We’ve Been Here Before….

Sorry about yesterday…the reblog was actually meant for my lyrics site. Since I am busy working on the next two books in The Morrow Family Saga, I have not had time to keep up with my blogs….or to finish the current WIP on here.

I have also been busy broadening my market. As soon as I can afford to, I will be printing paperbacks through  Barnes & Noble for all of my current library of finished works. At the same time, I may be pulling books from Amazon. Not sure yet. Just depends on what happens when the ‘new’ releases (B&N) come out.

Something’s Eating At Me

I found out yesterday that there is a new pirate site selling PDF copies of many indie authors’ works…mine included. That revelation showed me why I have not had any sales on Amazon, especially through Kindle. It has also made me ponder whether I want to continue offering Kindle ebooks.

As Kindles are my most affordable offerings, this will severely limit my income further. It saddens me that there are people who are desperate enough to pirate someone else’s work and offer them, for personal gain, on a website (linked to goodreads) licensed to someone operating out of Turkey but on a protected path from Russia. I suggest all who are writers with books who follow my  blog to go and see if you have also been pirated. jeansbet.com has pirated books from both indie and well-known authors. I found my books there, which alarmed me. Anyone who believes that it is OK to reproduce another person’s hard work for their own gain is evil. To offer something that you do not have the rights to or permission to offer is illegal and unethical.

Fellow authors, I suggest that you go see if they have pirated your work as well.


I have been told to have my heart checked. After certain electrical activities began making themselves more noticeable, I decided to ask a relative with some medical knowledge (and family history knowledge) if it was something to be concerned about.

They told me “yes. Go get your heart checked.”

I, then, mentioned (in passing) to my mother that I had been advised to go get my heart checked. She was just as adamant. She, then, explained that there is a history of heart problems in the family on both sides.

So there it is. I need to go get my heart checked. But I do not have any insurance at the moment…that I know of. So what to do? I am damned if I do, damned if I don’t. And so, I am sitting here facing my mortality once again.

Maybe my premonitions were right. Perhaps I don’t have long. Guess I am going to have to step up my game and write 1000 words per WIP until I have finished everything I have started.

Strange Days Are Upon Us

I was sitting, writing the other day and came up with a really awesome idea. What if I came up with a character to play in live segments who was otherworldly and read books? So I set out to design a persona I could portray on youtube,Instagram, and Facebook. Well, it took three of us to come up with the right character type.

The day before yesterday, I was talking to Sunny, my cover artist, and he suggested an Incubus/Reaper…sort of a Soul Reaver.  Thus, Souljourner was born.  The projected “show” is entitled Souljourner’s Dark Story Time. I will be reading  stories, recommending books, and whatever else I can think of as Souljourner.

I am not sure exactly how long the little vignettes will be, but I do know that there will be a lot of mischief and mayhem, trying recipes, introducing new books, and talking to Headley.


Souljourner template



Who knows? I may even share really great music…

Are We Ready?

I am now ready to pick up where I left off. Sorry it took me so long. It is so refreshing to be in classes where I make A’s instead of C’s or D’s. Before last term, when I was set up with Business math and biology together, I had a strong feeling that I was being set up to fail. By itself, Business Math is hard for me, especially when it comes to what I call Banker’s math (figuring out loan payment amounts, interest, etc.). I don’t really care about what my payments will be because my figures won’t necessarily meet the figures of the bank or lender. I would much rather learn how to do business projections needed for a business plan such as 5 year projections and the break even figures. These, to me, are more about business than knowing how to break down a loan. Why? Because  These figures tell you more about when you can stop relying on lenders and walk on your own as a company.  Biology, while intriguing, would have been easier if I had not had to deal with a math class that meant very little to me.

Putting them together set me up for failure. Luckily, I was able to pull a C in both class. this caused me to pull a C overall and made my GPA fall. Had I taken one with another class, a less technical class, I would have pulled a B or even an A. But the Advisor I had insisted that I take them both, even when I requested not to take either at that point. I had explained that I needed a longer rest from math, but was unheeded. And although I started off strong in both, midway through, I hit the wall and my grades fell.

By the end of the term, I was drained. Emotionally, physically, mentally. I was so drained that it has taken me this long to get back up to speed. Now, I am back go Once Around The Ride and finish the story so I can start on or finish a couple more books in the 1950’s series. At the same time, I am trying to get started on the other series’s within the Vampire War Saga so that I can create a backstory to the Angel of Death series, which is actually the very end of the story.

My goal for this year is to finish at least three series within The Morrow Family Saga and the same within The Vampire Wars. I also want to get the Halloween book in The Daniel Hargis Series finished and out to you, the reader along with other projects I have in the offing dealing with my cartoons, lyrics, and nonfiction is concerned.  By the end of the year, I would like to have a larger library of work finished that includes one-off novellas and short story anthologies.

I am also trying to get a book  about the Liberian Civil War edited for a friend so that I can publish it for him and promote it to its fullest. It is my first attempt at emerging as a publisher/editor and help other international authors who want to break into the American market. I will be publishing it under the Jaysen True Blood Creations label until I can create a new publishing label.

