Mystic Me

Yesterday, I learned much about who I am. I am always learning, though. It seems that I am not simply a Gnostic, but am a mystic. I believe in so much more than simply the inner journey.

For those of you who do not understand mysticism and mystics, let me give you a short list of our beliefs.

As a mystic:











(source of list:

I am not comfortable with rites and rituals, or physical pursuits associated with “belief”. I feel that belief is based upon inexorable truth that is not necessarily a tangent quantity, but adds quality to one’s life. Belief has nothing to do with deeds, nor do deeds have anything to do with belief. Someone who does, with expectations of return, do not believe in anything except self.

Life is about experience, nothing else. One must experience every aspect to understand or gain wisdom and insight. Until one experiences, they cannot understand or fathom the fullness of what is around us. In order to experience, you must question existence. Why do we exist? What is our purpose? And most of all, you must value intuition. This does not means that you make the best choices every time (oh, God no), but you know that you often pay the price for second guessing that intuition.

Life is uncertain. It has only been recently, the last 10-15 years, that I have been able to fully become comfortable with this fact. Tomorrow is never promised to us, only today. We must do all that we can, all the positive we can (never negative), within that one day. And even that single day is an uncertainty.

I had to walk away from organized religion for two reasons. The first was the rigid dogma, which states that one must physically follow a certain path (without explaining that one must first change the inner self so that the walk is more pure) in order to be something. My discomfort with hierarchy/rites and rituals made it impossible to sit in a church.

The second reason I walked away was because I had to set my own rules. I do this through exploring the truth and implementing it in my life, which leads to internal growth. I see everyone as being sent to us as an example of what we, as individuals, must change within ourselves. We cannot change those around us, but we can change ourselves.

beyond this, I have always believed that humanity, of and by itself, has no power of its own. We are a collective that is connected to one another through nature and are powered by the universal power to do good and to better the world we are born into. We cannot better the world through condemning it, but through serving as examples and positive forces within it.

I also believe that love is the source of life. Without love, we are empty and dead, though we physically exist. By love, I do not mean the physical attraction to the opposite gender (or same gender as per preference) but rather the love that leads us to understand, accept, and have true compassion upon all without expectations. Without this love, we are nothing.

Finally, I do not know everything. I am always learning. And what I learn, I tend to share with you. I work toward a better understanding of the world and the universe…and ultimately, the meaning of life and our purpose here. After all, life is about learning and growing, not about sitting in place and staying the same. Progress can only be found by moving forward, not going in reverse. Enlightenment is found through diligence and realizing that we cannot remain in ignorance if we seek to be wise.

And, as always, I remain your humble friend. Until the very end.


Alarming Trends/My Philosophical Views

There are several alarming trends within the Christian community which switches the professing “Christian” from being a follower of the entity they claim to follow to being the very antithesis of that precept and master. I have watched for well over twenty years as what had once been criticized for being too syrupy and kind became criticized for being too full of hate, greed, and malice.In essence, Christianity (or should I call it popular/secular Christianity?) has become very anti-Christian. basically, it has become the very beast, the Anti-Christ if you will, that they struggled so long and hard to keep from power.

Let me explain my view. If you have studied the actual content (not being told what to believe or how to interpret) of the Bible, there is a constant theme in both the OT and NT. The only difference is that the OT is more about learning how to love one’s neighbors and family, as well as the godhead, than anything else. Granted, some has some major violence attached, but when you look at the commandments and the laws given, they are instructions on what is included in loving those around you. thing like honor, respect, devotion, fair treatment, fair wages for workers (yes, this is even included in the OT and NT), truthfulness, honesty, mercy, defense of all, etc. are all a part of loving all.

And, yes, it starts at an early age with honoring/obeying (showing the utmost respect to) one’s parents and branches out to being kind and showing mercy to others. Yet, these commandments have equals within ancient law texts from other contemporary peoples. Take the code of Hammurabi for instance. at least two thirds of the “Ten Commandments” can be found within this ancient code as well as in the codex of Egyptian laws, not to mention nearly every code within the ancient Mesopotamian cultures. These are not unique laws, they are basic universal laws. Laws on how to be a part   of a society and remain at peace with your neighbor.

