In My Haste…

I had made a mistake. I erroneously put someone into a decade he never saw….so I had to go back and change things. Now, everything is good and right. The story is now accurate as far as the players who actually exist or existed at some point.

And as I hate to be inaccurate, the problematic timeline had to be re investigated so that I had it perfect. now, it is good. Somewhat.

Strangely enough, I have already laid out both sequels to the current WIP so they are ready to be started. Maybe, after this story plays itself out, I will get back to my sagas…although I have another terrifying idea working its way to the forefront of my brain, one that I can use a certain picture with.

After I finish Key To The Highway, I will make the cover. Then, I will need to find inspiration for the covers of the sequels as I write them.