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Since I learned of  the demise of the vanity that first published my first three books, I have been on a mission to re-edit and re-release those books. As everyone knows, my first three books were published through PublishAmerica/America Star Books. For two years (2015 and 2016), they attempted to charge me a fee to “return” my publishing rights to me. at first, it was $50, the last time, it was somewhere around $80. Recently, I attempted to contact the company unsuccessfully. I tried to contact one of the reps that used to contact me with their “promo offers”, but the email came back undeliverable. I, then, got on their website and tried to contact the company directly…but the messages would not go through, which told me that the site was just running, but no one was overseeing it.

I, then, Googled the company and found that they had undergone a lawsuit, name change, and then a change in structure…before completely shutting down. This means that, legally, I could now publish my own books, especially the two that have been out of print for over a year. So, I am now proud to announce the following:

Seven By Jay: Seven Short Stories and So Here’s to Twilight and Other Poetry/ So Here’s to Twilight II: The Fall of the Grand Empire ( both originally published as a single book So Here’s to Twilight and Other Poems) are officially re-edited and re-released!

Seven By Jay can be found here: (first is Kindle version, second is paperback)

Here are the links to So Here’s to Twilight and Other Poetry:

and finally, to So Here’s to Twilight II: The Fall of the Grand Empire:



Book Review: E’rotikka’s Diary, Collector’s Edition I Series By E’rotikka Minii

Want all of E’rotikka’s books in a single collection? Here’s your chance! Every last bit of her erotic poetry is right here in a single volume. Makes it a lot easier to take the ride poetically, without having the books scattered in your reader. If you don’t like single works cluttering your Kindle, but still enjoy good erotica, here is the ultimate E’rotikka Minii book for you. As with the books contained herein, I must highly recommend this book.

Book Review: E’rotikka’s Diary: E’rotikka’s World By E’rotikka Minii

Another wild Erotic ride from The Mistress of Erotic poetry. I can’t wait to see where the next book takes me. This is book two of her second series, but it is always a stand alone, as are all her books. Each one is a ride worth taking, a book worth reading.

Book Review: “Fairy Tale, Episode One” By Christian Mahai

Written in the third person present, this is an interesting story. Though I am not a big fan of this style, Christian writes a very compelling story, almost as if witnessing everything that is going on. This story follows one man on his journey to see a friend. It is about returning to one’s past and finding it less than what they left.

Though I found this very hard to read since it was in present tense, I will only say that it was a good story, considering. If you like stories that are written in present tense, you will like this. Like stories about the mob? This is for you.

To find this story, and his others, I recommend you search out his site. I tried to find him on Amazon, but could not.

Book Review: Introducing E’Rotikka Minii (Series One, Book One: E’Rotikka’s Diaries)

This, being the first book in her series, is a collection of poetry that stretches from 2012 to the present. As with the last few books I have reviewed, These show her maturation as a poetess. Her eroticism reaches a fever pitch as she continues her praise for life in her pursuit of lasting love. I never stop being surprised by E’Rotikka. She has a style all her own that seems to match the rhythm of both heart and life itself.

From the highest highs to the lowest lows, from disappointment to the joys of giving life to a child, she shows life at its grittiest, sweatiest. Every poem is pure enjoyment.

to get it, just go here:

Book Review: Cure Diabetes Forever, By L.D. Watts

I am not diabetic. With that said, I will also admit that I have a good chance-if I were to stray from my low sugar, low starch diet-to become diabetic. After all, it was diabetes that affected my father and aided in the formation (though the doctor said that it had been a common side effect of the drugs used to combat his cancer) or the embolism that ended his life. Of course, he was unwilling to adjust in order to keep his blood sugars at safe levels. It is also diabetes that has taken my grandmother’s eyesight, though Parkinson’s has taken her ability to walk.

With this said, I must say that this book peaked my interest. Not from a personal stand point, but from a less personal and more inquisitive view. While I would not really call this a cure, I would applaud this author for their break through. How you choose to eat, what you choose to eat, and whether you exercise are indeed a concern. And a preventative lifestyle, even implemented after a diagnosis can sometimes make the problem become less hazardous. Even almost non existent.

I do recommend this book solely out of the idea that it can help. But a strong word of caution. It has been my experience that what works for some, may not work for all. All the information herein is sound, medically. But it is ultimately the individual who is important and their own physical make-up. No how to can work for all. That is a given, but it can work for the vast majority.

get your copy here:

Book Review: Basic Herbal Gardening, By George B.

The full title of this book is Basic Herbal Gardening: 7 Day Jump Start guide. This is a practical guide for starting an herb garden. Growing one’s own basil, cilantro, sage, and dill (as well as all the other cool plants that give food flavor) is the dream of any cook. But not all feel they have the time.

This book tells how to start and manage a small herb garden of your own. It lets the reader know that all the time needed is just that which it takes to water and weed. No more, no less. I recommend this book to any who are wanting to start small gardens or teach their children how things grow. This is an excellent teaching tool.

Get your copy here:

Book Review” “Split Apart: Book Two of Greek Fire” By Kate O’Hara

I always enjoy reading Kate’s books and stories. This one, a continuation of the story started in Aphrodite, is a fun and somewhat erotic romance with the same insights that you would expect from Kate’s books. And, yes, she winds a lesson into each literary package so that the reader can learn something new.

When I read this book, I laughed, I cried, I went on adventures, and I was both saddened and surprised by the end. I will not give any clues, you must read this book for yourself.