And yet, popular/secular Christianity would have you believe that they or “God” wrote these laws. Perhaps “God” did, but they are universal. Even the Greeks and Romans included many or these “laws” before they ever came into contact with Christianity or Judaism. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Find every history book that teaches about Hellenistic Greece or Republican Rome, as well as Mesopotamian city-kingdoms (and especially Babylon) and you will have your eyes opened.

This belief in their being the originators of the “Law of the land” is the first problem that has arisen over the last twenty years. This myth could not be further from the truth. The laws they lay claim to, as I have shown, were around centuries-millennia-before Christianity ever emerged.Their “laws” do not make them special or even set them apart. Hell. They stole their own laws from Judaism, from which Christianity emerged.

The next problem is their obsession with the physical. Money. Guns. Appearances. Physical adherence to the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. Obsession with “Converting” others physically, forgetting that their own hearts and minds are not truly converted.

An obsession with what others around them are doing physically, whether it is sexual preference or believing the same line of bullshit that they themselves believe. They obsess about color of skin, place of origin, or political inclination.

They hate anyone who is different when they were instructed to love all–no matter what. They oppress others, but claim that others are oppressing them. They want to control when they were called to be examples, not leaders. They oppose the leadership when they were instructed to support those in power. They chaser after riches when they were told to focus on Him (a man cannot serve two masters. Either he will love the one and hate the other, or he will attend the one and ignore the other…).

They ignore those laws that chastise them for sexual infractions they deem OK, but condemn others for being homosexual. Really? Incest and rape were both condemned in the OT commands, but are readily ignored by those claiming to “live as Christians”. They wage war without a second thought to “You shall not kill”, and yet will condemn a man for trying to defend himself against an attacker. They ignore “you shall not steal” and yet attempt to strip those who are needy, ill, elderly or children of much needed social help. They strive to destroy poor families in the name of “preserving” families, and yet will beat their own families.

This is the very antithesis of what they claim to believe. If you believe in Christ, you believe that you should love all, despite their personal tastes. You refrain from judging. you refrain from condemning. You refrain from oppression. You treat the alien and foreigner with respect and honor. You see all, despite the color of their skin, their system of belief, or their sexual preference as your brother and your equal. You realize that, no matter what sin you may perceive in others, you remain a sinner yourself and probably harbor greater sins and burdens than those you meet.

You have to remember that is it our burden, if we desire to prove our belief in Christ, to provide-without resentment or selfish desire of repayment-help for our poor, handicapped, ill, elderly and children. We should never differentiate between rich or poor. If you are rich and claim to follow, be willing to help your poor brother without grumbling.

Yes, I believe that modern Christianity, in its fervent desire to preserve itself and to become the major power, has become the very beast they feared for so long. They are the anti-Christ. Their hate,greed, selfishness, lack of compassion and mercy, and their very focus on the physical has made them so. They have earned every bit of criticism they have received.

“If a man says ‘I love God’, but hates his brother, he is a liar. For how can you love God whom you have not seen, but hate your brother whom you have?”  People. Each and every human being is a picture, the very image, of God. Even the Muslim next door or the homosexual you seem so turned off by at work. Black, white, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Wiccan, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, Voodoo, Arab, Native American, transgender, male, female, androgynous, rockers, classical musicians, homeless, rich, poor, young, old, ill, handicapped, in good health–we are all the image of God. He loved us all and allowed his son to die for us all. Stop making it a divisive thing. Quit insisting that we follow one path. In the end, we will all find that we were both right and wrong. None of us have all the answers. Hell. we don’t even have a tenth of the answers. Stop acting like you are the only ones who are right. if you hate, you cannot love. It is just that simple.


The Beast You Seek

His mark is not physical
No number is truly definitive
Of his claim
Yet all seek to see
What has no
Physical manifestation.

