All I Want For Christmas

There are days I wonder why it is so hard to make it as an author. This is the hardest time of the year for me, the stretch between September and April. So many people close to me died during this stretch of time. My grandfather (who encouraged me at an early age to follow my heart and my dreams) died in September of 1978. My son died in March of 1997. My father, uncle, and aunt died within a year of each other between sept.2012 and Sept.,2013.

So much has happened the past year that has made it bittersweet. My grandma’s passing brought a mixed feeling of relief and sadness.My marriage was a touch of paradise that was overshadowed by miscommunication and differences in opinion among family members. Watching my wife walk across the stage and accept the diploma she had earned gave me great pride while the political debacle that was our chance to find change became a battle between two of the same. Even more sadness has developed as I have watched the “winner” pick less than stellar people (the same politics he claimed to be going in to drive out of DC) for his cabinet and a scandal rise in the form of allegations of vote tampering that implicates Russia.

All I really want for Christmas is for business to pick up. I am writing a Christmas themed book in the Morrow Family Saga since I have had a devil of a time getting the much needed information about the local rodeo and nearby State Park in the 1950’s (1953-59). Since I have a delay on that, I have decided to change the scene a bit and do a softer, more peaceful book…with very little mention of the French family or the mob or even anything more than a mention of the main plot of the ’50’s set. I am thinking that there will be a couple of quiet books, allowing Natalia to grow a little and show her potential in a few areas, then I will return to the storyline I started with and finish the 50’s out with a dark surprise.

I have started FaceBook pages for each series/book I have written and have added a “buy now” button that takes the visitor to my author’s page on amazon and all the books I have written. I did it that way because I couldn’t do separate buttons for each book in the serieses. this way, they can see all the books and choose exactly which ones they want to order. Later, I will post each link to the pages here. But for now, I will take my leave. Here’s hoping for a better New Year.


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  1. I feel the same way, a lot. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us, and I’m sorry for all the loss you have had. Losing loved ones is hard, but don’t give up. You’ll get there with your writing.

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