The Ages Of Man:Diaries And Journals Of The Elder Race, Part 1: The Age Of The ‘Fall’ (first age of man), Entries #2-6

The fall of man: The Journal of Araqis, entry #2*


The craziest things happen nowadays. We seem to be at the pinnacle of our rise from whatever we started as. Civilization, being the height of it all, is on the wane. what lies beyond?

This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis. Is this as good as it gets? Or is there more on the horizon?

Our historians search for clues to our past, digging in the ground as if they will find evidence of something spectacular. I am not sure, though. Would there be anything left of a Star Seed? What about their legendary cities and ships? Or is it all myth?

Of course, I have to be careful. I don’t want the Elders to think me guilty of sacrilege and heresy. I just wonder if if they will and anything.

I fantasize sometimes, though. I imagine myself as a Star Seed. I wonder what they ate. Did they eat?

I imagine myself as powerful as they, as free. How it must’ve felt, not to be bound to a physical form. True power. Light given life.

I believe it would be the most amazing thing, to be alive but without this shell. I wonder what my inner light, my inner being really looks like. Is it well defined?  Is it grey, white, or dark light? I hope it isn’t dark light. Dark Light is supposed to be pure evil.

But I don’t see myself as evil. Perhaps it is grey. That would mean that I am still neutral. Neutrals are more sought after. They create. They are the artists.


The Fall: The journal of Araqis, entry #3*


They found an ancient city!!!! And it wasn’t even buried! This is the most important discovery ever! What’s more, they have found Star Seed technology! An ancient starship! A Star Seed ship!

They say that the technology is foreign to us. Nothing that resembles a guidance system of any kind, almost as if they were one with their ship!  The obsidian interior is glassy as if it has been polished and honed to look almost gemlike. Strange shapes are said to be carved upon the walls.

What I wouldn’t give to see it! I mean them. The city and the ship. It would be the highlight of my existence.

But, then, they say that we simply re-live our lives. Could I have been one of those from the ship they found? Could I have lived in that city at one time?

No, can’t be assuming such. Assumption is dangerous. Causes one to misjudge. Or misstep.


The Fall: The Journal of Araqis, Entry #4*


Crazy news coming back from the discovery. Some of the researchers were killed in an attempt to move the ship. A cataloguer or two died when a wall collapsed on them in the city. Something tells me that the Star Seed still guard their secrets and want us to leave the site. But scientists and historians have other thoughts.

Still, I cannot wait to find out all that they have learned. I want to know more about my origins. I want to know about the planet before I existed.

But I must wait until the research team returns from the find. And I hate waiting. With a passion. So much time wasted in doing so.

I wonder how old the city is. How old is the ship? Did they find any remains? Any remaining living Star Seed?

So many questions. So many flights of fancy. It’s so frustrating when one has to wait for new information.


The Fall: The Journal of Araqis, Entry #5*


The first information has been received from the discovery site! the first news of what they have been able to record! And it was read aloud during our history lessons! What joy!

They had, indeed, found remains! and living Star Seed! One of them was named Go’Od! Amazing!

Something tells me that we will learn much more as we examine and interview Go’Od. What wisdom does he (I am assuming that I am correct in identifying the gender) hold? But I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe just a bit.

They were able to send the science detail back with the ship! I am looking forward to being able to explore it when they have it set up for touring. I just hope it is soon.


The Fall: The journal of Araqis, Entry # 6*


Joy of joys! I got to tour the ship! Even better, I was the first to get to do so! It was so amazing!

I was also asked to accompany the science detail to the site when they return! And as a student worker! I am so happy!

I presume that my next entries will be made from the site, so there may be a small gap as I will be traveling and unable to record anything. Still, this is a chance of a lifetime! Very few students are asked to be a part of a science detail.



*It is assumed that these entries are sequential and were made daily, as they seemed to follow each other. The dates were unreadable, so we do not know if they followed the first entry made, though we assume they did.


next: We read from the the diary of Aia of Maru (Mars) to see how civilization developed there. 



The Ages of Man: Diaries And Journals Of The Elder Race, Part 1: The Age Of The ‘Fall’ (first age of man)

The Age Of The ‘Fall’: The Diary of Araqis*

Year: 3,053,999 (1,000 years into humanity’s existence). Exact date unknown. Ear’at (Earth).

