The Alpha Triad Cycle

I have begun the permanent removal of all books in The Alpha Triad cycle. The Remaining books will be removed from Amazon after they are ordered and received by me. This means that three of the books–The Soul Shard Chronicles, Books 1 and 2 and The Dimensional Wars Are now out of print for good.

These leave both Delta Link International books as well as Pawns of Revenge and possible one or two more books. The reason is simple. I will be integrating the episodes into Prelude To A Myth and future books in Stranger Than Fiction.

the idea, of course, is to flesh out the existing episodes–the ones I will be using, anyway–and add to the storyline of the saga being told. This will make the Stranger Than Fiction saga longer and darker.

The original books will not be going back into print. If you would like to buy copies, you can still get them through Draft2Digital for a limited time. Once I finish buying myself copies for my own library, they will be removed from D2D as well.