Ohio: Chapter Seven

logging entries in my life

It had only been half a day since the rescue. Still, Matt was having trouble focusing on work. Tom entered the engineering booth to find a very frustrated Matt. He smiled.

“Your aunt has agreed to meet with you and take temporary custody of the girls.” Tom’s voice drew Matt out of his thoughts. “She only wants a day to meet and a location.”

Matt looked at his friend and mentor. “Ask if she knows where Cal’s Diner is here in the Bronx.”

Tom turned away and spoke into the phone. Seconds later, he turned back to Matt. “She says yes.”

Matt nodded. “OK. I will meet her there on Wednesday of next week. That should give me a little time to pack whatever they have as far as clothes.”

Tom left again to relay what Matt had said. A few minutes later, he returned. He looked at his young…

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