It’s Been Awhile…

Sorry for the silence. Been busy getting the next collection of stories ready to be published. My first project for the year is another collection, Babylon Rising and Other Stories, before heading into any novella. With this said, I do have a few questions:

  1. With the series Seasons, I am thinking of splitting the season of “Summer” into more than one book creating a longer series. This means that there will be at least four sections. The problem is coming up with enough book titles (song titles used as book titles) to cover them all.  Any Suggestions after Summertime, Summertime Blues, and Indian Summer?
  2. After I am finished with the short story collection, I want to begin work on The Vampire Wars, but not sure what “chapter” (series) to start with. While I have an idea about the beginning of the tale (The House Kolbedides), I realize that the beginning would be the longest part of the whole saga, spanning billions of years of Earth/universe time, and be more time consuming than any other. While I have the first book of Voodoo started, I have to go back and rewrite all that I have done, thus changing the overall tone and voice of the book. At the same time, I have the beginning of The Sisterhood done…well, at least the first chapters of the first book. Or what I believed to be the first book. Now, I believe that I need to begin the story at the beginning, and this means that I would have to start a new book…putting the one I began more toward the middle or near the end of the series. Any thoughts? Should I begin at the very beginning of the saga? Or more toward the middle? I have already begun the end by writing what I have of  the Angel of Death series. I want to reveal the beginning or middle while I finish writing the end.
  3. I also had a thought. It has been a while since I wrote my last horror novella. I had originally intended to write more to go with The Faust Syndrome, but it seems perfect as is. I also had plans to write a little something inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, but stalled out on my Middle Eastern flavored attempts so I set the project aside. Looking at it now, I believe i was starting at the end…namely, taking the characters to hell first, the way Dante started. I am thinking of reversing the order to make it much darker.  Your thoughts?

Yes, I know I ask a lot of questions. But I am working on my 2017 “to-do” list. If I spin it just right, I can finish the first books for each decade in The Morrow Family Saga, start most of the chapters (serieses) withing The Vampire Wars, and complete the series Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy. I also intend to write more of the Daniel Hargis series…but not release it until the Holidays that lay at the center of each novella. (holidays left: New Year’s, St. Patrick’s, Mardis Gras, St. Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day.) I do not want to write the story based around Independence Day until I do a Halloween book  I may do St. Patrick’s, St. Valentine’s,Mardis Gras, Easter, and Halloween this year and leave Independence Day for next year. Or I may leave half of the remaining series until next year. Not sure yet.

The End of Our Tour of Ohio

So we finished with Ohio early this morning.  I posted the last two chapters around midnight and had time enough to re-edit and send into review. This will be the last book published in 2016, so it rounds out the year nicely. I have been very busy getting more projects ready but will not release anything more until after the New Year begins.

On the docket for January is another installment of Tales from the Renge as well as a continuance of Angel followed by either a book from Voodoo or The Sisterhood. All three series are part of the larger Vampire Wars (originally Saints & Sinners) and bring a little more to the backstory on Cris’s part in the saga.

I will also be returning to Faces in the Crowd. I have a great storyline going on there and want to continue it. I will also get around to writing another Daniel Hargis story before this coming July. it will probably be the last one with war…or I might try to get the whole series done. Who knows?

I also plan on writing another horror novel/novella around Halloween, so I hope y’all are looking forward to a wild ride. I want to finish at least two parts to The Morrow Family Saga, finishing up two decades…maybe three. I want to get as much writing done as I can so I can move on, at some point, from the Morrows and from Cris. Don’t get me wrong, I love both sets of characters. But I want to go on to something different.  I want to focus on the Breeds and rework the old serial Breed’s Command. Even though I am missing one episode, I can still rewrite the story because I have the majority of it. Plus, I have written more stories with the Breeds and Legends in them than I had originally intended, but my fascination with them has been an almost lifelong one. The original “story” was written for Creative Writing class in high school and was used as the submitted “first episode” for the serial.

I want to return to Mack Rand as well. I had such an amazing adventure laid out for him when I left him and forgot to finish it. Of course, his series was short stories, not novellas. And finally, I want to do more on Rivers of Blood and Fall of the Giant. Yes, I ha ve plans for this coming year. I ust don’t know how much I am going to actually get done.

Almost Through Ohio

OK, so I am not travelling through the state as the title of the post would infer…but I am nearing the end to writing The Morrow Family Saga: Ohio. Currently, I sit at Chapter 18 and have introduced Richard Nixon. After all, we are talking about 1970 and he was President. At the moment, I have him dealing with the backlash of the Kent State incident and with the impending trial of Charles Manson and the Manson Family. (mention of the crimes that this infamous group were accused and later convicted of will be in the last book of the 1960’s series, which will segue into this one.)

I will be doing The Morrow Family Saga: Once Around the Ride after I finish with Ohio, so wish me luck. I go from a book that starts so violently but ends with sch hope to a book that opens on sudden tragedy and is filled with turmoil…much like life itself. But then, this is a saga about the lives of three generations (maybe four) of the Morrow family and it would not do to candy coat or avoid pain, sorrow, and tragedy.

I have a few more chapters to do in Once than I had in Ohio, but then I had been working on Ohio a bit before I got the bright idea to post Once on Wattpad. Saadly, as I get each book finished, I will be pulling each manuscript from Wattpad. I won’t, however, be pulling the stories from here. Once posted, the chapters remain a permanent fixture here.

Anyway, I will be doing the first books for each decade in the saga before going back to the second, third, and so on. I am thinking that I might accidentally do the second and third books as well to catch each decade up to the 1950’s series. that way, there are at least three books in all the sets.

At the same time, I will be alternating Tales or Angel-or maybe another Daniel Hargis book- just to give a little variety. I have also been toying with the idea of another horror novella, but haven’t decided…yet. So don’t get too comfortable. I may shift gears at any time…