His mark upon the head
Is hate
Is greed
Is love of self
Is craving a god
Whose physical form
Is many.

His mark upon the hand
Is stains of blood
Sins of the flesh
Sins of the heart
Worked with the right hand
In the name of a God
Man has forgotten.

For the god that is craved
Is Legion
And it has no single form.
Yes, it is a pantheon
Of many desires
and many dooms.

The god can be as simple as
Laws from ages past
Whose hold is no longer of concern
For those who truly believe
For those laws are no longer
Something akin to an onus
But are a part of being compassionate human beings
Forever seeking to refrain from harming others.

The god can be guns
Weapons of death
Of pain
Of a false defense
Whose cold embrace only deepens the gulf
Between man and his neighbor.

The god can be riches and fame
Those harsh dual masters
Who rule the heart with coldness
Leaving their worshiper just as empty
As the day they began their worship.

The god can be an outward show
Of moral uprightness
That hides the truth beneath a whitewashed sheet
Of lies and illusion
That fools the wearer into believing
That they no longer have to work upon their own heart.

The god can be rites and rituals
That have lost their true meaning
Over the millennia
While Man replaced all meaning
With selfish motives.

The god can be one’s fear
causing them to strike out
At those they do not understand
Waging little wars
In feigned self-defense
All the while
Still bowing to the Beast.

The god can be a juxtaposition
Of self over an entity that
Has no real definitive form
Shape, color, creed, or gender
But is both above us
And so far beyond us
That we could never begin
To understand its true nature
Because we have lost our way
And forgotten about the true world
That world that lies beneath this physical realm.

Indeed, that god can be anything that has taken the place of
The one true deity
Whether it be one’s irrational hate, born of ignorance and fear
One’s insatiable greed
One’s jealousy
One’s envy
Or whatever may fill one’s heart or head.

These gods
The marks of the Beast
Are what marks the head, heart and right hands
Of those who serve the beast.
It is not a mere sequence of numbers,
It is the deeds and thoughts
Yes, the very things
Those who bow to him
Worship as they also worship him.

And the beast?
Who is he?
He is one who comes
Pretending to be coming
In the service of Christ
But has spread this ministry
Of hate, greed, intolerance, and fear.

And yet,
The people do not see him for what he is.
They applaud his message
They carry his signs
They listen to his speeches
They bow to his desires.

All the while,
They preach to watch
“Watch for the coming of the Lord”
They say.
And yet,
They watch not
Because, to them,
Their savior has already arrived.

“Beware the beast”
They cry
And yet they have had a hand
In building the perfect beast
As they search for a beast with numbers
On his head and hands
Even though they bear his marks upon their own.

For it is well known
That the beast you seek
Is always right under your nose
And has remained hidden
In plain sight
Feeding off your hate
Your greed
Your envy
Your bitterness
And your obsessions.

The New Year

The New Year

With the New Year looming large, I look back. Before me lies uncharted territory. Behind me lies a year that has shown me that I no longer have anything in common with those I went to school with. I can no longer relate.

When we were in school, we were all optimistic. We all thought that we would never change. We thought that we would remain as we were forever. And some of us has. OK. All have, to a point.

But most have changed, transforming into people I no longer know. My once best friend, for instance. My last contact with him was less than a month ago. Then he went off radar, shortly after calling me names because I refuse to hate. I refuse to even listen to hate.

But that isn’t the end. In the time between then and now, I have had to unfollow many whom I once called friend. Not that I wanted to, but they have fallen victim to the hysteria that has engulfed the nation. Fear. Hate. Ignorance. Greed.

In a time when war is a path to riches for a few, I stand alone in their way. I am as hated as the imagined, fabricated enemies. I am misunderstood as I battle to get the truth out. No one wants to hear the truth.

They say that knowledge is power. But the knowledge I hold, I would rather not know. I can see things. Where this country is headed. What is bound to happen. I guess it is a little bit of a blessing, and a bit of a curse.

