Ohio: Chapter Six

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“Matty, Please!” His mother begged him. “Please listen to me! I need you to find some place safe for your sisters!”

Matt sat at her bedside. “Alright. I’ll call Aunt Shasta. She’ll be happy to hear from me.”

She began crying. “Oh, thank you, Matty. You’re the best son a mother could ask for.”

He smiled to hide his guilt. Had she known why Kim was no longer a threat, she would have him arrested. Even if she didn’t, she would fear him. Possibly so much so that she would never talk to him again. Hell. He was even afraid of himself.

He had learned that he had a dark side that he hoped he never had to visit again. He hated the rage he felt. The burning desire to destroy was not something he cared for. He did not have a violent nature.

But he did what he had…

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