My publication plans are always made so that I can change them. Although I wanted to release another collection of short stories, I am going to have to put it off until I can rewrite and edit a handful of those stories to be offered. This means that a few of the other “projects” and finished boks get a chance to get published first.

What I am saying is that Angel of Death: The Crystal Ship and The Morrow Family Saga, 1980: Once Around the Ride will be the first books out. I will also release book three of Tales from the Renge: The Prophecy as well.  I will also be returning to the first series in The Morrow Family Saga. the idea is to write the next three books in that series (1950’s series) so that the majority of the series is done.

At the same time, I will also be returning to Seasons, writing Summertime, the next chapter in the love story of Matt Morrow and his new wife, Amanda. Happiness is on its way for the pair as are a series of surprises. Once I get done with these adventures, I am returning to Angel of Death for a few more stories (to push closer to the end), then do a book each in the rest of the serieses in The Vampire Wars. Call it trying to build my bibliography up, but I want to get as deep into as many serieses as I can as quickly as I can.

I guess what I am trying to say is that not being able to write a lot is driving me insane.


It’s Been Awhile…

Sorry for the silence. Been busy getting the next collection of stories ready to be published. My first project for the year is another collection, Babylon Rising and Other Stories, before heading into any novella. With this said, I do have a few questions:

  1. With the series Seasons, I am thinking of splitting the season of “Summer” into more than one book creating a longer series. This means that there will be at least four sections. The problem is coming up with enough book titles (song titles used as book titles) to cover them all.  Any Suggestions after Summertime, Summertime Blues, and Indian Summer?
  2. After I am finished with the short story collection, I want to begin work on The Vampire Wars, but not sure what “chapter” (series) to start with. While I have an idea about the beginning of the tale (The House Kolbedides), I realize that the beginning would be the longest part of the whole saga, spanning billions of years of Earth/universe time, and be more time consuming than any other. While I have the first book of Voodoo started, I have to go back and rewrite all that I have done, thus changing the overall tone and voice of the book. At the same time, I have the beginning of The Sisterhood done…well, at least the first chapters of the first book. Or what I believed to be the first book. Now, I believe that I need to begin the story at the beginning, and this means that I would have to start a new book…putting the one I began more toward the middle or near the end of the series. Any thoughts? Should I begin at the very beginning of the saga? Or more toward the middle? I have already begun the end by writing what I have of  the Angel of Death series. I want to reveal the beginning or middle while I finish writing the end.
  3. I also had a thought. It has been a while since I wrote my last horror novella. I had originally intended to write more to go with The Faust Syndrome, but it seems perfect as is. I also had plans to write a little something inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, but stalled out on my Middle Eastern flavored attempts so I set the project aside. Looking at it now, I believe i was starting at the end…namely, taking the characters to hell first, the way Dante started. I am thinking of reversing the order to make it much darker.  Your thoughts?

Yes, I know I ask a lot of questions. But I am working on my 2017 “to-do” list. If I spin it just right, I can finish the first books for each decade in The Morrow Family Saga, start most of the chapters (serieses) withing The Vampire Wars, and complete the series Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy. I also intend to write more of the Daniel Hargis series…but not release it until the Holidays that lay at the center of each novella. (holidays left: New Year’s, St. Patrick’s, Mardis Gras, St. Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day.) I do not want to write the story based around Independence Day until I do a Halloween book  I may do St. Patrick’s, St. Valentine’s,Mardis Gras, Easter, and Halloween this year and leave Independence Day for next year. Or I may leave half of the remaining series until next year. Not sure yet.

No More Poetry

I have successfully started the poetry blog. from now on, all poetry I write will appear there instead of here. With that said, I will begin writing-again-on Laughing now that I have gone back to having one class to worry about.

I am also toying with the idea of picking up, again, on The Devil just to give myself a break from The Morrow Family Saga for a while. After I finish The Devil, I will probably do two more books in Angel Of Death as well as The Morrow Family Saga. I am also thinking about continuing the Seasons series by writing Summer Time.