But it is a gift that all science fiction writers share without knowing it. Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C. Clarke only began to realize this before they died, as did George Orwell. Perhaps H. G. Wells also guessed this through his writing of the “Time Machine”, who knows. I know that this sounds strange, but it is true. We actually see what the future might hold. Some stories scare the hell out of us. Others, well, they hold hope.

I know. You’re thinking I am crazy. But stop to think just how many things have come to pass that were brought to light in science fiction. Cell phones. Laptops. Space travel. And who knows what else has been found that we don’t know about.

And yet, the consumer is blissfully unaware of it all. They just assume that we are making discoveries independently of any other source. Guess again. It has all been thought of before. There truly isn’t anything new under the sun.

Forgive me if I am rambling. I have a lot going through my mind. So many things have changed over just two years. So many warnings of things to come. So many clues as to what’ll happen next. Or what might happen next, if things continue in the direction they are going.

Remember how, when you were a youth, you promised yourselves you would never be like your parents? Remember reaching that point in your life where you realized that you had become just like them both?

That is where I differ from the rest. I am like my mother, yet still differ from her. But I am nothing like my father. I can’t stand Puritanical religious dogma. It is too confining. Too hypocritical. Lacking faith. Lacking spirit.

Dogma expects physical change, not spiritual. Dogma demands strict adherence to rules and rites that have lost their meaning over time in the hearts of those who whip themselves to death spiritually following them. And the rites? Also meaningless.

No, I don’t mean that they have no meaning. They have just lost meaning to those who physically struggle to follow or participate in them. This renders them useless. As does the newest misdirection used by revivalist charlatans of preaching wealth through prayer, followed by spiels and ravings on how to hate your neighbor based on color or creed.

Oh, yes. We live in the age of greed, all the while preaching about following “Biblical Laws”. Really? Do they not read their Bibles? Wealth is preached against. (Far easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man into the gates of heaven) Yes, welcome to the age of the rise of the Beast. And it isn’t what they believe it to be. No, it isn’t a single man, but the anti-Christ is. Oh, yes, I do know my Bible. A little better than some would like, but I know it.

The gods they worship are not the Lord, nor is it God in heaven. It never has been.

Greed. Also known as money. This is their chief deity. It drives their every move. It invades their dreams, their motives, their very dealings with their fellow man. If you do not have money, they do not like you. They ignore you. You know nothing in their eyes, and they will be the first to tell you as they take away your house, car, and job…as well as your family.

Ignorance. Oh, how ignorance seems to be a blissful lord of the heart. It keeps you from having to face the truth, no matter whether it will save your life or not. Not one of them, those who preach “Bible says, Bible says, Bible says” ever crack the book, and yet they wave it around like some magic talisman. Really? I could quote verses that’ll strip their piety away and show them for what they are. But I won’t. OK, just one” “They praise me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me”…no, two: “Then he will look at those on his left hand and say ‘I know you not for I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was naked and you did not clothe me; I was sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ and they shall say ‘Lord, when did we see you thus and not do unto you?’ And he will answer unto them ‘so much as you refused to do unto one of these, so have you refused to do unto me.’ Amazing how far they have strayed from the reality of their “Holy” book. They don’t even believe in the words it contains, or the sacrifice of their professed Lord and savior. If they did, they would not hate. They would not refuse asylum to refugees. They wouldn’t be fighting over whether they should help the poor and destitute. Hell. They wouldn’t refuse to pay a livable wage. And they wouldn’t continually crucify their Lord with the expectations they place upon the world around them.

Fear. Oh, what a ruthless god. It is one step closer to hate. Once mixed with ignorance, its own parent, it spawns hate. The root of all war and miscommunication.

Hate. The god that is produced by the incestuous union of ignorance and fear. It causes no end of trouble and disaster. It turns friends into enemies, allies into foes.

Guns. The second graven idol. A means to an end. An evil with no conscience. Cold. Emotionless. Useless unless put into the hands of the ignorantly fearful who hate anything not like themselves. Or the insane who care nothing for those they gun down. And yet, it seems that guns have replaced God and Christ in the hearts of all pseudo-Christians.

