Coming back to life

Sorry for the nearly month long silence. Last term was a bitch. Instead of allowing me to break up the science and math, they (my advisor) decided I needed to get both out of the way. I could have done much better if they had allowed me to take one at a time, math with Government or Science with Government (like I had wanted to do) but, no. The young lady acting as my student advisor at the time thought that I had to have both classes right then and there. to say the least, I was lucky to make it out of both classes with C’s.

Anyhoo, onward. I will be reviewing where I was when I left off and will be resuming the story that was in progress. At the same time, I am editing a client’s manuscript so that I can publish it for them (I am going into publishing)  and will also be editing past Morrow Saga books so that the age sequencing is no longer off. during my sabbatical, I noticed that books 1-4 of the first series are way off on the age sequence, so must fix the problem.

I will also be getting all the Jay’s World comics together, along with the early cartoons, so that they can be published.eventually, I intend to publish all of my lyrics as well…but that is a project for another time.