It’s Done

almost 95,000 words. The longest book I have ever written. The first book in the series that is strictly fiction….yes, I departed the ‘biographical’ part of the story before the end of book three. After all, you can’t be writing a biographical fiction piece on dates that haven’t happened yet.

1, 2, and most of three was based loosely on truth. with a touch of fiction. You just have to decide which is which. But I will never tell.

4 is the first fully fictional piece. After this, it will remain all fiction. Flights of fancy. Science fiction loaded with science theory. But very little fact.

I will be taking a short break from writing so I can finish reading a book I promised to review. I am also going to try and read another friend’s book and review it as well. depends on how my attention holds and how long I can keep the voices at bay.

As an author, I don’t know how long I can do so. My characters are rather bossy at times. And the muse is never quiet for long.