The Morrow Family Saga,Series Four,1980, Book One: Once Around the Ride, Chapter Four

Belinda remained quiet for the rest of that afternoon. She remained distant, hiding in one of the guest rooms. Matt couldn’t have cared less. She would either grow up and become a part of the family, or she would leave. He would not make his family leave on anyone’s account.

he remained in his office, leaving only to fix himself something to eat and drink. He had enough to deal with without her trying to tell him how to run his own life and family. He would not allow her to run him. He was, after all, the only reason she was there.

And his family was not sponging. They were children, for pity’s sake. What the hell was she thinking? Better yet, where did she think she had the authority to kick children out of the only home thy had ever known?

She could stay in the guest room she now hid in for all he cared. She could remain there all night. He didn’t need to hold anyone, not tonight. If she wanted to keep it all up, he wouldn’t need her ever.

Around ten, he slipped up to his bedroom. All his siblings were already asleep. Most had school when morning came, so he needed to be up at dawn to make sure they were fed and ready. He undressed, alone. As he did so, he thought about it all.

Was this all really worth it? Was this marriage going to last? Was Belinda the right one? If so, why was she being so selfish?

Soon, his thoughts turned to his mother. She was dying. That, he knew. He needed to see her again before the wedding. he would need to see her before he left on his honeymoon as well. He was seriously thinking about holding off on that until he knew when she passed. He wanted to be there for the funeral.

As he laid down, he said a little prayer for guidance. Not being very religious, he doubted it would even do any good. Still, it didn’t hurt to try. It didn’t hurt to invoke every god known to man when desperate enough. At least, that was how he felt.

And he needed all the help he could get. He didn’t care where it came from at the moment. He needed an end to the nonsense. He needed it soon.

Right now, he needed sleep. If she got over herself, she would come join him. If not, then she would stay put. He would still sleep either way.

Hell. He had been sleeping alone far longer than she could imagine. He slept alone most of the time when on tour.  He could sleep alone no matter what.

As he faded off to sleep, he thought he saw her appear at the door of the room.  Maybe she had realized that she was just another piece to the puzzle, not the only piece. Whatever it was, he was glad she was near. Only morning would show whether she was really in bed with him.

Morning came so quickly. Matt awoke to find Belinda in bed with him. Good. she had finally stopped being so selfish. She had come to her senses and realized that she was the only part of the family who shared his bed, no one else.

She rolled over and smiled. “Baby, I am so sorry for yesterday. I-I don’t know what came over me.”

He looked at her. “You need to quit thinking that everyone is a threat to you. How are you going to handle it when you have a baby?”

She suddenly sat up. “You expect me to have a baby?”

He snorted, trying not to laugh. “Well, expect is a harsh word. I don’t expect you to do much of anything. I was kind of hoping that you would be excited enough at the idea of  having a family with me that you would at least be open to the idea.”

She stared at him. “You want kids?”

He nodded. “Don’t most men?”

There was silence. “I-I guess.” She didn’t sound too sure of herself. Apparently, she had not thought this through.

He smiled at her. “What did you think marriage was all about?”

She shook her head. “I only thought to the wedding. No further.”

There it was. The whole truth. She had only wanted to carry his name, not be his wife and the mother of their children. She saw this as her ticket to fame and fortune.

He looked for it to last only a year at best. Six months, at the least. It had never been about love.  It had never been about romance.

Without either, no relationship would last. Hell. It wasn’t really a relationship. She was only after the money and fame.

He shook his head. “I can’t believe you.”

She looked at him. “What do you mean?”

He snickered. “I should’ve known you were just another gold digger. Nothing interests you except sex, money and fame.”

She looked at him, appalled. “Well, I never–” he could tell by her tone that it was contrived.

He shook his finger. “Watch what you say. You had it all planned, didn’t you? You would move in and take over my fortune. You would drain me dry, then leave.”

She just stared at him. By the deer in the headlights look in her eyes, he knew he had her dead to rights. He turned and left the room. She watched him leave.

Once in his office, he called in tom and his lawyer. He would fix that little vamp. She would get what she wanted, just not as much as she hoped. But their prenuptials would hold a surprise. Once she was out, she was out. No more money would be thrown her way. And if she left, she would have no chance at alimony or anything else.

He would watch and wait to see how fast she went through the 4.5 million he gave her. He didn’t mind parting with it, though. It was just a small drop in the bucket compared to the true vastness of his fortune. Besides. He could make that back in a single day.