In three more weeks, I will return to writing. I can’t wait for Math and Biology to be done and over with. Both classes have taken so much out of me. Next term, I will be taking business law as well as Economics. I love the subject of economics. You learn so much about things you once mistook for political systems.

Before I begin again, I will be submitting three books from the Angel of Death series to HuffPost Books and Rolling Stone for review. I need a bit more exposure. I am just hoping that my choices of publications to send to are the best. I had toyed with the idea of sending to the NYT, but I decided-with a little help from my friends-not to.

Also in the works is the editing of the first three books in Morrow Family Saga; 1950’s series. Seems that I allowed a small mistake in all three go through. The chronology of age is all wrong. But no biggie. I will be changing ages. Instead of the original starting age, I will be starting the series out with Nattie being 9.It comes out perfectly so that she is 20 in 1960.