The Morrow Family Saga, Series Four, 1980, Book One: Once Around the Ride, Chapter Five

Chaz Franks had been Matt’s lawyer since the mid-seventies. He could tell when Matt was on a mission to teach someone a lesson. He had been the one who made sure that Matt had legal guardianship over his brothers and sisters, even when they were still in their mother’s homes. He had seen to it that Matt had Power Of Attorney over their welfare. This ensured that they remained with family.

He had put Matt over his mother’s fortunes as well, especially when she started getting too ill to see to her own needs.  Shasta was his second. If he wasn’t present, she could sign for anything that was needed. But Matt was primary.

And he proved to be the best choice. Shasta couldn’t always get away to do anything. Matt could sign from anywhere. And he was extremely cautious.

Now, Chaz knew that someone had overstepped their boundaries or had shown their true colors. Either way, they had just screwed themselves out of a really wonderful life. He would hate to be in their shoes. Whatever Matt had planned, it wasn’t going to end pretty.

He sat in Matt’s office as they waited for Tom. “So what’s this all about?”

Matt looked over at him. “You know about Belinda, right?”

He nodded. “Yes. You have been planning the marriage for the past six months. What about her?”

Matt looked away. “She finally came clean about her intentions.”

He winced. “Oh shit! And?”

Matt smiled. “I am going to give her something, but not what she expects.”

He shook his head. “May I ask what she was planning?”

Matt peered at him over a contract. “She’s a damn gold digger. She was planning on running my family out and taking over. She was also going to drain me dry. I want to teach her a lesson.”

He closed his eyes. “Oh, God. should I ask how?”

Matt smiled. “Step one is to set up a dummy account with her name on it.”

Chaz nodded, writing it down. “For how much?”

Matt chuckled. “Since she has no clue exactly how much I have, I thought the nice tidy sum of 4.5 million should do her. That is her prenup amount.”

He continued to write. “OK. What next?”

Matt looked out the door of his office from his chair. “There will be no interest on that account, nor anything more added to it. When she is out, she is out.”

Chaz stopped writing. “I feel there is more to this.”

Matt grinned. “Of course. Into the prenup agreement, it will be written that this excludes her from child support or alimony. Beyond that, I would like word to spread that she is what she is. Let all with money be forewarned.”

Chaz finished writing then closed his notebook. “Consider it done.”

Matt looked away. “How fast can you get this prenup written?”

Chaz scratched his head. “Two, maybe three hours. Why?”

Matt looked at him. “I want it ready for when Tom gets here. He is going to witness it.”

Chaz looked at the floor. “And how long is it going to take him to get here?”

Matt smiled. “Two or three hours. He was in the middle of a meeting when I called him. He was going to call Aunt Shasta to see if she would come from the hospital to be the second witness.”

Chaz nodded. “Good. Good. then I will leave to get this ready. I will be back in four hours tops.”

Matt nodded. “Good. That will give me time to set up the scene. How long will the bank portion take?”

Chaz shrugged. “A matter of minutes, why? But the checks will take a week to come in.”

Matt nodded. “Good. Enough time for her to stew in her own juices.”

Chaz shook his head. “You have strange ways of putting things.”

Matt shrugged. “Comes from knowing how to cook.”

Chaz chuckled. “Well, I shall return.”

Matt watched his lawyer exit his office. He smiled. The plan had been set into motion. Now, he would see how well she could handle money.

He doubted she would have any money left at the end of six months. He was afraid to even say that she could make it last three. Or two. She had been so set on having it all, she had never thought that she was playing games with the wrong man.

He would watch her crash and burn. Perhaps, if she lost it all, she would learn a valuable lesson. He doubted it, though. She didn’t seem to be the type who could learn.

He saw it in her eyes. To her, life was one big party. Money was the means to pleasure. Sex and marriage was her tickets, so she thought, to fame and fortune. But he was about to bring the ride to a screeching halt.

He would make her persona non grata in the elite circles. When this was all over, she would be lucky to find a poor man to take her in. He smiled. He couldn’t wait to see the look on her face.

He wondered how she was going to act. Would she believe that the amount he had set aside was his whole fortune? Or would she try to finagle more out of him before it was all over? Only time would tell.

He couldn’t help chuckle. She had wanted to play a game with him, now she was playing the ultimate game. Winner take all. And Matt intended to be the winner.

Four hours passed. Shasta was the first to arrive. She knew by the look on her nephew’s face, that he had a surprise waiting for someone. She wasn’t even going to ask. She would just sign whatever he needed signed.

Tom wasn’t far behind her, entering only seconds after her. He knew the score. Matt had told him the whole plan and finalized it with him before calling in Chaz. He smiled and nodded to Shasta as he on the other side of Matt’s desk.

Chaz arrived ten minutes later, holding a document case. He looked at Matt. “Done.”

Mat nodded and left the office. When he returned, Belinda was with him. She looked at him. “What is this all about, Baby?”

He kept a stony look on his face. “It’s time to sign the prenup.” he motioned around the office. “You know Tom and Shasta.” He motioned to Chaz. “That is Chaz Franks. He is my lawyer. I had him draw up the prenup.”

She looked at him. “Don’t I get a say in this?”

he smiled. “Why sure! You can refuse it and get nothing, or you can accept it and get what you agree to. that is your choice.”

She looked trapped. “But I thought that a prenup was to be agreed upon by both before it was written up. You didn’t ask me anything about what I wanted.”

His gaze suddenly burned right through her. “Honey, you told me this morning exactly what you wanted. I am giving it to you.”