Until next time, see ya in the funny papers.


Let The 1950s Begin…

…and I am not talking the Happy Days, Leave It To Beaver, Or I Love Lucy where everything was whitewashed and idyllic and the Cold War was nonexistent. I am talking “the Read Scare”, Cold War, “duck and cover”, and the era where fallout shelters were the norm. Where suspected communists were the latest in witch hunts and many innocent lives were destroyed through legislation just because the leaders were scared of their own shadows.

Yes, that span of time that followed WWII where Nazis were no longer the threat, but Communists were. Russia was seen as the mean mean greenie that we had to fight and their minions were all over the place, including right next door. It was a decade where anyone could lose it all just based on one simple thing: an accusation of being communist.

It was the decade that led to the free love and hippie movement that overran the sixties, the decadence of the seventies and the doldrums of the Reagan era. Not everything was so idyllic. History, it seems, has been hidden behind a facade of false peace and naivete.

Hand Me Down World starts the ball rolling with the very beginning of the Morrows’ saga with the political backdrop that threatened over half the country’s population with deportation for accusations backed by falsified proof. the leaders forgot one thing, though. In a witch hunt, the hunter soon becomes what they hunt.

This cruise through the 50s will help you, those of you who followed Matt’s story, understand the underlying convictions he has. These events, while not directly a part of his life, do have an impact on him. Just as will the events that happen in the next few decades.

I believe that I will do each beginning book, as I finish the book before it. That way, I can get you somewhat up to speed on Matt’s real story…not his alcohol-addled memories.

So Ends “Whispers”…

We have finally reached the end of Whispers. What did you think? Was it good? Or was it a disappointment? When I pick up the story nine months from now, it will be nearly a year into their marriage. From now until then, I will be posting the Morrow Family Saga starting with Hand Me Down World and the life of Natalia Morrow…Matt’s mother. Month by month, if time allows, I will be releasing each of the first books to each series within the saga. Sound good?

Sadly, The Seasons series will be taking a short vacation, allowing me to make the story more interesting. Hope y’all like what’s coming next…

About “Whispers”….

I have come to a decision. I am cutting about thirty chapters from Whispers. this is due to the fact that the main part of the story is basically complete. The plan have been made, the reservations set, the cake decided on, the dresses and tuxes taken care of…and the guests invited. Now, I need to get on with the wedding and the honeymoon.

I have decided that I am going to end the book with them going on their honeymoon. When Summertime picks the story up (won’t be written until next year or later on this year, enough time for six to nine months to pass…long enough for the first child to be conceived and almost ready to be born) they will be expecting their first child. I intend to split the book into three parts to follow the growth of their family. Autumn is to be the end of their story, filled with both sadness and finality.

I have decided to do it this way in order to give myself time to get done with a few of the books in the Morrow Family Saga. I also intend to return to Angel Of Death and a few other unfinished projects as well and get them finished and ready for publication.

My Plans…

I have a lot planned. First is this. I want to catch all current stories up to where the first two are. That means that I will be stopping, temporarily, on Whispers, Hand Me Down World, and Do you Miss Me Darlin’ so that I can pull the other four up to where they are at the same spot, chapter-wise. This way, the stories are all even and I do not have to worry about falling too far behind with any of them.

Secondly, I am going back to school. I need a better job than what I currently do and I am going back for a BS in Entertainment Business. With a side of screenwriting/creative writing to further add to my amazing abilities (said tongue-in-cheek). After I receive my BS, I may decide to go further and get my Master’s. I don’t know yet. Baby steps.

Thirdly, I am going to possibly release the first book of each successive series all at, or around, the same time. This will get the story started for others. I hope. Sound good? I hope so.

Finally, I am beginning the preparations to begin the second books in each series. I have named the overall story The Morrow Family Saga. If I have already said that last part, I apologize. I won’t do it again.