…What Am I Doing?

Recently, a good friend of mine made mention that he would like to team up with me and write his memoirs. I accepted. I am now fully engaged in the writing thereof. I am also fully engaged in a media blitz in support of the forthcoming book.

To expand on the story. I am friends with several musicians. Some of them are legends in their own right.

Among these legends stands Mr.Carlo Casanova. For those of you who do not know who he is, I will explain. Carlo Casanova is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Psycho Sin, the founders of noise core.

But he is also so much more. He is also an ex-wrestler with quite a career. But this is just the shell of the story I am engaged in putting on paper.


An update

Ok, so maybe my little ‘thought of the day’ confused you. It was literally a lead in for a strange little project I have been entertaining for a while. I tried to start it before, but it….lacked something. But now, I believe I have figured out exactly what was missing.

There is a line from the Bible that has stuck in my head for years, and it had me wondering. Even as a child. About everything I was taught.

There is nothing new under the sun. Taking this as the lead for what I had written earlier today, think. Hard. About all that you have been taught to accept.

If there is nothing new under the sun, then everything we are experiencing-technology, scientific discoveries, archeological discoveries that challenge our long held traditions-these have all happened before in some manner. In much the same way.  But how many times?

When did it all begin? has this happened a limited number of times? Or has it been an infinite loop? And what of religion? is it just a recycled reboot of something so ancient that the truth is no longer discernible from myth?

I know, I know. I am allowing my imagination run away with me. Or am I? I only request my readers to do one thing here: to keep an open mind and admit that we, as humans do not know it all. I do tend to challenge long held beliefs and traditions. Why? Because it is the only way to learn, It is the only way to discover the truth at the core of it all.

You see, I believe that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We know that the Earth is billions (trillions) of years old. We also know that recent history, that history we do know is still a bit incomplete. OK, more than a bit. We also know that there are fossil records now that date  humanity in the millions of years, age-wise. Of course, we also know that the Earth tends to erase records more than a few billion years old while making a new record for some possible future generation (if Earth is still in existence) to puzzle over after this age is over.

With all this said, I now reveal my project. I am going to begin writing a series of entries-a smattering of science faction, science fiction, and fantasia-to explore possibilities of my current line of thought. These entries will be in the forms of journal entries dated from different time periods (before known history, before this age) with differing POV (points of view). My purpose will be to piece together a theory, a workable one, of possible histories.

No, I am not going to explore evolution or creation. I am simply going to address this phrase that states: There’s nothing new under the sun.I will follow several timelines, possibly between 7,000 and 20,000 years in length, that will follow civilizations from beginning to end. When I wrap it up, I will also begin exploring another possible hidden piece of history. But I will leave the explanation of that for later.

RTZ: Act 1, Scene 2

Scene 2: Four years earlier. John is working at a gas station . This is evident by the clothes he is wearing…and the jacket. He is sitting in a recliner checking a singles site. He is about to delete his account when he notices a single message. It reads “Hugs”. His first initial reaction is to ignore and erase it, but he instinctively leaves it. 


John’s Voice


I guess I should start at the very beginning. I was on my second year as a free man, my divorce having been granted, and searching for a quick fuck. I admit that I didn’t want a lasting relationship at that moment. But something told me that destiny waited. At the time, I lived in my mother’s house as caretaker of the property. She had moved out to the farm with her new boyfriend and had secretly married. I had a roomie named Dean, who brought his girlfriends home with him from time to time, and he had been encouraging me to reenter the dating world. I’d already made a fool of myself with one of the clerks at the Post Office and had a failed “date” with a young lady at the movies. I sat with my laptop on my lap, looking through the messages from dating sites with a failing hope of finding anyone when I saw her message to me.

“Hugs”. That was all it said. And all I could do was sit there looking at it in disbelief. My first reaction was to ignore and erase, but I left it and went on with my day. Still, I could not get it out of my mind.


Dean enters the front door of the house into the living room. Dean is a 20-something hard body model-type who works as a nurse’s aid.  John is sitting in a recliner and looks up at him.



I had a message on one of the dating sites. Should I answer it?



(seemingly shocked)

Should you answer it?


Sure! what’ll it hurt?

(with a bit of interest)

What did it say?



It simply stated “Hugs”.



(raising an eyebrow approvingly)

Sounds interesting. Our little boy has someone interested.

(changing the subject)

I am going to go back and get what rest I can. Nikki is coming over later to meet up with me. She might be dying my hair.




Not  problem. See you when you get up. Oh. By the way. Today is my day off. thought I would get a little bit done on my latest book.


Dean gives John the “thumbs up” sign and wanders back to an unseen room. John logs back into the dating site and finds the message. 

(muttering to himself)

Kandy. Kandy. Kandy. Ah there you are.

(clicks on “reply” and begins typing)

Hugs back. Cordially, John.


John’s Voice


I had already worked for the station through the previous winter and was now working on the early spring. I would radian at the station until the following May, when she and I would get married…but that was still a ways off. I still had no clue how destiny was about to play her hand.

