It’s Been Awhile…

Sorry for the silence. Been busy getting the next collection of stories ready to be published. My first project for the year is another collection, Babylon Rising and Other Stories, before heading into any novella. With this said, I do have a few questions:

  1. With the series Seasons, I am thinking of splitting the season of “Summer” into more than one book creating a longer series. This means that there will be at least four sections. The problem is coming up with enough book titles (song titles used as book titles) to cover them all.  Any Suggestions after Summertime, Summertime Blues, and Indian Summer?
  2. After I am finished with the short story collection, I want to begin work on The Vampire Wars, but not sure what “chapter” (series) to start with. While I have an idea about the beginning of the tale (The House Kolbedides), I realize that the beginning would be the longest part of the whole saga, spanning billions of years of Earth/universe time, and be more time consuming than any other. While I have the first book of Voodoo started, I have to go back and rewrite all that I have done, thus changing the overall tone and voice of the book. At the same time, I have the beginning of The Sisterhood done…well, at least the first chapters of the first book. Or what I believed to be the first book. Now, I believe that I need to begin the story at the beginning, and this means that I would have to start a new book…putting the one I began more toward the middle or near the end of the series. Any thoughts? Should I begin at the very beginning of the saga? Or more toward the middle? I have already begun the end by writing what I have of  the Angel of Death series. I want to reveal the beginning or middle while I finish writing the end.
  3. I also had a thought. It has been a while since I wrote my last horror novella. I had originally intended to write more to go with The Faust Syndrome, but it seems perfect as is. I also had plans to write a little something inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, but stalled out on my Middle Eastern flavored attempts so I set the project aside. Looking at it now, I believe i was starting at the end…namely, taking the characters to hell first, the way Dante started. I am thinking of reversing the order to make it much darker.  Your thoughts?

Yes, I know I ask a lot of questions. But I am working on my 2017 “to-do” list. If I spin it just right, I can finish the first books for each decade in The Morrow Family Saga, start most of the chapters (serieses) withing The Vampire Wars, and complete the series Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy. I also intend to write more of the Daniel Hargis series…but not release it until the Holidays that lay at the center of each novella. (holidays left: New Year’s, St. Patrick’s, Mardis Gras, St. Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day.) I do not want to write the story based around Independence Day until I do a Halloween book  I may do St. Patrick’s, St. Valentine’s,Mardis Gras, Easter, and Halloween this year and leave Independence Day for next year. Or I may leave half of the remaining series until next year. Not sure yet.