Big News

Since I learned of  the demise of the vanity that first published my first three books, I have been on a mission to re-edit and re-release those books. As everyone knows, my first three books were published through PublishAmerica/America Star Books. For two years (2015 and 2016), they attempted to charge me a fee to “return” my publishing rights to me. at first, it was $50, the last time, it was somewhere around $80. Recently, I attempted to contact the company unsuccessfully. I tried to contact one of the reps that used to contact me with their “promo offers”, but the email came back undeliverable. I, then, got on their website and tried to contact the company directly…but the messages would not go through, which told me that the site was just running, but no one was overseeing it.

I, then, Googled the company and found that they had undergone a lawsuit, name change, and then a change in structure…before completely shutting down. This means that, legally, I could now publish my own books, especially the two that have been out of print for over a year. So, I am now proud to announce the following:

Seven By Jay: Seven Short Stories and So Here’s to Twilight and Other Poetry/ So Here’s to Twilight II: The Fall of the Grand Empire ( both originally published as a single book So Here’s to Twilight and Other Poems) are officially re-edited and re-released!

Seven By Jay can be found here: (first is Kindle version, second is paperback)

Here are the links to So Here’s to Twilight and Other Poetry:

and finally, to So Here’s to Twilight II: The Fall of the Grand Empire:




What I’m Up To

If anyone reads this, I need to make an announcement. Right now, I am holding a book release party for Soldiers of Leaves by Blamah Moore. I would love to see you all there. We are giving fun facts about Liberia as a way to celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day (the reason I chose to have the release party today and all weekend long.). Please feel free to join us at


Shameless Promotion


Since I haven’t had much time to write on my WIP, I will take the time to shamelessly promote My recent releases.

And last, but not least…a book I believe everyone should read. I edited and published this book for a dear friend of mine:

This last book is not heavily edited. I used a minimalist approach to editing to avoid removing the narrator’s voice from the story. While I fixed the grammar, punctuation, paragraph/sentence structure, and spelling–I did not Americanize or Anglicise the speech patterns. I felt that it would destroy the feel of the book.

What’s New….

I have started three new blogs for nonliterary (poetry, stories, lyrics, etc) endeavors. The Radio-Pirate Presents… is dedicates solely to music–whether it is a review for a CD, an interview with a musician, or articles about music and writing lyrics. Or simply a review for an internet station we (myself and my fiancee) have come across that has grabbed our attention.

Although the blog is going to be related to our own internet radio project, it will also serve as a promotion for many others who have become our friends and informal family. Eventually, this blog will become an online magazine. But that is still a ways off, so sit back, follow, and enjoy the independent souls we bring into the spotlight.

The second blog is Dark Portal Portal Reviews. this blog is dedicated solely to book reviews, articles on writing, and interviews with authors. Like RPP, this is going to eventually be made into an e-zine.

The last new blog is Dark Fantasy Independent Movie Reviews, a blog solely dedicated to movies, and predominately independent movies. Anything movie related-screenwriting, effects, etc. will be covered. Like its sisters, it will also be made into an ezine at some point in the near future.