Book Two is done and sent to publishing…

Last night, I took a look at the word count for Tales From the Renge: Birth of the Chosen One (birth of a savior, for those who have been reading here on the blog) and found that it already had 25,000 words, which meant that it had already reached the desired number count. Since it was the right length, I decided to stop and publish.

Like the first book, the cover is simply a picture of the map. But unlike the first book, the frame is purple, not yellow. Each book will have a different cover, thus making each book distinct. Next in line is book three, but I am not going to start it until after the first of the year sometime. This means that I will be returning to writing The Morrow Family Saga, picking up where I left off.

Although I had planned to write about the local rodeo and nearby state park, I do not yet have the information, so I will be writing a story set around Christmastime. Instead of being as dark, it will be more peaceful and not have so much about the French family. While there will be references to them, they will not be as prevalent. I will be focusing more on the members of the Morrow family (both the main family and the extended) and how they plan a Christmas.

One of the books after will deal with a Morrow family Thanksgiving, but I am not sure which. As always, I intend to write a little food into the story just to tease.  I am not sure whether I will serialize this next book, but will let you know soon.

A small poll

I need some input here. I am thinking about creating some promo items and want to know what you, the reader,  would be most interested in.

The first idea is action figures depicting some of my characters from most of my books. Although I feel this could possibly draw a small crowd, I need to know whether or not there is interest.

The second idea is possibly having shirts and hoodies created with the book covers and/or characters on them or maybe other possible promo logos.

The third is posters.

The fourth is costumes.

I have other ideas, but these are the first four just to get things started.

The books/series’s I want to start with:

Angel of Death

The Faust Syndrome

A Month of Thanksgiving

Tales From the Renge

Later, I will explore the other stories and books. These are the ones I want to start with. Good idea? Bad Idea? Please give me a little verbal input. I would appreciate it.

An Idea….

I have an idea. But first, let me ask: would any of you be interested in autographed copies of the book of your choice?

If so, here’s how we will do this. For those who can, email me for details. I accept Paypal, so there is no problem there. any who cannot send paypal, we can always work something out.

My email:

The idea-
the price of the book(s) of your choice + $5 (which should cover postage as well, so no postage)

Sound good?

So Ends “Whispers”…

We have finally reached the end of Whispers. What did you think? Was it good? Or was it a disappointment? When I pick up the story nine months from now, it will be nearly a year into their marriage. From now until then, I will be posting the Morrow Family Saga starting with Hand Me Down World and the life of Natalia Morrow…Matt’s mother. Month by month, if time allows, I will be releasing each of the first books to each series within the saga. Sound good?

Sadly, The Seasons series will be taking a short vacation, allowing me to make the story more interesting. Hope y’all like what’s coming next…

Coming Soon…

Are you ready to jump through time? If so, buckle up. After the last chapter of Whispers, we will be starting on Hand Me Down World. Since I have nine chapters complete, I can get ahead in the story while I post the chapters already written. From there, I will go down the line on the 50’s set. unless you want the first books in each decade series….

A New Plan Of Attack…

I am trying to finish Hand Me Down World so I can release it soon. I want to begin releasing the saga behind Long Cold Winter as soon as possible. Of course, I want to get the other series out and started as well. This way, I can take my time and write the rest of each over the next year.

Those who decide to order the books I will be releasing will find that I am also including a picture and bio on the back cover of the paperback versions. Now that I have figured out how to customize the cover templates on Createspace, I have begun to make the books more mine and less uniform. The paperback cover of The Price You Pay is a wrap-around one. the picture is continued on the spine and back. The picture you see on the Kindle version is only about half the actual picture.

I am excited, now that I am beginning to find my abilities, and will now feel more comfortable with their cover creator. For example: I learned that you can get rid of the Publisher logo box on the cover templates that have them. all you have to do is click and remove the check mark when that option comes around. removing the check mark removes the box where the logo would go. Cool, huh?