Let’s Hit Pause

I just realized something. I may not keep the current order of my chapters. No, I’m not going to switch them, I may add one of more in between them.

I want at least 20 chapters in part one. I am falling short. Then, again, I have only been doing the tip of the iceberg – so to speak – on the story by going year by year. I may broaden the story out by adding chapters to expand each year and flesh out the story.

There is so much potential for the story that has not been explored and I want to push myself to get close to 60 chapters, overall, in this book. I also have so much to explore as far as giving this character a fuller life.

this means that chapter 2 may become chapter 4…and so on. At least until I expand the first half so that it has more meat. more substance. After all, I am writing this as if the character is writing his memoirs. It is his memories he is recounting.

On Being Smarter Than the Average Bear

I grew up lower middle class. Education was the “only way out” of an endless hell known as factory work. Or so I was told.

They couldn’t have been more wrong. Especially in the Midwest. Here, there are only factories or fields. Making it worse, the states seem stuck on agriculture as the only industry worth exporting.

While I have nothing against farmers, I am no farmer. I am also no factory slug. I am not mindless enough to allow the ant-like worker mentality of a factory to kill my creativity. Besides. there is more to life.

I will not disparage those who find the factory life satisfying. Nothing wrong with that. But there are infinite possibilities for the rest of us and a state should encourage creativity. A state should also encourage intellectual pursuits as well. Always.

And while I am not the smartest, nor even a genius, I am observant enough to know where things need to be fixed. Ad there are many things that need to be fixed. Education. Healthcare. Politics. The economy. The way we see and do business.

Nothing made many of these problems more apparent than elections 2016. It was painfully apparent that there was a huge lack in education. Especially among those who are supposed to be the most educated, our older citizens. And their pride in their ignorance was appalling!

I know enough about education to know that we need to reinstitute Political Science back into our schools. We also need to reintroduce our youth to American and World history so that they can learn from the mistakes of the past. And, we need to focus again on being a world leader. This means that we need to make learning a foreign language mandatory.

European students learn at least one language that is not native to their country, and usually learn at least three. I have even heard of them learning up to six from a pen pal or two. If we intend to accomplish anything greater than we already have, we need to catch up with the rest of the world. We need to reintroduce our children to the sciences, math, and creativity. We are behind the rest of the world in all these things and more!

Why? Because we are too focused on what religion, gender identity, or sexual preference our neighbor has. We are too focused on making clones that we have forgotten that individuality is more important, diversity a key ingredient in making progress. For all intents and purposes, we have lost our way in the name of hate, greed, religiosity, and ignorant arrogance.

We suppose ourselves to be the greatest. We suppose that we should come first, that we should isolate ourselves and “purify” ourselves. We were never pure. Humanity as a whole has never been pure. From the very first takeover of one empire by another, purity went out the window. color of skin means nothing except that darker pigmentation was not needed in the more northerly climes.

We accept blindly that our religion is the true religion when religion of and by itself is not a manifestation of the truth. Or of knowledge. Or of wisdom. Religion is the opposite of living a lifestyle as prescribed by underlying philosophies. Hate is the opposite of the love we are to have for one another. Greed is the opposite of the generosity we are supposed to show. Oppression is the opposite of the freedom we are supposed to give. intolerance is opposite of the tolerance. And so on.

We allow ourselves to replace the original tenets of faith with our own biases. Which brings me back to education, and specifically that education which seminaries give their prospective ministers. So many ministers take the Bible, and specifically the Epistles, in a completely wrong context. They are not taught about the culture and history of the “New Testament” world.

They are not taught about where many of the newly converted Christians were coming from, what religions they were coming out of that were spawning the unpublished questions to the answers given in the Epistles. They simply believe, arrogantly, that these instructions harken back to the Old Testament Laws. But this is not necessarily so.

Yes, education is important on all levels. Faith-wise, secularly, and even on the more massive global political/economic level. Sadly, our leadership has shown us that they lack the education to make sound judgments that affect us all fiscally, economically, and socially. Even more alarming is that a portion of the voter base showed that they lacked the education to make a sound choice in leadership.

