Fresh off the press:

The Death Of Humanity will soon be in audiobook form. It will be brilliantly narrated by Michelle Morgan. I just approved the first round finished audio and am now waiting for Audible to release it.

Both Midnight At The Oasis and Prelude To A Myth, Book 2 are nearing completion. This means that they will both be published around the same time. After I finish Prelude To A Myth, Book 3, I will begin finishing Tales From The Renge: Tales Of Antiquity: The Chronicles Of King Qarkis I, Book 2 as well as The Morrow Family Saga, Series 2: 1960s, Book 2 and The Badlands Saga, Book 2. I may also begin The Hell Patrol Saga, Book 2 as well.

With TFR and The Morrow Family Saga, Series II, I intend to finish the remaining nine books in the series. Just as I have done with TFR: The Prophecy and The Morrow Family Saga, Series I. this will push both sagas closer to completion.

With Tales, the completion of The Chronicles Of King Qarkis I will give the saga its beginning. At least the beginning of the human empires. There is a second half of the saga planned out,but I have no plans to start it any time soon.

My main concern, at the moment, is getting the human/mortal half of the saga set down from beginning to end. Not filling out the stories of the gods and first races. This is because I had most of the material for the later half already in my possession.

As for The Morrow Family Saga, I will have to do a shit ton of research just to keep the 1960s in the series as accurate as possible. shouldn’t be too hard. Just tedious.

The Badlands (book 1), The Hell Patrol (book 1), Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy (Book 2) The Morrow Family Saga, Series 1 (book 5), Twenty-Five Days Of Christmas, and The Incident At Three Corners are all out as projects, but have been accepted by producers. Angel Of Death: Dreams I’ll Never See, and 7: Seven Short Stories are still awaiting their moment as audiobooks, but I have not heard back from the producers that were supposed to get back with me. unfortunately, neither of them have answered my messages to them. Messages I sent to check on them and make sure they were alright.

Hopefully, all will be resolved before long and I will have all the audiobooks on the market. After all, it has been my foray into audiobooks that has brought me closer to my goal of making a comfortable living as an author.