Ohio: Chapter Five

logging entries in my life

Giovanni removed Kim from the trunk of the car and, removing the blanket, stuck the hapless ex-biker behind the wheel of the old Ford. His victim began waking up as he tied his hands to the steering wheel and began to struggle. The Italian Merely took out a drinking straw and a packet of cocaine, then forced Kim to snort as much as possible. Then he pointed at the bay. “See that blue parking lot?” Kim nodded in his haze. “You’re going to park this car in the middle of it. Are you ready?” Kim nodded again. “Go!”

Giovanni moved away from the car as Kim mashed his foot onto the accelerator. He could hear Kim’s maniacal laughter as he sped toward his own death without much thought. He remained in the shadows and watched as the car sank beneath the waters beyond the dock. He remained for a couple…

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