When I finally get my tax problem fixed, I will be adding new products. New books. T-shirts. Cups. Hats.

I will be buying a six-in-one press so that I can personally design and produce my own promotional goods. I will also be getting the covers to at least three books made. Maybe four.

The idea is to get the next two books in the Angel Of Death series published and release the first book of the Witch Doctor series. I may even ask my artist for both of those series to create the cover of Oleo Acres and a couple other books.

I will also be pulling the Tales Of The Alpha Triad and related serieses from publication, possibly permanently, as well as a temporary pull of The Hell Patrol Saga and The Badlands Saga, in order to reorganize the current set so that they can be released on D2D. Beyond this, I will be publishing the rest of Tales From The Renge: Chronicles Of The King Qarkis, a total of nine books. And possibly the remaining nine books in The Morrow Family Saga, Series 2: The 1960s…and I am beginning to run out of books in series one for my narrator to read through.

As I do so, I am going to commission my artist to combine two pictures for the first tee that will promote The Door On The Thirteenth Floor. I will work with current pics to create tees for Angel Of Death and other series/books that I have.