I am Araqis, A descendant of the Star Seed.  and I am a student of the Council, aged 19 spa’ans. I have been asked by the council, and especially my teachers on the council, to keep a record of my daily life. This assignment is to continue until I pass the trials. Once I pass the trials, keeping a record such as this will be voluntary.

I shall start with a quick overview of our short history, religion, appearance, and social structure. Once I have completed, I shall shift to my personal daily life. beyond that, I have no idea what will be important enough to record.

They say we have had dominion for one thousand years. Humanity has risen from savages to some semblance of civilization within such a short time. It is hard to believe that we haven’t existed very long. some of the elders say that we did not begin life here, but had come in search of a new beginning. An Eden of sorts.

From what I have learned, the planet was exactly what our ancestors sought. Star Seed. That is what they were called. Children of the universe sent forth to populate the planets, falling from the void to each and every planet ready to be populated.

In the thousand years we have been here, we have developed our own language. It is the one thing we have n common with our neighboring communities. We would probably be more numerous if we weren’t so big and didn’t live so long. At 29 Ha’rads (modern equivalent unknown, possibly close to the US measure of feet), and living 800-900 spa’ans (again, exact length unknown, presumably equal to a year), we are not old until we reach at least 300.

We vary in appearance, some with a single eye, others with hundreds; some with only two arms or legs, others-again-with hundreds. Most, though, have minimized in appearance, settling for two arms, two legs, and two eyes. The rest are remnants of our former selves, and are seen as Holy. Most of the remnant have settled into priestly duties and communities where they are worshiped as gods.

Banking is relatively new, as the ancients knew nothing of treasure and only bartered for what they needed. Leadership still falls to the strongest among us, and we see them as Kings or Queens. Their law is final.

Our social system is based largely on our religion. we worship the Star Seed, or Lights (for we are taught that they arrived here as beings of light and energy, taking  a physical form and color befitting the planet), and the elders among us are seen as Holy. We are taught that the Lights influenced the planet, causing the rise of all life indigenous to the planet. In essence, we are taught that they created life simply by arriving here.  Whether this is true or not, life began in a big way.

We are also taught that we will slowly continue to change and adapt over the span that is existence, until we no longer resemble what we are at the moment, as the planet tends to influence our physiological makeup and chemistry. We are also taught that we will probably not be remembered by those who come after us. So it was, and so it always shall be. Once we are gone, the universe will absorb our memory and give birth to more Star Seed. It is an endless cycle.

It is said that the Star Seed were both male and female, a whole being, uniting and carrying their mates with them through life. As the planet influenced them, they lost the ability to do so and split apart, creating man and woman as two instead of one. We are slid taught that there were asexual and nonsexual Star Seed as well, but that the nonsexual died out shortly after their arrival. The asexual are still among us, preferring the company of their own…though we all possess the ability to reproduce with or without a mate.

Our education system is complex. We learn linguistics and calculations early, Philosophy and deduction in secondary, and religion and history at the end. we can go on to do concentrations in any subject, and many do, but some prefer to stop after the trials.

Our civilization rose rapidly, a mere 100 spa’ans, and we have rapidly risen in technological and scientific knowledge. Our advancements have been great, possibly greater than other settlements. Who knows? We have no known enemies, no threats to our longevity, and no natural susceptibilities.

Several planets and moons surrounding us were populated at the same time as we populated this planet. I wonder how these colonies have fared. Have they succeeded? Have the Star Seed on Ma’arat, Ve’anat, and the satellites orbiting them (and Ear’at, our home), as well as the outlying satellites orbiting the nameless gas giants, succeeded in establishing such fine civilizations? Have they explored their regions and made the needed changes? Or have they died out?

So many questions. I guess what makes it a wonderful experiment, this forming civilizations, is that we do not interfere in each others’ attempts to become whatever we may become. We simply live and let live. Each civilization grows independently of the others, to achieve whatever greatness or immortality awaits them.

Yet we all started out as one collective, falling from the expanse. I only hope that we remember that we are all brothers when we meet again. Otherwise, we are doomed to failure. May peace and prosperity continue to favor all.




RTZ: Act 3, Scene 1

Act 3, Scene 1: both John and Todd look as if they are about to puke. They appear next to a pile of newspapers. John picks one up one. January 1, 1930.



Well, we made it. Least they could’ve done was warn us of “jump sickness”.



(smiles nervously)

Maybe it affects each jumper differently.

The two of them begin to walk. John smiles. 



(musing to himself)

Good to see that the city never changes.



I agree.



