Good News

I have several audiobooks coming out, but before I get to that, let me tell you of other developments. Firstly, I removed the four ebooks in the Hell Patrol Saga and the three Badlands Saga ebooks. I combined both into two thicker books-The Hell Patrol Saga, Fall of the proud, Fall Into Darkness, and episodes 1-5 and The Badlands Saga episodes 1-6. I also released Prelude To A Myth: The Beginning Of The End (How It Began), Book 1:Not Your Ordinary Soul.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also put up several books for audiobook production. The Hell Patrol Saga, The Badlands Saga, The Death Of Humanity, Twenty-Five Days Of Christmas, and The Incident At Three Corners will join the books already available at Audible (and on Applebooks). I am also hoping that Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy, Book 2: Birth Of A Savior, The Morrow Family Saga, series 2: 1950s, Book 4: StarBaby, Dreams I’ll Never See, and Seven By Jay: Seven Short Stories will also grace my finished list as the producers involved in the first two have returned to continue the stories, but I await to hear from the latter two producers and fear that they may not be able to complete their contractual obligations.

Still, the overall news is delicious. I have the next installments in Prelude To A Myth begun. I also have Midnight At The Oasis, one of the novels tied into Door On The Thirteenth Floor and The Incident At Three Corners, almost completed and the first book in Haunted Iowa, Oleo Acres, started…though Olov has yet to speak to me again. And to make things more tasty, I also plan on returning to both The Badlands Saga and The Hell Patrol Saga to finish them out. I also await my tax returns and the past three stimulus payments so I can finally release books 4-7 in the Angel Of Death series (all of which can be read in past posts here on this blog) as well as the first book in the Witchdoctor series.While I wait, I will finish what I have got in the offing and publish them.