Biblical Law. Hmmmm. This god is an eerie identical triplet to the Judaic and Sharia Laws, which accompany the other two Abrahamic religions (I refuse to call them as they originated, faiths’ because their modern equivalent is no longer a faith. they no longer rely on the person making spiritual changes within themselves to spawn changes around them and have begun demanding conformity in those around for the comfort of the religious.)

War. Oh, Ares, if you had only known that another religion would find you irresistible, would you have ever left in the first place? (Sarcasm should not be lost on you with that last statement. It wasn’t meant to be taken literal.) This god marches along with greed/money. For a minority, this god helps them acquire the other.

Power. Oh, to be like God. Hell. Oh, to be God. This is their thought. Let’s control others. Why? Because we can. Because we have the power to. The money to. Never mind that we should be concerned about those we are enslaving, to hell with human rights of any kind. To hell with freedoms given and inherent in all. Man is here to be used. Right?

Wrong. True power is not controlling others. It isn’t telling them what to believe. It isn’t spreading your gods out to cause mayhem amongst your fellow countrymen. True power is the knowledge that we are all here to help one another. We are all the same, no matter what our differences.

True power is having the knowledge that you could kill someone, but having compassion enough to let them live. In other words, true power comes from doing good and having mercy upon all. It is knowing when to exercise your authority and also knowing when not to. It is a balance. Something lacking in the majority of our elected representatives. It is definitely lacking in most of the candidates running for President. Most are running for the prestige, the glory, and the money. Those that aren’t? Well, most are just running for their own selfish reasons. I can only find one who isn’t.

And I find this sad. And alarming. What is even more alarming is that the people are gullible enough to believe all their messages. Except the one who is truly for them.

Why do I make this claim? Take a look at who actually pays for the campaigns. Not one of the favorites, those who are actually of either side, are actually financed by the general public. They are funded by a handful of extremely rich men. Men who can buy representation out from under the people. Only one has refused contributions from these men.

I say no names, but I think you know who I am speaking of. Yet, he is a dark horse. Someone who has had to cross into a party he really doesn’t belong to in order to run a serious campaign. He has refused to be bought. I admire him for this.

Of course, this also sets me at odds with all I have known. All my past friends. All my family. It has shown me where I should be and it isn’t where I am. It isn’t associating with the people I once associated with. Perhaps it isn’t even in this country, who knows?

The hate. The greed. The hysteria rampant in the streets. The religious fervor that is whipping the masses into a rabid mob against everything that is different from themselves. Everything that has begun to show through the illusions, everything that is coming through the cracks in the façade.

So now, I am facing changes. I have outgrown my current job, but that is OK. I have another waiting for me. Of course, I have already begun at that new job. I just haven’t received pay.

I am at a cross roads, one where I must choose to either let go of those from my past or let go of what may be my future. All I know is that I can no longer stay here where I am. If I am to grow, I must make some changes in my life. I must move forward or go back. I cannot stay where I am.

So in this New Year, I must make decisions. Do I remain scared to grasp the future? Or do I walk away from the past?

I have many changes planned for this year. Some will throw a lot of people off. Others will be no surprise. And the rest, well, they might just push me beyond being just another struggling published author to being a successfully published author.

Do They Know?

Do they know
That life is not
So cut and dried?

There is no line
Separating us all
Except for those
We form in our own minds
Our own hearts.

There is no difference
Between me
And the people
We cannot see

We divide
We seek difference
We seek an excuse
To not like another
And yet
We are all one

A singular race
That likes to believe
That it is many
Despite what we are shown
By the Crayon box

For Crayons are still Crayons
Despite their color
Their size
Or the user’s preference–
They are still made of colored wax,
Used for bringing color into empty pages

And so are people
All humans are here
To add color
To add variety
And much more

For if we were all the same–
Same color
Same sexual preference
Same belief
Same gender
Same height
Same weight
Same hair style and color
Same mode of dress–
We would still find a reason to hate
To fear
To avoid
Each other
And it would still be as stupid
As the reasons we pick right now.