Now, we need to find our contacts.


John and Todd go in search of the men sent to prep things for them. 


Voice From Alley

(in harsh whisper as they pass)

Pssst…Hey! In here!


They follow the whisper into the alley. A man in a trench coat stands, back against the wall.



(with English accent)

No lasting side effects?



Nope. Just a minor bout of “jump sickness”.



Sorry ’bout that.

(changing subject)

We’ll switch out Identities now.

(takes a package out of coat pocket. removes first set of ID out of package)

John, You are Now William C. Sparrow. Your stage name is J.C. Harrel.

(hands John his ID papers, then takes the second set out of the package)

Todd, you are now Michael John Sparrow. Your Stage name is T.D. Harrel.

(hands Todd his new identity.)

John, I need you to divest yourself of your old ID cards. You won’t need them anymore.

(John reaches into his back pocket and pulls out the cards in his pocket, handing them to the agent.)

One last thing.

(the agent reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out banking passes. hands them to John.

Your accounts. Guard them well. Should your wealth last, you will leave behind billions.

(gets ready to disappear, but pauses)

Oh. a word of caution. Your identities are of living…I mean were of living people. Both died, father and son, of starvation a year back, but no one knows that they are dead. I built your wealth with hard work and ingenuity.


The agent turns and disappears. John and Todd emerge from the alley. John looks on the ID and finds the address. 



(whistles in surprise)

We have ourselves a penthouse.



Just curious. What is your line of work?



Newspaper magnate. Thus the fortune.



And me?



I will put you in a public school. No need for private schooling.




Sounds good.


The two head to their new home. When they arrive, the doorman lets them in and they head to their floor. A butler opens the door.



Good evening…Jeeves?



Good evening, Sir. You’re such a joker, sir. Name’s Marcus, Sir.



Yes, yes. Sorry, Marcus. Been a long day.



Of course, sir.


I think I will head to bed, Father.




Have a good night’s rest, Michael.


Fade to scene in newspaper office, next day.



Sir? There’s a Mr. Toller here to see you.



Send him in, Carmine


looking up, he admires her curves as she walks out the door. a few seconds after she disappears, Mr. Toller enters. John recognizes him as the second agent.


Mr. Toller

I assume that Mr. Greene met with you last night?





Mr. Toller

As you can gather, I am here to discuss the agency.



Yes. Is there somewhere we can meet in private?


Mr. Toller

Yes, when we get down to the details.



What is the price tag we are shooting for?


Mr. Toller

About 300 grand.



Not a problem.


Mr. Toller

Then we’re agreed?






Mr. Toller

Very well, then. I will contact you when everything is ready to finalize and e will meet in private.





Mr. Toller leaves John’s office. Carmine comes back in.




Carmine, are you married?



No, sir.


Would you go to lunch with me?






Would you go to lunch with me?



Yes, sir.









You don’t have to call me sir.



Sir? What should I call you?



Please call me William.



Yes, S–William.

(turning to go, then turning back to him)

Why did you ask me if I was married?



I didn’t want to make a possible husband mad at me for taking you out to lunch.




Oh. Is that all, William?



For now, yes.


She turns and walks out of his office. Again, he watches her as she sashays through the door.  scene change. Noon. John and Carmine meet for lunch at a nearby club.



Order whatever you want, my dear.





The waiter appears, ready to take their order.



I’ll have the house special.



(writing John’s order down)

And what’ll you have, Miss?



The house salad.


Waiter nods and writes the order down, then leaves. John looks Carmine over.



So…What is your dream, Miss Carmine?



To be a working girl, I guess.



Nothing more?



Well, to be a mother someday.



You need a boyfriend for that, don’t you? I mean who’ll marry you?




I-I suppose. Why?



I suppose I should quit beating around the bush. I find you irresistibly attractive and I was wondering…Would you fancy being my girl?



Are you asking me out?




Yes, I guess I am.



But aren’t you married? I mean, you have a son and–



No, Carmine. I am not married. I am a widower.




Oh, Will! Yes!


He kisses her hand after he gently takes it in his own. Their meal is brought to them and they eat in silence. end of scene.






RTZ: Act 2, Scene 6

Scene 6: The preset date of departure. John’s office. John is sitting in front of his computer, reviewing something.


John’s Voice


To date, we have brought down many of the smaller threats that has brought this country to its knees. We have also brought down many of the top threats as well. I have intimidated dignitaries and world leaders…and even a President. I don’t scare anymore and that scares everyone. Threats of death have no effect on me. In essence, I have nothing to lose.


