A Plan of Attack

OK, so I think I have an idea what I want to do. Much like I have been doing with The Morrow Family Saga, I will be taking on The Vampire Wars by doing the first book in each series…except the books about the villains (the reason I originally entitled the overall saga Saints and Sinners). I will cover all the Heroes and heroines of the saga first, then fill in on the “reciprocal”  side, the enemies of each hero/heroine. I realize that the longest serieses out of the saga will be The House Kolbedides and The House Kalkolides, Since these two houses actually span the complete saga and cover several generations and millennia.

Still, look for book one of House Kolbedides, Voodoo, the Sisterhood, Doravenour, McCall, Truva, Grady, and Angel over the year as well as continuing books in the Angel of Death series. Remember, also, that just because a character is assumed dead in the series, it doesn’t mean they are.

Meanwhile, I am also going to begin working on more of The Morrow Family Saga as well as Tales From The Renge. I still haven’t decided what to do with Daniel Hargis and his saga yet, so I may write the stories ahead and publish the majority next year except a Halloween tale.