Granted, the choices weren’t the best, but there were better choices. And the lack of education is still apparent in their support of the shoddy leadership, not to mention their support of ignorant fears, hate, and accepting of lies as truth.

But I have a proposal that can change this in the future. I have drawn up an education bill proposal that reintroduces a few mandatory courses that have been removed from education. It also reorganizes funding, adds free higher education in-state, and places a freeze on unnecessary privatization. The only missing component is help from the education community.

I have asked, but it seems as if I cannot get people to take me seriously on a serious matter. I have been encouraged by several of my more politically active friends, as well as my mother and stepfather, to press forward. To get involved. And, yet, when I try, I cannot gain any interest.

While I understand that this is a Midterms election year, I also know that there should be no time better than now to explore ideas worth examining. Politically, it is expedient. economically, it is imperative. Socially, it is necessary.

But I still sit, waiting for someone to take me serious. When will teachers and education experts wake up? They are always asking for help. they are always asking for outside input. But when someone on the outside wants insider help, they seem to flee.


My classes:

It seems that my time at Kaplan has come to an end thanks to a “Student Advisor” who is horrid at doing the right thing. I asked for a LOA (Leave of Absence) for a single term, which is totally doable.  Instead, the Advisor submitted a withdrawal request, which was granted. His excuse was complete Bullshit because my wife is also currently on leave, but due to financial reasons. Suffice it to say, I may be seeking a new University to attend once I am done with a few projects.

There is something good coming from all this, though. The first is that I am getting a refund of what is left of my funding for the term I would have taken. This will enable me to get a few things done.


My Windows  Office:

So, my Windows Office expired…forcing me to take an unwanted break from the scripts for Soldiers Of Leaves and Mano: Nightmares At Twilight. This causes one thing. I am bored out of my gourd. And I hate boredom.

Lucky for me, Kelly will be helping me renew my Office tomorrow and the boredom will end. We hope.


Soldiers of Leaves:

So you are probably wondering what Soldiers is. Well, Soldiers is my debut in filmmaking. At the moment, I am working on a rough script, which will be submitted to both Amazon Studios and Netflix Studios for consideration. The Customer Service guy at Netflix responded that he would definitely watch a movie of this caliber, so I know that Blamah Moore (the author) and myself have a crowd waiting on this project to be finished.

the cool thing is that I have a small crew waiting to work on this as well as a financier who is willing to back it. We may have to make the film itself before it is accepted, but that is cool with me. The idea is to get the film made, no matter what route we have to take. I am also looking at a couple of sponsors (their products are mentioned in the narrative) for the film.


Mano: Nightmare at Twilight

Mano was born from a story I wrote in high school. I am currently working on the script for the first episode, part one of the pilot, as I write this. It looks as if it is going to size up to become an amazing series. Like Soldiers, I plan on submitting the script to amazon and Netflix.


The Vampire Wars

I am pondering taking The Vampire Wars, at least the beginning, and making scripts for them as well…instead of books. This would actually shorten the overall saga down to 4 series instead of an endless one.

I am also pondering adapting Angel of Death into scripts as well, which would round out The Vampire Wars nicely.


The Morrow Family Saga

This brings us to The Morrow Family Saga. I am thinking of doing the same for this saga that I am doing  for Angel of Death. Of course, I am also pondering whether the world is ready for Tales from the Renge as a series or not.

I plan on adapting The Faust Syndrome as a film script and working on bringing it to life by Halloween of next year…not to mention a few other releases.


News of the World, Souljourner’s debut, and other productions

I have a few unscripted Youtube projects scheduled for my new time off. Among these are unscripted skits such as News of the World, a satirical fictional news program that has its humble beginnings as a hallway skit done by the now legendary (in our own minds, anyway) “Three J’s and an E”. I must admit, I was a bad influence when I went to church…always leading the younger boys to create hilarious skits in the hallways of the college we used as a church hall.

It was here that I dreamed up characters like The Radio-Pirate, The Wasted Surfer, Big Dick Johnson, King Creole, Baby Jay, The Pissable Toads, and many others that would become my strange personal menagerie of personas…that joined the Fortuneteller who emerged in 1993 while I was at NWMSU.

