Winter Break

Classes are officially over until January 4. Whatever am I going to do with myself? I have gone, over the past two terms, from a 2.5 to a 3.0+ GPA. I am apprehensive about next term, since I will be in Business math and Biology (tried to get out of both an extra semester, but couldn’t) and am not sure exactly how well I will do. I am not so much worried about biology as I am business math. Sure, I am OK with the general concept of math, but algebra was never my cup of tea…not that algebra will actually be a part of the class.

At least I get a week or so off to rest. Let the boredom set in. Oh, well. I guess I can get the first books in each series within The Morrow Family Saga done and published. I am almost done with Ohio, so the next book in line is Once Around the Ride. Luckily, after the sadness in Once, we will be greeted by the joy of Second Wind which will be followed by the sadness and turmoil of Life Loves a Tragedy and then I can return to the ’60’s and do the book for 1961 and follow with the second books until I get to the 2000’s. And so on. I want to catch each series up to where I have the 1950’s and do one book from each series until the series reaches 2009. Once I reach 2009, a new series begins. I mean, I could do 2010 if you want me to and catch that final series up to where 1950’s is currently (1954) which would put the last series at 2014. I will be shifting gears with 2010 on, possibly actually switching from Matt to Egypt and continuing the saga through another generation.

What are your thoughts on this? After all, you have grown used to the characters so far and some of you may remember Long Cold Winter and Whispers In Spring (Summer Time is soon to be added as well) and know who Egypt is and the role she played in both of those books. How do you feel about the last portion of the saga (2010-present+) being put in Egypt’s POV?