Playing Catch-Up

So Now you have chapters 1-5…chapter 5 being the original ‘chapter 2’. Hopefully, I have woven an extraordinary tale of a boy so far. Much of the story is inspired by the occasional news items over the years of extraordinarily talented ‘babies’ (6 months to 1 year) that I have seen.

the rest is supposition and conjecture. The creation of a genius so unique that he is one of a kind. A magnet for success.

I am not yet to the point where he must live two lives…though I am getting close.  A third one will be implied, but not explained. Or fully revealed.

But then, there will be a lot that will be implied. Just not stated outright. After all, I am writing about an extraordinary musician and writer. Someone who has had all the luck with none of the headaches…and few of the temptations.