It calls
It crawls
It feasts
It lies.

Winds whip
As it spends its life
Following the same path
As it has always followed
Oblivious to the wind
Or seasons of change.

And still minds grasp at it
As if it is the only thing
That exists
That matters
And men seek it as if it were riches.

It hides behind illusions
It grows from fear
It feeds upon ignorance
It lies to its followers
It crawls into the lives of all, unwarranted.

Some call it by a name
I does not deserve: religion;
Others call it purification,
Yet it is not;
For both demand wisdom and truth.

And yet, man resists both.
He allows the darkness to grow
And to shut all doors that should be open.
He finds what he seeks:
He Hates!


Biblical Law

The Talmud is the Law. For those who do not know, there is a small, yet growing (and very ignorant of) segment of population that is wanting to turn the US into something equal-if not worse than- such countries (which we condemned as totalitarian) as Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban and Iran. They want a theocracy (intolerant of any difference) based on their vision of the Bible. Following is an open letter addressed to those in this camp.

Dear Bible waving American who is in favor of basing this country’s laws off the Talmudic law:

let us first go through the ten commandments.

1. “You may have no other god before me.” You might as well quit trying to become the richest son of a bitch on earth, because this also includes such things as riches, wealth, position, physical possessions, and anything else that can get in the way of pure worship of the one true God.

2. “You shall have no idols or graven images.” might as well take down all your icons of Christ and Mary…and whatever other statues you own and pray to. Also, refer to number 1. anything that gets in the way of worshipping God is an idol.

3. “You shall not take the Lord’s name in vain.” oops. already, I know a butt load of you who have already failed. You curse and yell and…take god’s name (in all its forms) in vain.

4. “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy.” Oops. Again, there is a butt load of you who ignore this rule as well. And many of you profess to be men and women of God. Really? well, back to the drawing board. (BTW: the Jewish Sabbath is Saturday, not Sunday. I know I once observed the “Sabbath” while the church I went to was considered a cult-and rightly so)

5. “Honor your father and mother.” Here, again, many have definitely failed. in traditional view, the children were to care for their aged parents. How many of you would give of yourself to care for another? I didn’t think so. Many who are wanting these rules enacted would rather stick their aged parent in a home and forget they even exist. I see it so often, it isn’t funny. And most times, it is simply because the child wants their inheritance early. Greedy pukes.

6. “You shall not murder.” this does not say you shall not murder whites, or you shall not murder Christians, it says plainly: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER. This means that you are not to kill period. End of discussion.

7. “You shall not commit adultery”. This takes in a LOT of territory. It takes in sleeping with your secretary, your mistress, any coworkers you aren’t married to and those you might rape. Married men and women, you really should keep your hands to yourself. And I know that not a single one of those who want “Biblical” law follow this.

8. “You shall not steal.” Hmmmm. I know a lot of “Christians” that brag about stealing office supplies. I also know “Christian neighbors who steal their neighbors’ yard equipment. And yes, keeping it when it is on loan to you is still stealing. It doesn’t belong to you, right?

9. “You shall not give false testimony.” YOU SHALL NOT LIE, people. I know a lot of witnesses and several in the profession of the law who would definitely already be in prison for this one…along with every politician going. And a lot of so-called ministers.

10. “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, land, manservant, maidservant, ox, donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” In other words, you shall not desire your neighbor’s belongings. That includes what little money he may have or his flat screen TV, or his children, or his wife. well, there just went a whole bunch more of those illustrious “Biblical” law supporters. I know way too many who envy their neighbor. They envy the black. They envy the Jew. They envy the Mexican, Native American, or the Asian American. Why? because they aren’t at all happy with the situation they bought themselves. Or they believe that everything ought to belong to them. This is basically a command not to be greedy, people. And we have ALL failed.

