The Struggle

There is a struggle, when writing historical fiction, to remain true to history. Accuracy is important in ensuring certain scenes correctly. One wrong or inaccurate piece of information and the history is lost. At the moment, I am at that crossroads where I am having difficulty finding information needed on procedures used during and after drug rehab in the 1970’s.

You would think that the information needed would be simple to find, but no. One must remember that protocol and procedures changed throughout the ’80’s and ’90’s so that what is done today in hospitals that offer rehab services is not exactly the same as what was done in the ’70’s. Today, rehab centers have mostly replaced the rehab units in hospitals and they are less structured and clinical than their hospital predecessors.

But finding complete and accurate information to satisfy my need at the moment is proving to be frustratingly difficult. If I cannot find the right information, I will have to scrap a whole section of the chapter I am working on and go in a totally different direction. I really don’t want to do that. I am eager to bring Natalia back to sobriety visibly through each chapter that remains to be done for Ohio.