Ohio: Chapter Eight

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Evening found them around the dinner table. Matt was still rather weighed down by the emotions of the day. Tom and Susie sat watching him agonizing over whatever was on his mind.

Tom looked over at his young friend. “Got something on your mind?”

Matt nodded and looked at Tom. “Can the girls stay here until I speak with aunt Shasta?”

Susie smiled. “Of course, Matthew. You know that they are always welcomed here.”

Tom rose from his chair, strode over to the armoire and grabbed the keys to his car. “Go get in the car. We’re going to go get your sisters.”

Matt got up and rushed out of the room. Susie looked at her husband and smiled. “I think we just laid his mind to rest, Thomas.”

Tom smiled and nodded. “I think so too. I didn’t tell him that Shasta has already agreed to taking he girls…

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