As promised, here is the link to the book I edited and published for a friend.



Books, Books, Books

First of all, let me apologize for not posting more regularly…but there plenty of really good reasons.  At least three of those reasons made their debut here on this blog. Let me explain. You, see, I published what I have completed of  The Hell Patrol Saga (both parts to the Prologue, and episodes 1-4). The first six installments of this series appeared here, on wattpad, and on a site I used to write for called you can find the new books on Amazon. The covers?


The Hell Patrol Episodes 1 & 2

BookCoverImage (1)

Adding to this is the fact that for the last week, I have been editing an amazing book entitled Soldier of Leaves. When it is released, I will post the cover here with the link for ordering here.


“Do You Miss Me Darlin’?” Is Going Live!

Tomorrow or Thursday, my birthday, will be the tentative release date for Do You Miss Me Darlin’?. In the mean time, I will be working on Ohio. Am also going to be working on getting ready to release Dreams I’ll Never See.


Update On Hand Me Down World

Hand Me Down World is about to hit the stores! I just sent it into review! And So is Whispers In Spring! A two-fer!


News Flash!!!! Again!!!

In light of recent events, it is my pleasure to announce that Long Cold Winter will be available in a few days as both e-book and paperback! It is already available on Creaetespace, but I want to allow enough time for it to hit Amazon in both formats before posting the link. Spread the word! Matt is coming! And he is about to make his mark!


The Newest Book

The Price You Pay And Other Short Stories can now be purchased at

It is not yet on Amazon, so feel free to purchase it through Createspace.


New To Look For…

Just released Jesus Saves to Createspace. It should be out by Monday…guess I need to start promoting it like crazy. There were a few bugs to iron out, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix them. I only hope that the italics remained in tact.