Jennie enters John’s office and sits on the desk.



Whater you watching?



Eepisode three of “Pennies”. I’m reviewing it for inconsistencies.



Is there?



No. Looks pretty good so far. Pennies From Heaven is going to be an amazing series. Too bad I won’t be around to see the last episodes.



I am pretty sure that whoever you get to take it over will do fine.



Yeh, Me too.



Have anyone in mind?



For the entertainment business?






Sure do. And I believe I have also found who will be training her.




Oh? Who?



Tawnie Lee. And you are going to train her.






teenager. One I can identify with. She is bullied and teased. I was done the same way when in school. That was why her mother asked me to mentor her.



So you are handing her your entertainment business.




Yes. But you get both this business and the incubator. After all, I have been training my replacement for the past month. I figured that you and your sister could handle this operation. That was why I recommended her for the London office.



Did you look at the last files?



Sure did. 








Everything looks good. I think it’s time for the takedown.



I’ll go inform the board.



This is your baby. Go wow them.

(looks up at her)

I taught you well.


She gets up and goes around to where he is sitting. She puts her arms around him from behind. He leans back and they kiss. He watches her leave, then returns to what he is doing. A few minutes later, the phone rings.



(picking up the phone and putting it to his ear)


(listens for a few seconds)

Yes Todd? Yes you can come in and talk to me. Ok. See you in a few.

(hangs up the phone. sits back for a minute and looks at the time)

Almost time. Just a few more minutes.


time seems to pass rather quickly as a pain hits. Todd appears in his office doorway. 



Hey, dad. Are we ready?



(a tear coming to his eye)

One more minute.

(types a quick reply email and hits send.)

Now, I am ready.

(stops in apprehension momentarily)

You called me dad.




Mom would’ve wanted it that way.  Besides. I stopped in here while you were out earlier. Jennie told me about you and mom’s plan to get me back. Only a dad would fight for a child.

(looks at John questioningly)

Why aren’t you taking Jennie with you?



She belongs here. In this time. Not with us in the past.






Besides. I can find us someone to complete the family when we get to where we’re going. It’s more practical that way.



Won’t you miss her?




Sure I will. She’s been wonderful. But she also made the sacrifice so that we could go do things to make sure that things turn out different.



In other words, she gave you up so we could go get you and mom together before you met this round.




Pretty much.

(looks at Todd)

But we have other things to do as well.



Like set up the organization.






(smiles, looks at John)

Then let’s do this.

(he grabs John’s hand)


The room around them vanishes. End of scene. 


End of Act 2




An Author’s Gripe

I remember reading an article where a “fan” of the fantasy genre stated that fantasy was getting too predictable. They complained about every fantasy novel or short story having the same plot devices such as prophecies, magic, a mission that the protagonist(s) had to perform, etc. and asked why fantasy writers couldn’t come up with anything original. I was irritated after reading the article and though ‘if they want a fantasy story without those elements, then why didn’t they try writing the story they wanted?’

Then I realized that those who gripe the loudest are the very ones who couldn’t write a fantasy story to save their lives. Yes, they can always point out what is wrong, in their opinion, with how a story is written.

Novel Idea # 1: Hey book critics: If you can’t stand the standard fantasy novel plots, why not come up with a few new plots, try to write a story around them, then submit them to see if they actually work?

I’ll bet you would find it isn’t half as easy to formulate a story if you removed the very elements that make fantasy what it is. Write a fantasy story without a central prophecy. Write it without magic or an element of mysticism. Take the quest out of it. Go ahead.

I’ll guarantee you that, by the time you are done, you will not have a fantasy story. You will have just a regular, bland, run-of-the-mill allegory with absolutely no point or direction.

Novel Idea # 2: Try to understand that fantasy is known as fantasy simply because the plots aren’t necessarily believable, realistic, or without magic or mysticism.

In fantasy, as with science fiction, there are only a handful of plots or plot devices. what good would sci-fi be without interstellar travel or something scientifically more advanced than modern day? The same goes with fantasy.  fantasy would not be the same if it wasn’t built around some long ago era or based on a world vaguely similar to our own, yet either less developed or more savage. It does not hold up without magic and or prophecy.