Recently, a new character emerged: Souljourner, the soul reaver(reaper) and sometimes book reviewer who haunts a nether realm with his friend (a skull on a staff) Headley. At the same time, I may actually debut a few other skits/ideas such as Katthouse, DeepThroat, and a few other concepts that don’t need to be anything more than performance art.  


Other Projects

With all the adaptations and ideas, I have begun fleshing out other than televised pieces and scripts/films. These have nothing to do with the literary world (other than being intro’d in a story or two) and everything to do with the real world.

I have an idea for a concept that combines flood control, sustainable energy production, and water treatment (processing the used water so that it can be used for drinking, bottling, and distribution). Though the idea needs further study, I have many who are interested in this as it would work well in several countries where flooding is a major threat and the power grids need stabilization.

Add to this a plan to bring together farmers and their communities to create jobs and generate revenue, and thus strengthening the economy of an area, and you have a possible way to prevent the next economic Depression. Amazingly, it is hard to find sponsors for such ideas because it threatens the hold the major corporations have on the world.


A small poll

I need some input here. I am thinking about creating some promo items and want to know what you, the reader,  would be most interested in.

The first idea is action figures depicting some of my characters from most of my books. Although I feel this could possibly draw a small crowd, I need to know whether or not there is interest.

The second idea is possibly having shirts and hoodies created with the book covers and/or characters on them or maybe other possible promo logos.

The third is posters.

The fourth is costumes.

I have other ideas, but these are the first four just to get things started.

The books/series’s I want to start with:

Angel of Death

The Faust Syndrome

A Month of Thanksgiving

Tales From the Renge

Later, I will explore the other stories and books. These are the ones I want to start with. Good idea? Bad Idea? Please give me a little verbal input. I would appreciate it.

I Wish Ideas Would Stop Sometimes

An idea struck me last night, while I was fading off to sleep. Strange how that happens. I got thinking how I had never really cared for how I divided the book Price of Lust and how it would probably look better divided into acts instead of chapters, freeing the sub-chapters up to become actual chapters instead.  I mean, how many people have heard of a novella with only four or five chapters?..unless it was for a child.

If I divided it into “Acts”, making the subs into actual chapters, this will put the actual chapter count well above thirty chapters and pushing it to actual novel status. And since I will be pushing well close to, if not over, the 50-60,000 word mark, it will make it more legit as a novel. This also means that I can take the current chapter titles and create separating pages instead of having “headers” over the numbers and I can switch from Roman numerals to cardinal numbers for the chapters.

There are times I wish ideas would stop coming to me in the middle of the night. Especially during thunderstorms. Unless they are easily remembered, as this one, I tend to lose the inspiration as I sleep if I do not get up and write it down. Still, this idea is ingenious. It fits perfectly with this book and its layout. Anyway, On with the story…

An Idea….

I have an idea. But first, let me ask: would any of you be interested in autographed copies of the book of your choice?

If so, here’s how we will do this. For those who can, email me for details. I accept Paypal, so there is no problem there. any who cannot send paypal, we can always work something out.

My email: jasonleviipeterman@yahoo.com

The idea-
the price of the book(s) of your choice + $5 (which should cover postage as well, so no postage)

Sound good?

Something Interesting….

Ok. So you know that I have an interest in writing the back story to Long Cold Winter and expanding the glimpses I have given you into Matt’s past. The problem that is presenting itself is this: If I do year by year, it makes for a long series. If I do it skipping through time, It doesn’t quite come out right.

This means that I am almost certainly going to end up with a really long series, whether I want to or not. The main reason is because I want to start out with the story of mama. Natalia Morrow.

I think that if I give her story, it will shed light on why she turned out the way she did. I can also expand upon certain events in the country that led to the hippies and the love-ins. As well as the Kent State massacre.

Once I start expanding the memories I have shown, it will give more explanation to the slow down-spiral that Matt takes into his own form of hell. I can properly introduce each groupie, each young female vocalist, each model, and actress who shined a brief light in Matt’s life. It will be a way to set the stage for Winter.

What do you think? Are you game? If so, I want to warn you. It will only be available on wattpad.

A Really Cool Idea (From Triond, 2010)

Reforming school English classes to include a guest speaker from the literary industry is a great idea. Another part to this is to do class assignments where they have to write about something that the teacher brings into class.

