris are trapped in the dark maze that is Jason Kalkolides’ fortress. There are five vampire soldiers to each of them and their companions. Not very good odds. But Cris wouldn’t have it any other way. By the time they fight themselves free of the masses, they find that Jason and the Stones have both vanished.

“When The Music’s Over”
As the end draws near, and the war begins to die, Cris and her companions are joined by Doravenour the vampire And Zoesus Kolbedides, a mysterious Greek Grigori. They inform her that Jason has been joined by Marquis De Morte, Doravenour’s enemy. Together, they begin searching for Jason, the Marquis, and the Stones.

“The End”
After 20 years of searching, Cris and her companions have finally found Kalkolides. “The Fallen” have collected together into a small army to fight the Grigori. Without the Vampire Nation to help them, and one member short, The Fallen are desperate. They will stop at nothing to protect the Stones, despite the fact that they are tearing the universe apart. But Cris is determined not to let anything stop her from destroying the Stones and restoring nature and the universe to its previous harmony.

A Note

To my European readers, especially any from Germany or the German/Slavic corridor:

Please forgive my blatant generic (some would say stereotypical) portrayal of Von Kroul. In all the years I have been around various German speaking adults, I have never found an accurate way of portraying the Germanization of the English language. There are so many different variables in accent and letter misrepresentation…and some do not have the “typical” problem of switching V’s and W’s. around.

I am not sure whether it is the are from which they come from or just an exaggeration of a slight problem of a minority. I have been trying to portray a character that speaks mainly German, but has chosen to speak English because he knows Cris cannot understand German quite well enough…and to a certain point, this certain character is also so old that he speaks old high German and even (probably, not going to confirm) the Hun language. His origins are really unclear (not really, but his is a story for another time) and so I want to make him set in his linguistic ways.

You will find, as I go along, many of the characters you think you know are really a lot older than they seem. Their stories may end up getting told in their entirety at a later date. For now, I am merely introducing you to them.

Now. With my apology out of the way, I will take my leave and go to post a chapter of “Voodoo” and of “Lilith’s Journey”. Will have to wait and see where I am after that to know if I will post another chapter of “The Sisterhood”. Hope you have enjoyed these two chapters.

Note on “Moment Of Truth”

First of all, the “misspellings” within Bing’s dialogue is not misspellings at all. It is actually my way of trying to accent Bing’s disability. Though I do not mention exactly what is wrong with Bing, I do make it known that he cannot live or survive on his own, hence the promise Ryan made to their parents never to abandon his little brother. The moment of truth, hinted at by the title, is not the decision Ryan has to make, but the moment where Bing has to make the decision to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his brother from becoming homeless and losing it all. It is the moment where all have to realize that they must forever part as a family unit and make new lives for themselves without dependence on each other…Bing upon Ryan and Sam.

I wanted to write a poignant story where the hero was not perfect or average. I wanted the hero to be someone who’d had to rely on others their whole life only to find that they held the key to everyone’s happiness and welfare in their hands. I wanted broken. I wanted someone who had a handicap.

Having dealt with handicapped people all my life, and seeing what they are truly capable of, was a deciding factor in this story. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.