As an author, I had already written a total of seven books. Of these, I was fighting to regain rights to the first three. I was now working on the ninth books and the third series I had started. Every book I wrote began life on my blog in serial form, so publishing seemed to push me to my limits at times. Throughout the year 2015, I would publish a total of ten books.

Of course, I kept in contact with several of my fellow authors, but lost contact with one who had been suffering with cancer. I would not learn her fate for two years. After that, it would be a race to acquire her books…a race, sadly, that I would fail.

A few minutes pass and Dean emerges from his hidden room. he is carrying a liter bottle of Dr. Pepper.




I couldn’t sleep. Going out to smoke. Wanna join?



(placing his computer on a small craft table and getting up)

Sure. not to smoke, but I’ll come out and talk.





The two friends exit the house. Dean sits down on a tin folding chair just outside the door, near a “butt can” and under a bug zapper. He sits his bottle of pop down and takes out a pack of cigarettes (Marlboro Black and Reds, 100s) pulls a cigarette from the pack and puts the pack back in his pocket. He searches for and finds his lighter, removing it from his pocket, and lights his cigarette. He looks up at John.

What you got planned for the day?




Work around here, a little writing, and a lot of rest.



Typical “day off” shit.




Pretty much.


Do you need my help?



(shakes head)

Not really.




Just curious. What did you respond back to that woman who sent you a message?




“Hugs back”. Seemed appropriate.


Scene fades to black as narration begins, heralding the end of scene.


John’s Voice


Kandy would message me back at least six more times before we exchanged emails and cell numbers. We would grow extremely close as friends over a very short time, confiding in each other when we each needed comfort. I would learn that she was married to a very abusive husband who was ill and needed to be put in a home. I would also learn that she was needing time to “get away from it all”.

I would suggest that she come and spend a couple of weeks with me so she could clear her head. She would take me up on my offer, arriving on the day after my birthday…her flight having been a nightmare and delaying her a day from her originally planned arrival on my birthday. What was supposed to last only two weeks became the rest of her short life.


End of scene.


I started a competition

I posted a single ad of sorts on a “comic book artists seeking commissions” Facebook page seeking an artist to do the covers for a couple of projects. I didn’t expect a single reply. Instead, I have six to choose from. I think I will pay them all for their idea for the cover of Dreams I’ll Never See, and then post them here for you all to vote on. What do y’all think of them apples?


On Changing Gender, Eating BBQ Beef Pizza, And New Year’s

Ok, so not literally on the gender thing. But you might have noticed that the character used for NR II was female. And, as inferred, she was supposed to be young. Twenty-ish. I find it fun to switch from male to female every now and then. Keeps things fresh.

Tonight, as a treat to myself, I bought BBQ beef pizza. I have a Casey’s gift card, so I could finally afford it. I do not eat out very often, so I ordered out and ate in. It was good. I ate it all. Not often I eat the whole thing. But…I could afford to tonight. tomorrow or Friday, I will have to go pick up a few sandwiches with the last bit of what is left…and maybe a box of cereal.

Finally, Happy New Year! May your year be filled with happiness and joy. May you all prosper and make good on every resolution you have made…if you have made any at all. If you are like me, you don’t. Well, not really. I never seem to reach my lofty goals.

I am lucky to just get something into print. Which reminds me. Keep your eye out for the announcement on the releases of the following:

The Hell Patrol Saga, episodes one through four.

Angel Of Death Books one through five (you have watched them take shape here)

The Badlands saga, episodes three through six

and the last three parts to Narratives Of A Dry Vampire.

I have many other releases planned, but these are the first in line along with

Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy Revealed (all 45 episodes I have finished).

#340: This New Storyline….

So, as you have all probably figured out, I have begun the backstory to “Bad Company”. I had been asked by my German friend, Nadja, to continue the story, but I decided to start at the beginning first. I have two more novellas scheduled at the beginning of the series, then five to be written after “Company”. Each book will be independent of one another and be able to stand alone as a book, so it isn’t like you will have to start all over again.

Of Course, I may cut the last book off the list, but am not sure at the moment. Right now, all I am sure of is the first three “prequels” and at least two more at the end of the series…even though I have a list of titles ready to go. I had already, sort of, made up my mind about the prequel stories, because as I was writing “Bad Company”, I realized that I was leaving you-the reader-hanging. Yes, I fed you bits of Cris’ past, but not enough to really give you a taste of what went on.

As you see, I have begun the dark and demented trip into her past/present (past, if you are going on “Bad Company”. present in this book.). As you will also notice, I have returned to the same plot device I used for half of “Company”. I am also speaking in the present tense and her voice again, since it is her story.

Even more interesting was Nadja’s request that I write a story about the Sisterhood. I will have to come up with a handful of stories to tie in with this series, but need time to think on them. So, I will give you chapters to “Dreams” until I have it finished. I may go on to the next “prequel”, I don’t know. Or, I may write the book that comes after “Company”. Or, just to make it interesting, I may do the first book about the Sisterhood. Just depends on where I am at on this.

At the same time, I need to finish the next collection of stories as well. Yes, I like being busy. The more I get done, the more I have to offer. The more stories you will have to read. It’s a definite win-win.