Let’s move on to those “rules” you love to point to. The Unlawful sexual practices section.

1. “No one is to approach any relative to have sexual relations.” OK, there went all of Congress and Most of the Southern Republicans. Seems those of you who point to homosexuality ignore this very law. Why? Why do you think that Homosexuality is wrong, yet incest (which is the act of sleeping with any of your close family members-daughter, sister, mother, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin grandma, grandpa- and having sex with them) is ok? What the fuck is wrong with you?

This law is broken on down: “Do not dishonor your father by having sexual relations with your mother. She is your mother. Do not have sexual relations with your sister, either your father’s daughter or mother’s daughter whether or not she was born in the same house or elsewhere. Do not have sexual relations with your son’s daughter or your daughter’s daughter. Do not have sexual relations with your father’s sister/mother’s sister. Your father’s brother’s wife. Do not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter or her son’s daughter or daughter’s daughter. Do not take your wife’s sister as a wife while she is still living. Do not approach a woman for sexual relations while she is on her period. Do not have sexual relations with your neighbor’s wife.”

All of these lead up to the ONE verse used to justify anti-gay hate, yet no one hates the incestuous or those who deviate from the se very laws. In fact there are a growing number of legislators who would count these as nonexistent because they do not see anything wrong with this, even though their desire to enforce “Biblical” law would force them to punish even these as crimes along with the following.

“Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it.” And yet, here again, there are many who want it both ways. They want “Biblical” law, and yet, they practice this as well. Where is the outrage for this practice?

And since we are on the “law” kick, we cannot forget to include the implementation of the Jewish feast and festivals. Holidays, if you will. And then rid ourselves of all the supposed “Christian” holidays that married pagan beliefs with Christian tradition. And we cannot forget laws such as:

“Clean and Unclean meat”: we would have to omit pork out of our diet along with rabbit, squirrel, and quite a few other meats that we tend to enjoy right now.

“Tithes”: one tithe would go toward feeding the poor, elderly, sick, widowed, and fatherless…not to mention those who are foreigners in the land. (Oh joy! just what the doctor ordered.)

“The year of cancelling debts”: won’t the banks and landlords just love you for adding this to the books? every seven years, all debts-great or small-were commanded to be forgiven whether they were paid or not. Creditors would just simply have to count their losses and start anew.

And what about the “Rebellious son” rule? If a son (or daughter) refuses to obey their parent, they would be stoned to death.

Of course, I could go on and list all the laws the ancient Israelites were given to follow, but I do not want a document of over a million words. What I am going to do is the following:

Fellow “Christians” who are blowing off about the Biblical law and wanting a theocracy remember one thing. Christ fulfilled the law and the prophets, We, as Christians, are saved by grace through our faith, not by physical deed. No amount of following the Law (and it is said many times in the New Testament that those who live in the Law are dead, but those who live In Christ are alive) will save our worthless asses. This, by no means, is a directive to stop following. It is merely shifting our focus from what we see to what we should be doing in our OWN lives. We should practice what we claim to, and not just claim to be something. Claiming and being are two very different things.

Also remember that the theocracy that was the Holy Roman Empire was brought to its knees by the fanatical hunt for heretics, when the greatest heretic of all is any man, woman or child who hates any of their fellow humans enough to kill without any defensive reason, then lie about why. Hate, fellow Christians, is anti-Christian. One of the first non-Jewish converts was not white. He was Ethiopian and a slave.

By the way. I would like to say that anyone who was caught breaking ANY of these commandments and laws were summarily taken outside the camp or tow/city they lived in and was stoned to death despite whether they were affluent or mere paupers. It had been commanded thus, and thus it was performed.

I am glad that Christ fulfilled the law through his sacrifice for my sins. I do not need to worry about a death penalty for breaking any law. No, this does not mean I should stop. It just means that my salvation is not weighed by the law. It is weighed by my faith in Him. And this faith is the willingness to walk in the spirit, rather than the flesh. For the flesh will die but the spirit lives on.