So I was at work today and realized that I was missing a link in the chain that contains the books The Door On The Thirteenth Floor, Incident Ar Three Corners, the forthcoming Midnight At Oasis, and Mr Mephistopheles. In Incident, I introduce five friends including Daniel Marlowe. Door, being Daniel’s story, was only a chapter in a much larger tale as is Incident, Oasis, and Mephistopheles.

  • Castle Grey is the beginning, along with Mr. Mephistopheles.
  • Incident is the explanation of how it all begins for the group of friends. Mephistopheles will give insight on Marlowe’s dilemma.
  • Door is the only book without a mention of Mephistopheles but the first to introduce Billy, the criminal that appears again in Incident.
  • Mephistopheles gives the background of the main villain in Incident and Oasis.
  • The Reverend Mr. Black will follow Theophilus Black.
  • Incident follows the life of Matthias Luckner, who also appears in Oasis.
  • Oasis follows Job Broward’s adventures.

That left out one of the characters. Tychus Broward, At first, I was going to make him part of Castle Grey. But he began demanding a story of his own. Thus, Castle Grey will only follow the life cycle of the castle…in which, Tychus is but a tiny part.

Therefore, Tychus’s story needs to be told. So….Sailing The Devil’s Sea will follow Tychus. Strangely enough, I believe that the reader will love the tale as it will take them on one amazing journey.