The End of Our Tour of Ohio

So we finished with Ohio early this morning.  I posted the last two chapters around midnight and had time enough to re-edit and send into review. This will be the last book published in 2016, so it rounds out the year nicely. I have been very busy getting more projects ready but will not release anything more until after the New Year begins.

On the docket for January is another installment of Tales from the Renge as well as a continuance of Angel followed by either a book from Voodoo or The Sisterhood. All three series are part of the larger Vampire Wars (originally Saints & Sinners) and bring a little more to the backstory on Cris’s part in the saga.

I will also be returning to Faces in the Crowd. I have a great storyline going on there and want to continue it. I will also get around to writing another Daniel Hargis story before this coming July. it will probably be the last one with war…or I might try to get the whole series done. Who knows?

I also plan on writing another horror novel/novella around Halloween, so I hope y’all are looking forward to a wild ride. I want to finish at least two parts to The Morrow Family Saga, finishing up two decades…maybe three. I want to get as much writing done as I can so I can move on, at some point, from the Morrows and from Cris. Don’t get me wrong, I love both sets of characters. But I want to go on to something different.  I want to focus on the Breeds and rework the old serial Breed’s Command. Even though I am missing one episode, I can still rewrite the story because I have the majority of it. Plus, I have written more stories with the Breeds and Legends in them than I had originally intended, but my fascination with them has been an almost lifelong one. The original “story” was written for Creative Writing class in high school and was used as the submitted “first episode” for the serial.

I want to return to Mack Rand as well. I had such an amazing adventure laid out for him when I left him and forgot to finish it. Of course, his series was short stories, not novellas. And finally, I want to do more on Rivers of Blood and Fall of the Giant. Yes, I ha ve plans for this coming year. I ust don’t know how much I am going to actually get done.