Ohio: Chapter One

rerunning the first chapters I did of “Ohio”. Will be continuing the story and building the base for the series dealing with the 1970’s. After that, I will be finishing “Once Around The Ride” to build the base for the 1980’s series, then “Second Wind” for the 1990’s series. To round it out, I will go on to “Life Loves a Tragedy”,2000, that will begin the final leg of the journey through the past that leads up to “Long Cold Winter” and the rest of the ‘seasons’ series. The Morrow Family Saga may go on past Matt’s life, into the life of one of his children, but am not certain yet. Maybe it’ll be clearer when I get ‘Seasons’ done…

logging entries in my life

It was late June, 1970. Just a month prior, several students had been slaughtered by National Guard troops at Kent State, many others arrested for peacefully protesting the Cambodian Campaign of the Vietnam War. Instead of handling it well, the president and the State police had ordered the protests to be broken up by any means necessary. It had resulted in the deaths of four and the injuries of nine.

The following investigation was a total joke. None of the students killed were posing any threat, nor were those who were injured. I had never been proven that anyone had really been in danger either, but the guardsmen got off. Still it had marred the current president’s record. Hell. It had been immortalized by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in the song Ohio.

Matt was safe in New York. His mother, Natalia, still lived in the Bronx with her…

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