Playing Catch-Up

So Now you have chapters 1-5…chapter 5 being the original ‘chapter 2’. Hopefully, I have woven an extraordinary tale of a boy so far. Much of the story is inspired by the occasional news items over the years of extraordinarily talented ‘babies’ (6 months to 1 year) that I have seen.

the rest is supposition and conjecture. The creation of a genius so unique that he is one of a kind. A magnet for success.

I am not yet to the point where he must live two lives…though I am getting close.  A third one will be implied, but not explained. Or fully revealed.

But then, there will be a lot that will be implied. Just not stated outright. After all, I am writing about an extraordinary musician and writer. Someone who has had all the luck with none of the headaches…and few of the temptations.


Let’s Hit Pause

I just realized something. I may not keep the current order of my chapters. No, I’m not going to switch them, I may add one of more in between them.

I want at least 20 chapters in part one. I am falling short. Then, again, I have only been doing the tip of the iceberg – so to speak – on the story by going year by year. I may broaden the story out by adding chapters to expand each year and flesh out the story.

There is so much potential for the story that has not been explored and I want to push myself to get close to 60 chapters, overall, in this book. I also have so much to explore as far as giving this character a fuller life.

this means that chapter 2 may become chapter 4…and so on. At least until I expand the first half so that it has more meat. more substance. After all, I am writing this as if the character is writing his memoirs. It is his memories he is recounting.

OK So Life happens

To make up for the silence, I have posted 2 chapters tonight. I got two done today while I waited for the net to come back on. made it to 15,933 and I am only on chapter 14.  This book is extremely hard for me to write, second only to The Faust Syndrome (which has gained a new reader for me, sold a first edition, signed to a young man looking for a book to read.) or The Devil–both of which were hard for totally different reasons.

Once Around the Ride is hard to write because of the complex story and the sadness within the story. Death is never easy to write about and its effects on those within the story is a complex and difficult aspect to write. For some families, a loss like the one taking place in this book would draw them together. Other families, on the other hand, seem to fall apart. The Morrows and Venaceks are families that rally around  their own and thus unite as a single unit and become stronger despite the loss they may suffer.