Book Review: “E’rotikka’s Diary: X-Ray E’rotikka” By E’rotikka Minii

From Rollercoaster highs and extreme lows, E takes us on a ride through her life the only way that is natural to her…poetry. Beautifully crafted poetry. Some erotic, others sad and melancholy, she shows us that the soul is vulnerable and the heart is susceptible to the greatest of pain.

She never ceases to surprise, making each book a journey into joy and sorrow, with a pinch of mischief. I always look forward to each of her books because I never know exactly where the journey will take me next.


Recap Of The Year: My Books…”The Faust Syndrome”

Ah, here is the most beautiful of all my books. The most terrifying, the most amazing, the first of my newest traditions: the Halloween horror story. Yes, Folks, I intend to write only one of these a year, each around Halloween. And this is the first. May I be able to add to the terror I began with this one…


Recap For The Year: My Books–Mexican Radio And Other Short Storiesw, Vol. I

My first published work of this year which, with Vol. II, originally started out as a single book. This one has my first ever vampire story (passed up by a vampire mag because my character was a monk as well as a vampire) which also seems to be my most popular. It also spans from 1993 to 2012 in content.

links: ( e-book)


Recap For the Year: My Books….”Seven”

“Seven By Jay: Seven Short Stories”, published in 2007, Was my first published book. I had finished collecting all the stories (seven, as the title claims) that spanned from 1992 to 2004. Two were rewrites, and the first entry was the first of two shorts that had been submitted to an “agent” who did absolutely nothing with them and cost me $400+ to start work with.