The New Serialized Short Story

I just realized that I was writing the prequel to Thorogon’s Dilemma. That means that Thorogon is going through the trial that precludes his being in the masses. It also means that he is attempting to acquire his right to die.

I had not set out to write the prequel, but it just began writing itself. Still, sometimes, this is how things happen.

The point of the Thorogon series is to question our perceptions of moral right and wrong versus legal right and wrong. morality is not the same as legality. Not everything that is legal is moral.

In Thorogon’s world, immortality is normal. But even though humanity has become immortal, they have remained imperfect. They are still the broken. ignorant race they were before the change.

They have conquered all illness. All genetic imperfections. Everything that would mar the physical appearance.

They have yet to evolve spiritually. Emotionally.

The desire to die is illegal. The desire to do away with one’s mortal shell is against the law. It is seen in the same light as murder, rape, and theft.