I remember my first experience with writing. I was in fourth grade and the teacher brought in a home-made statue (five rocks with faces painted on, four with squirrel tails glued onto the top, the fifth with a zip-tie glued on, and glued to a board) which the class aptly named the “Rocktails”. Our assignment was to write and hand in a story about them, but I carried it a bit farther. I handed in a menu. (I still have my copy of the book, too.) I was so proud of myself.

In sixth grade, the teacher was able to get a poet to come in and speak to us while we were on our poetry units. He taught us that writing could be fun, but it was also a possible career. He told us of his travels, the places he’d lived, sights he’d seen, and what life was like being a poet and writer. It was at that point that I decided that I was going to find a way to become a writer. I had the talent, the creativity, and the drive so why not? One could make money at it, why not be the one doing so?

Now that I am an adult, I have come to realize that not all schools offer the opportunities that I was afforded in the schools that I went to as a child. All too often, schools stifle the child’s creativity. They pass up the valuable opportunity to let their pupils know of all the opportunities that await out in the real world. Most of the time, they ignore the child’s strengths and focus on their weaknesses. They pass up on teaching students the values of reading through the values of writing possibly thinking that the child who chooses to write all the time will neglect to do their math,science, and reading. But you have to be able to read in order to write. You have to do both in order to do math, science, or social studies.
My idea is this:
Make an educational mandate specifically stating that every school must bring in a writer into each English class at every grade level some point in the year. This should start at the fourth grade level and continue until 12th grade. Each writer should be a professional in his or her area of literary expertise. start out with the simplest form of creative writing- simple poetry- and gradually, each year, move on to the harder levels until you finish with journalism.

It would even help, as well to include editors, agents, and publishers to the list of possible lecturers. this way the students can hear from the professionals what is sought after in story-form and the like. they would also get a glimpse at the other aspects of the business.

Mandate at least one writing assignment where the teacher has to bring in something unusual for the class to write about. This would make the students use their imaginations and teach them how to create their own games and ways of having fun. It would also open up a whole new world to them. They would have absolutely no excuse for being bored. They would have all the tools they’d need to keep themselves occupied for a long time.

In conclusion, I will say that my childhood experiences were key in my choosing the life of being a writer. It would be nice to pass on that legacy to children today and open their minds to new possibilities.

Diversified Arts And Entertainment, An overview.

As promised, I am going to begin giving the information-as stated in my business plan-for my business. below is the overview.


Diversified Arts And Entertainment (to be an LLC) is a full service Entertainment Company that will be competing with the likes of Imagine Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros, and Universal Entertainment.

Proposed products:

Film- possible seven to twelve pictures a year (though the production estimate will show more being produced, there is no guarantee that all will be finished in time to be presented to the public. same with television and radio)
television- possible seven to twelve series productions a year.
radio-possible seven to twelve radio productions per year.(includes music programs, classic radio dramas, etc.)
publishing-300 to 400 books, 14 magazines(different magazines, not issues) per year
music- at least 12 artists per month.

Per week, we intend to commission 7 films, 7 television productions, 7 recording projects, and 7 radio production projects. In publishing, we intend to develop at least 7 per week into books. this number could rise significantly as could the number of radio and recording projects.

Management will consist of people active in other areas of the business. top management will consist of producers, directors, editors, duplication specialists, warehousing labor, and so on. Each will be head of their department.

Salary will be a flat salary for all, with a possibility of a raise–but only across the board. There are other opportunities to add to pay for all through working at some other level within the company (acting, studio musician, writer, production staff, etc) and possible bonuses at year’s end. employee benefits will include health insurance, 401k/IRA, possible profit sharing, and paid holidays.

innovations include Wind/solar power, self contained water and sewer, educational division, Arts division that will include stage production and visual arts, an in house management service, in house promotion, in house marketing/advertising division, and ticket distributor. We will also have our own duplication and distribution.

the facilities will include six sound studios, six film studios, six television studios, six Foley studios/voice-over studios, six post production units, six radio production studios, and at least seven different printing bays. Will also have the largest in-house CGI unit in the industry. This unit will do everything from movie/television effects to video games.