Charnel House Earth: The Death Of Humanity, Chapter 13: An Unexpected Ally

The parasitic alien had spread through thirty-six races with ease. The resistant members of each race had been pushed slowly from their planets and their systems by the invaders and had sought to save each successive race from the same fate. These races all lives within a few light years from one another and had been allies. Each fell, with ease, to the parasites.

Unlike the human race, the races before were easily infected…in much the same way humans can get such parasites as tapeworms or malaria. Some were merely bitten by an infected indigenous insect akin to Earth’s mosquito or they merely stepped on a pile of dung that had the alien larvae in it and the larvae burrowed into them. The end result was the same. infection and growth.

But unlike Hollywood’s blockbusters, there was no dramatic bursting open of chests or internal gestation that made an overtly external threat. The larva simply latched itself onto the nervous system of the host and took over all motor functions. the action turned the poor host into an unwilling participant in what the growing larva was doing. IN essence, they became unwilling soldiers, though still conscious enough to realize that they were helpless to do anything, in the parasitic alien invasion.

These unwilling soldiers were used to round up more victims. Or to kill those who rejected the parasitic aliens as their overlords. or to punish the mindless slaves.

But humanity proved to be more difficult. Infection had to be aided. Incubation had to be forced.

Otherwise, the parasite was expelled and the human was left useless or dead. Thus, incubation and infestation became a form of torture demanded of the new ‘Messiah’ and his fellow ‘Elohim’, something these imposters demanded of their worshipers. In return, they promised heaven, paradise, or whatever the worshiper believed in.

It was the remnants of these thirty-six alien races that first contacted us. But they would not be the most unexpected ally. Nor would they be the only allies.


“I hear you are in need of allies,” the being before me stated through some sort of translator device.

“Yes,” I nodded, “we have…been overrun by a extraterrestrial parasite.”

“We call them the ‘feasters’,” he/it smiled coldly, “As they eat nearly every being that exhibits negativity. Hate. Fear. Greed.

“Odd that they come to feast on a race so young as yours. They generally feast upon races that are nearing their end in this realm. Your race is no more than three billion years old. At the most.”

“Then,” I gave a puzzled look, “a race nearing its end would be…?”

“Trillions of years old,” it stated, “quadrillions of years old. And still lacking enough empathy to evolve.”

“And these ‘feasters’,” I began, “they avoid those beings that are beginning to evolve?”

“they cannot see those who are beginning to evolve,” it corrected, “they are drawn to negative traits. Not to positive results.”

“Why can’t they see me?” I pressed.

“Because,” it smiled again, “you are in a sort of chrysalis, figuratively speaking, as you are beginning to evolve past what the rest of your race has stubbornly held tight to.”

“Meaning?” I was confused.

“Meaning that you have cast away many of the negative traits,” it grinned, “like hate, fear, ignorance, and greed-your basic love of self baggage-and so have risen above all the rest. Oddly enough, you have had a similar effect on many around you. Very encouraging.”

“So,” I was hopeful, “will you help us?”

“Of course,” it nodded, “but you are in for one hell of a fight.”

“I already guessed as much,” I sat back, ready to sign the alliance treaty.

“Once all formalities are taken care of,” It concluded, “I shall contact my race and request more soldiers.”

“All are welcome,” I averred.


I briefed the general on all that had been discussed. The evolution discourse. The alliance agreement. The truth about our invaders.

“So,” the general scratched his head, “These parasitic assholes usually attack dying races.”

“In a sense,” I nodded, “mostly ancient races that have refused to give up greed, fear, hate, ignorance, and love of self. According to our new ally, these traits are common within young races such as our own, but very uncommon in the older races.”

“So,” he assumed, “our best defense, our best weapon, is to cease these traits.”

“Yes,” I nodded again, “the parasites cannot see advanced races who have evolved past those base negatives.”

“Interesting,” he mused.

“Yes it is,” I agreed.

“And the parasites cannot see you because you are more advanced,” he looked at me.

“Precisely,” I averred, “and I have had a similar effect on some of the others.”

“Well,” he chuckled, “of course you do. anyone who isn’t changed a bit by your attitude after being around you has a definite problem.”

“Meaning?” I was now surprised.

“Meaning that anyone who isn’t more positive after being around you has a definite problem,” He grinned.

“Really?” I queried.

“Really,” He affirmed.

“Didn’t know I could affect people that way,” I shrugged.

“Keep doing so,” He winked, “and we’ll all soon be nonexistent to these buggers.”


We quietly signed treaties with the remnants over a period of thirty-six days. The rumblings of war were still in the distance, but we needed to be ready. We needed to begin building our legions.

Over the three months that followed, we were joined by at least a dozen more races. Many were from nearby systems that wanted to prevent the spread of the parasite. a few were from more distant systems.

Those who arrived were the advance scouts. They had been sent to weigh the situation and to gather all the information they could, then report back to their leaders. They all realized just how dire the situation was.

All sent warnings home to change. Evolve. All warned that it was the only way to prevent the spread.

All called for reinforcements. We would need as many soldiers as we could get. We would need all the help we could get.

Now, we could only wait. Aggression would only reveal our location. And we could not afford to reveal our location. Not at this point in time.