Ohio: Chapter Three

logging entries in my life

Kim Hitt had always been a mean asshole. Even before he supposedly became a hippie. He’d ridden with the Hell’s Angels for a while, but was thrown out because even they couldn’t stand him. Hell. He’d been snorting and smoking up their profits through his weed and cocaine habits.

At a mere five feet, he had a reason to be mean. Allow others to step on you, and you deserved to be made laughing stock. That had been his motto. Never mind that people still laughed at you behind your back.

When he met Natalia, he knew he smelled money. She reeked of it. He knew he’d caught an easy mark. As long as he played nice, she put out like a good little whore. At the same time, he thought he could pimp her out.

He had only one thing, no two, standing in his way. The first was…

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