The strangest of things

I had to delete the original file for The Morrow Family Saga. The good news is that I was able to patch a new file back together using the posts from this blog. This means that I have been put behind on being able to add any more chapters on here. NOt to worry, though. I will have the story back up and running soon.

As you might remember, or maybe not, (can’t remember if I shared my misadventure here) I had a problem with three asterixis turning into a divider line here while back while writing a chapter. Unfortunately, that divider became kind of contagious and started multiplying without my permission. The only cure for this ailment was to delete the file and start over using already posted chapters. Good thing I know how to cut and paste.

Anyway, I will be posting a new chapter as soon as I get it finished. Hopefully, I do not have any more issues with strange divider lines appearing and refusing to go away.