Think about it. What are key “concerns” in modern culture? Is it not our aversion to magic, even though we are drawn to it, and yet our obsessive fascination with prophecy–which,  in its own right, is still a form of perceived magic? In our own little way, we sate our desire for fantasy through our modern fixation with prophecy-both in a religious sense and a secular sense.

Novel Idea # 3: Fantasy is fantasy because it cannot be believed, not because it resembles reality.

Fantasy allows the reader to escape from reality, not relive it. It is designed, much like science fiction, to take the reader to other worlds and times, not to remind them of the world around them. It isn’t supposed to be believable. nor is it supposed to reflect reality in any way. It is fantasy simply because it is what all fantasize about: magic powers, mystic journeys, fulfilling a mission or a personal prophecy, etc. Why try to change it?

Novel Idea # 4: Finally, if you are that disgusted with, or hate fantasy that much, why not try another genre?

I will tell you, if you don’t like fantasy’s plot devices and themes, you will not like science fiction for all the same reasons. After all, both science fiction and fantasy rely on two or three different plot devices that have remained unchanged since they were created and every story seems somewhat predictable, if you have studied plots and plot devices.

Go read romance, erotica, Christian Fiction, horror, or detective novels. Oh, wait. All genres rely on three or four central plots/plot devices. it is just how writing is done. deal with the familiar and change as little about the formulation as possible.

In conclusion, I guess what I am trying to say is this: before you gripe about how a book is written, try writing one yourself as you would want it written so you can see whether it would work or not. Otherwise, don’t bitch. Authors write what they see in their minds, not according to what other believe it should be.

Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down, Chapter Nine: Sandblasted Skin

“But why Didn’t you intervene?” I am demanding what I instantly realize has always been a forbidden answer. His reaction surprises me.

He looks down, then back up at me. “Have you not been listening to a damn thing I have been saying?”

I am taken aback. “Wh-what do you mean?”

He glares at me. “I cannot get involved. Ever. It is my people’s solemn vow. No matter my feelings, I cannot save or fight for anyone. Even though I love you as a daughter, I cannot protect you.”

I wrinkle my nose. “But you saved me that day…”

He smiles. “Do not take advice for actually helping you. You could have done the opposite, the normal thing for a child of your age at that time, and not listened. Yet, you did. Something a Grigori would do. Sure, you questioned my reasoning, but that is normal for any member of the brethren. Had you not been the one, you would have ignored what I said altogether. You didn’t, marking you as the one.

I look down, ashamed of my demands. “So it was all about freewill. Not about actually being safe.”

He is still smiling. “It was both. Just as your path depends on both. Of course, that is over simplifying things a bit, but you understand.”

I look up, confused. “Not really.”

He sighs. “You’re hopeless.” He chuckles. “It isn’t about you protecting yourself. That isn’t the safety I am speaking of. Sacrifice calls for one to give up their own safety to ensure that of others. At the same time, the early years were about your safety. We were protecting you so that you would survive long enough to take up your mission, the reason you were born. Now, many are making sure that you remain to finish that mission.

“Some have sacrificed themselves. Others fight the battles that seems impossible to win. It is all to ensure that the end is seen to by you.”

“Let me try to explain.” the voice emerges from the darkness, a sweet syrupy female voice with dark and mysterious overtones. “A woman can often explain what a man finds nearly impossible.”

“Khali!” His exclamation is breathed, as if in reverence. He bows, almost as if he is standing before a goddess.

She steps into the fire light, her weathered, sandblasted skin showing black against the glare. “Child. You are one of us. But you must understand that there are castes within our people.”

I look at her blankly. “Castes?”

She smiles sweetly. “Groups. Each of those groups are bound by laws. You are Archis, like me, yet new blood. This means you are like me, yet part human. Angel is Scriboi, or a scribe. His caste has neutrality laws, prohibiting him from fighting for your life or even intervening in events despite his personal desires. You,on the other hand, are not bound by such rules or laws. Nor am I. I am, however bound by the laws of my own caste, which forbids me to do anything but command warriors in war…at least until there is no war to be waged. This does not mean that I like what I do. It is simply what I was born to do. I am death incarnate, as are my fellow commanders.

“You were born to destroy the Sabbath Stones. When you do, you will also end the need for war, and the life of Kalkolides. That is your mission. Your path. Angel could no more save you than he could complete your mission for you. He records. That is all he is allowed to do.”

I look away. I now know all I need to. She has not stopped smiling.

Angel ends the silence. “I can tell that she is still concerned about McCall and Truva.”

