The Morrow Family Saga…

Below, you will see ten links . Yes, the first series is done. I will also be re-releasing a better version (fancier appearance, indented paragraphs,etc…) of books 1-3 over the next week as well. I will likely edit and re-release series 2, book 1.












This last book ends series 1. Stay tuned for updates on series 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10.

What I’m Up To

If anyone reads this, I need to make an announcement. Right now, I am holding a book release party for Soldiers of Leaves by Blamah Moore. I would love to see you all there. We are giving fun facts about Liberia as a way to celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day (the reason I chose to have the release party today and all weekend long.). Please feel free to join us at


Shameless Promotion


Since I haven’t had much time to write on my WIP, I will take the time to shamelessly promote My recent releases.

And last, but not least…a book I believe everyone should read. I edited and published this book for a dear friend of mine:

This last book is not heavily edited. I used a minimalist approach to editing to avoid removing the narrator’s voice from the story. While I fixed the grammar, punctuation, paragraph/sentence structure, and spelling–I did not Americanize or Anglicise the speech patterns. I felt that it would destroy the feel of the book.

How I Charge For Ghostwriting or Editing

Although I have a single devoted client, one client does not pay the bills. As an author, neither does my current lineup of books. Though this boggles my mind, due to the reviews I have received, perhaps it shouldn’t. This means that I have to find other clients to help add to what I bring in from my main client.

While I understand that most newbies and struggling authors cannot afford a huge sum of money-as far as cost goes-I also know that you cannot undercharge or you will not make enough to do much good. With this said, below are my fees.


up to 7000 words-$35

up to 8,000 words-$40

9000 words-$45

10,000 words-$50

anything above 10,000-add $5/1000 words.

In other words, if you want a 50,000 word total, you would be paying a total of $250.  Yes, I know that this a rather high price, but I doubt that I will actually be doing more than 10,000 word totals. Just realize, though, if you were to pay me to do 50,000 words, you would get an extremely well written manuscript that would be well worth your money. I never do anything half-assed.



I do co-write for free, no matter what type of project it is, as long as I get writing credit. If you want me to write for your magazine, I expect to be paid a fair wage/salary and to be paid in a timely manner. Don’t promise payment, then back out or renege on the promised payment. I don’t have time to play games or wait forever for payment. Like you, I have bills. All I ask is all to be timely on payment and to be fair.

I will also proof read, beta, critique and review your work for free. All reviews, if of a book or music (or movie), appear here on the blog. critiques, proofed material, or beta’d material will not. I will, however, plug anything I have beta’d,critiqued, proofed, or edited as “books to look for”. Promotion here is free.

Before I Forget….

For those who are wanting a free e-version of my books, “The Faust Syndrome” has been free all day today and will be free again tomorrow on Amazon. (it should have the new cover now.)

“Mexican Radio And Other Short Stories, Volumes I and II” are both free on Smashwords.

Get them while they are free for the next two weeks.

Recap Of The Year: My Books…”The Faust Syndrome”

Ah, here is the most beautiful of all my books. The most terrifying, the most amazing, the first of my newest traditions: the Halloween horror story. Yes, Folks, I intend to write only one of these a year, each around Halloween. And this is the first. May I be able to add to the terror I began with this one…


Recap For The Year: My Books–Mexican Radio And Other Short Storiesw, Vol. I

My first published work of this year which, with Vol. II, originally started out as a single book. This one has my first ever vampire story (passed up by a vampire mag because my character was a monk as well as a vampire) which also seems to be my most popular. It also spans from 1993 to 2012 in content.

links: ( e-book)