Khali’s smile fades, but there is a tender look upon her face. “No need to worry. McCall and Truva can fight their own battles. They have for millennia before you were born. They will be around millennia after your mission is finished.”

Again, she has put worries to rest with a vague admittance of their existence. So they are not dead as I feared. Good. I hope we can one day fight side by side again.

“I see.” It is all I can say at the moment.

“I know.” She turns away.Then she adds an unexpected invitation. “Call upon my name if you are ever in need. I shall come to your aid.”

I nod, but she does not see. She vanishes into the darkness once again. I will never get used to her doing that. I will never get used to her. Either she comes to me in a dream, or she appears out of the dark.

Angel sees my reticence. ” She is like that, Cris. She is a part of the night. That is why vampires fear her. The two of you really are kindred spirits. The vampires see this and fear it. It would do you good to remember what she said.”

I look away, into the darkness. “I just miss McCall and Truva.”

He smiles sadly. “I know. But they will come full circle when the time is right. They had to leave. You were ready to go on alone. their time with you was up.”

I swallow, a lump of guilt coming into my throat. “I know.”

Tears well up in my eyes. No. No. There is no time for tears. Not right now. Maybe later.

Angel see. “Do not refuse to mourn. Even knowing that they are still alive.”

I look into his eyes. “I will mourn in my own way.”

He shrugs. “Have it your way.”

I watch him open my haversack and drop a few unseen items into it, then draw the strings closed. I ponder what he might’ve put in there, but ask him nothing. “I have to go.”

“Have it your way.” He shrugs again. “Just remember, you will never go alone.”

I smile, despite myself. “I know.”

New Year’s Resolutions II: The Annual Fictional Resolutions

This past year has been strange. I have been so far from home for so long, I have forgotten what home was like. Many of us fled from earth and the Solar System at the collapse of the social order. Thank God we had the technology to do so. As war enveloped the earth, and spread to the other colonies, We decided to abandon all hope of peace there and find ourselves a new home. But was it worth it? Only time will tell.

On with my resolutions.

1. To find my diary. It contains all my memories of home. I want to remember it as it was, before the fall.

2. To find that special someone. Mom says it isn’t good to be a single woman in the colony. But no one has struck my fancy yet. Besides. I have a few years before I am too old to marry and have children.

3. To find true happiness. New Earth is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. It just lacks something sincere.

4. To find true peace. Whatever form it might take.

5. To return to Earth and see what has become of those we left behind. I left behind so many friends and loved ones. My Billy was left behind, fighting for Earth’s survival. I wonder what he looks like now. Or if he is even still alive.

6. To wander the universe, alone, for a while. Everyone needs a little time away.

7. Answers to all my questions. I know this is being unrealistic, but it would be nice.

8. To experience everything to its fullest.

9. To live each day to its fullest.

10. To be the best I can be to everyone, every day.

11. To get back into shape. This year, I have been lax in exercising. I have put off going to the gym, jogging in the park, and just taking daily walks. No more. I want to fit into my size five dress again when I get married.

12. To quit eating so much chocolate. Oh, and all other candy. Mom says I am sweet enough.

13. To eat more nutritiously.

14. To give more to others. Generosity is key to success.

15. To expect less out of others.

16. To lower my standards where possible suitors are concerned. No one will ever live up to Billy. Why must I continue to make them?

17. To seek out every opportunity to gaze at the stars. They are so beautiful here on New Earth. And much clearer and closer. So wonderful.

18. To explore beyond the bubble. The wilds beyond are so inviting.

19. To finish my biology and meta-science degrees. I am in my last year as a student. Next year, I will be able to accompany the teams out into the field.

20. And finally, I resolve to quit resolving to do things on every New Year. It is unbecoming of a young lady, or so papa says, to promise herself to do things and never actually do them.

These are my New Year’s resolutions for this coming year. May all happiness and peace descend upon New Earth. And may both find you, wherever you are.


Final note: word was received from Earth upon the New Year. Civilization had fallen finally. Billy had been tried and convicted, long ago (three centuries), of war crimes and executed. Wars raged on for a century or two until all semblance of culture and civility were gone, leaving savages to roam the Earth. Seems I will not be going back to Earth. Home no longer exists.

The message received, had been sent at the very end of the wars. It had been sent by the only ones left who knew how to operate the communication equipment. Then, when power failed, all messages ceased. I can’t believe that I have been away from Earth for three hundred years! Of course, We were all in stasis until just a year from our destination.